Production information
Manufacturer Bergan Industries, Alshain
Production Year 3059[1]
Model USS
Class Medium
Cost 4,535,500 C-bills
Technical specifications
'Mech type Clan BattleMech
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Bergan XIV
Armor Compound A2F Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 200 Standard
Communications System Garret T10B
Targeting Tracking System RCA Instatrac Mark VI
Heat Sinks 16 Double heat sinks
Speed 65 km/h
BV (1.0) 1,509[2][3]
BV (2.0) 1,778[4][5]


The Ursus is Khan Bjorn Jorgensson's ideal fusion between Clan and Inner Sphere technologies. The first Clan BattleMech designed and manufactured entirely and exclusively in the Inner Sphere, the Ursus uses Inner Sphere technology that has not been surpassed by that of the Clans where possible to maximize the efficiency of the factories Clan Ghost Bear captured during the Clan invasion. The rest of the parts are imported from Clan space. Though it took over seven years, Ghost Bear technicians made the Clan and Inner Sphere parts work together to create this second-line 'Mech. The Ursus finally saw full-scale production in 3059 and was shipped to garrison units throughout the touman. Eight and a half tons of ferro-fibrous armor protect this design, but only because it would have been inefficient to use any more. An ECM Suite is also used to disrupt enemy electronics.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Ursus is a flexible defender that mounts a variety of weapons to engage enemies at all ranges. Its weakness is in its lack of long-range capability, though the Series 7K ER Large Laser and Type X LRM-10 are respectable for a 'Mech its size. For closer work, it uses two Series 2a ER Medium Lasers, two Kolibri Delta Series Medium Pulse Lasers, and a Type VI SRM-6 launcher. This blistering hail of weapons fire is generally effective for an Inner Sphere heavy 'Mech, so the Ursus compares favorably to the designs that it is expected to stand up against.[4]


  • Ursus
    This variant was introduced during the Jihad in 3074[6], which reconfigured the design for the anti-vehicle/anti-infantry role. The 'Mech's primary weapon is its left torso-mounted Class 20 Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle, which has been given just a single ton of ammunition. In its right arm is a single Plasma Cannon and a pair of AP Gauss Rifles. There are 2 tons of ammunition for the Cannon, while the AP Gs have been given a ton. The 'Mech has retained its ER Medium Lasers in the right torso. Its mobility was improved due to it receiving an XL Engine and six Jump Jets. Armor protection for the 'Mech has also been slightly increased. BV (2.0) = 2,054[7]
  • Ursus
    Produced by Bergan Industries on Alshain. This version of the Ursus was based on the Ursus-PR and entered production in 3079[6] after the Motstånd terrorist organization detonated a bomb at a unification rally. The outraged Rasalhagian population demanded action, and the Ursus 3 was the implement of that action. The only real difference between the Ursus 3 and the Ursus-PR is the removal of the Improved C3 Computer and its replacement with a Watchdog CEWS and an extra ton of ProtoMech Autocannon ammunition. The 'Mech was put into production for members of the Mimir and Watch who were striking armored hideouts used by Motstånd for protection. BV (2.0) = 1,284[8]
  • Ursus-PR 
    The Ursus-PR, introduced in 3074[6], was created by engineers from Clan Ghost Bear and the Free Rasalhague Republic. The standard weapons were removed and replaced by a pair of ProtoMech AC/8s, an ER Flamer, an Improved Heavy Medium Laser, and a trio of AP Gauss Rifles. The ammunition and gauss weapons are protected by CASE II, while the rest of the armor remains the same. The most interesting part of this refit isn't the weapons, but the Improved C3 Computer installed in the center torso. This allows a Star of Ursus-PRs to exchange targeting data. With its emphasis on anti-infantry weapons and short range combat, the 'Mech is apparently intended for anti-insurgency work. BV (2.0) = 1,194[9]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Ursus has the following Design Quirks:[10]

The Ursus 3 variant is subject to the following Design Quirks:[8]

The Ursus-PR variant has the following Design Quirks:[9]

  • Cramped Cockpit
  • Protected Actuators
  • Prototype

Related Designs[edit]

  • Ursus II - A redesigned version of the Ursus, the Ursus II reduces speed for the addition of Improved Jump Jets



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