I have been a Battletech and MechWarrior fan all my life. I play both MegaMek and a MechWarrior game frequently (MechWarrior 2 and AT1-BT are my favorites). I am a MegaMek developer specializing in weapons implementation. I also used to be a beta tester for MekTek, testing and bug-hunting the content of MekPak3.

I use the BattleTechWiki a lot. It is a valuable resource that stays on top of the BattleTech universe and I will try to contribute what I can to make this the best BattleTech resource on the internet.

In real life I am a civil engineer specializing in rail transportation and power generation. I am a professional musician on the sideline (trombone/vocals/keyboards).

I am a fan of Wolf's Dragoons in the Inner Sphere and Clan Wolverine for the clans (long live Clan Wolverine!).