Hi, I'm a relatively new recruit to the world of Battletech; after lurking on Sarna for a couple of years, watching MWO and Battletech (PC) gameplay on Youtube and Twitch and creating tabletop designs on, I decided to create an account on Sarna to help fix any minor errors I find in the pages - or to add information to pages that need it when I get the time! I'm deeply committed to keeping canonicity as strong as possible, especially within my fictional homebrew universe (which I haven't disclosed to the internet besides snippets in some of my designs on Mordel in case you were wondering), and will endeavour to ensure that any content I edit or create is as accurate as possible.

I got into the universe at 14, when my dad gave me his copy of The Battletech Compendium to read. I have since played as many games of tabletop as possible (which is sadly only a few) and created at least a hundred custom Battlemechs and Vehicles (though not all have met my standards to make it onto the internet!). The Battletech Universe and Community mean more to me than any other I've been a part of, and I hope that I can begin to put back into the community some of the countless hours of enjoyment that I have received from it!

KrazyKat 11:09, 18 May 2019 (EDT)