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Nuvola apps important.svg This article is a sub-stub (i.e., deemed to be below 'stub' status)
While it is a goal to identify articles needing to be written, it is the policy of BattleTechWiki to use redlinks for that purpose. Please add substance to this article as soon as possible AND remove this tag, in order to avoid deletion. Articles tagged as sub-stubs are automatically nominated for deletion after one week, with no further discussion necessary.

This template documentation is transcluded from Template:Sub-stub/doc [edit]


  • The sub-stub template is added the top or bottom of an article in order to mark the page as being beneath the informational requirements of even a mere stub. The act of placing the sub-stub template also adds the article to the Sub-stub category, allowing other Editors to easily identify what articles need attention and improve upon the attempted article or allowing Admins to delete, following the 7th day of being so tagged (per Policy:Notability).


  • Cut & Paste {{sub-stub}} into the article, above any other data that may be present.