Hello all, just here to share a few tidbits about myself and my history with Battletech.

First off, I started getting into Battletech through Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries, the Twilight of the Clans novels, and eventually, the Fourth Edition Box Set. My collection has since expanded to 9/10ths of the Classic Battletech novel library, most of the RPG and CBT books, a few hundred miniatures in various states of painting, as well as all of the Mechwarrior (and a few besides) video games. I consider myself a bit of an obsessed maniac, a lover of the history and lore of Battletech, as well as an ardent believer in accuracy with material.

My goals (should I ever find enough time to accomplish them) is to thoroughly update the lore on earlier Battletech characters, events, and general information. That said, I am violently opposed to Dark Age, and will refrain from touching material related to it without serious grounds. (I'd much prefer if fans of that timeline keep their world straight.)

If you have gotten this far in my profile, thank you for reading! I appreciate comments, feedback on my work, and suggestions or information I may have missed. I look forward to being part of the community.