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Casual Edit Award, 1st ribbon

Statement of Purpose, Conviction to the Same[edit]

The digital spawn of a humble BattleTech fan and Clan Ghost Bear warrior, this Clerk-Technician's purpose has been to improve the quality and consistency of entries within this archive. Armed with the focus of a military executive, this dedicated clansman seeks to fulfill his life of service to the best of his abilities. May the Great Father's vision of our proud society shine from this lowly servant's example and inspire such dedication among his peers to ultimately make better that which was great upon first giving.


I first encountered the BattleTech Universe when my family moved to Virginia. It was there we got a family computer - an IBM desktop with Windows 95 Plus and a complimentary game package, including MechWarrior 2: ATI 3D Rage Edition. Watching both of my parents try the game was so cool. Shortly afterward, I was given permission to try it too and never regretted it. When the expansion came out, my brother and I saved up to get it and boy was it fun. We both became great fans of the universe which never lacked for new discoveries and exciting stories. I must admit I experienced a bit of culture shock when I realized that there was much more than just the Clans, though I never gave up my devotion to my clan nor has anyone torn me from it through defeat and bondship. To this day, my brother of the Jade Falcons and I of the Ghost Bears still stay involved in this incredible universe try to give back as much as we can to it.

What I Do Here[edit]

I want to focus on areas that need to be improved. There are many stubs and wanted pages that simply need to be researched and written.

Below are the solo efforts I have begun:

  • Improvement Effort: Dates
  • Improvement Effort: Manufacturing

Below are things I would eventually like to do/work on:

  • Component "red links" - create pages for component models (like StarCutter PPC or Holly LRM15)
  • Write for Sarna - currently busy, but want to have a sample to Nic at some point