About me[edit]

Finally registered here as user after lurking/reading here for 6 months. Started playing Battletech in the mid-90s, read most of the Succession Wars and Clan Invasion novels and played the tabletop, videogames and even the old strategic board game. Eventually my gaming group dispersed, and the later novels weren't my cup of coffee so I forgot about CBT for years. Re-playing MC2 some months ago rekindled my interest. Discovered MegaMek and online play, but since I never played much outside 3025-3050 era mechs I went to to read up on tanks and stuff which lead to reading a lot of history and fluff articles. This is a great resource and now I'll try to do my part to improve it.

Still trying to figure things out here. Writing the fluff text comes easy, but tables, links and references are tricky. First article I ever wrote here was on Helmar Valasek since I've always loved the old Periphery sourcebook and the old pirate was still without entry. Will probably expand the Age of War section for a bit more here.