Neveron: An In-Game Experience (Mantis)[edit]

(This text is really large, I recommend you read it part by part (one each time). You'll find it's divided by chapters, although all the text is my nev history, each partial text is like a small history itself).

This history pretends to be[edit]

This history pretends to be a very long text in which I will resume my nev career, I don't like the way that neveron is being developed, but I must admit that nev is (or was) a great game since I have expended five years of my life on it. Indeed if I check to my back I can't remember any other game that I have played that much... that must mean this is the best game i have ever played :P.

As you can assume, in five years of playing this game I have done a lot of things, some honourable and other dirty, and I think that I can say that I have tasted all the features of the game and have succeeded in all the features that I had any interest in it, during this, and the following posts will try to make a resume of what I have done in nev and what each action meant for me, I think that people will be able to learn a lot of things from my posts (obviously depending on their experience) and new players will see in this post some of the possibilities the game can offer to you.

During this post I will unfold some of my biggest secrets in this game... suppose that some people would get angry with me for what I did.... well, all I can say in my defence is that I don't see things now as I did a few years ago, but anyway what is done is done and cannot be changed, hope that no one got offended by what I'm going to post in here but anyway I want to offer my apologies for my "bad actions" of the past.

First of all, I'm going to write the abilities I consider necessary for a player to succeed in neveron, I think those are:

- Logistics (empire organization and army managment)

- Strategic skills (army deployment in the world map)

- Tactical skills (once you get into the battle map, both arenas and LW)

- Diplomacy (other players "management :P")

- Leadership (in case you are a Faction Leader)

I consider myself an expert in Logistics, Strategic and leadership skills, only "good" in tacticals and "bad" in diplomacy, sincerely I never liked diplomacy so I left that to other members of the alliance, I consider tactics a useful skill but not really necessary for winning a war (at high levels and if you have read my post about the guardians I think that you don't need them either at low levels :P), strategy is a must and logistics will keep you alive, leadership will keep your faction in one piece and will keep your factionmates alive and happy.

(with those lines you can foresee what you could learn from me, of course that's only my point of view, I'm sure some or most people will have other opinions about the game).

My nev history started the day that archmage (another web based game) died, for some reason the owners of the game decided to not continue with the game so I had too start looking for another game, I was a MechWarrior 3 (or 2 can't rmeember which one was playing then) (computer game) player so I searched for BattleTech games and... well I found neveron...

at first I tried to play on my own, I'm a bit solitary in strategy games and hate when people "teach" you how to play, I prefer to find out the features of the game by myself, it's like part of the game itself. During that period (one or two months) I didn't do much, just grew a bit without much interest in the game, one day I decided to engage someone in a LW, it was a very short LW in which I lost my only 'Mech and a few vehicles but I conquered his infra and destroyed his army... in that LW I lost more than I won, but it ended well considering my forces and what I now know about the game.

Some day I decided that joining a faction was a good idea (indeed I decided it when my empire got destroyed during a "night" battle in which I was asleep) I started looking in the forums in search of a faction that was looking for members, I didn't mind which one I chose, I didn't know anything about politics and sincerely didn't think that politics were so important in nev. Finally I found a post of a "guy" called dogmatic that was going to start a new faction, that faction was going to be part of HoC, HoC wasn't as big as it is now nor was it the dominant faction of the game (although I didn't know that either) of course I had no idea of what HoC was going to become.

My first months in hoC were quiet, I almost didn't talk with anyone and just offered my piloting services (which wasn't good at all) in a daytime in which other guys couldn't fight expecting the same kind of help when I was sleept (I'm Spanish), my empire started to growth again and I reached after winning some wars the decent 5th lvl, at that point I started a 2nd empire which with the help of another FL (also in hoC) got to lvl 4 quite fast, I fought some wars and helped piloting in anothers when all my nev view was going to change.

During a christmas holiday KIZO declared war against HoC, in those times wars wasn't between faction, when an alliance declared war on another there were only open fights without much control (mostly like wars should be) my secondary empire got attacked once, I was able to repel the attacker and kill some of his 'Mechs, I was happy for my success and went to sleep, during the night my empire got attacked again, I lost some small cities and some vehicles, the next day I tried to organize my remaining forces knowing that I had been beaten but at night again I got attacked a 3rd time, this time I lost a 'Mech and almost all my vehicles, the rest of my forces were in a "safe position", lastly a 4th empire dropped on me and ended my last cities and killed all my forces but a 'Mech that he couldnt find (I still have that 'Mech pilot :P).

Needless to say that I wasn't happy about that attack (what now is called a GB) but with my faction leader I was going to be able to rebuild my empire from the dust, we finally won the war although definitely wasn't because of my help, and I almost left the game for what I consider a highly unfair attitude... but I didn't, I consider that the day I left the newbie "status" and became a regular player.

I decided that I had to do something to revenge the attack I had suffered and I started to make a plan... some days later I decided two things: in order to make the game more interesting I was going to play a role, firstly I was going to follow kato (my main FL) to wherever he went, if he ever treason HoC I'll did also, if he threw his empire in a kamikaze attack I'll do also, could seem not a very clever tactic but gaining kato`s respect will open me a lot of oportunities in the future, secondly I was going to dedicate my "nevlife" to kill kizo and I wasn't going to stop until I managed to complete my task.

This is going to sound a bit egocentric but sincerely they earned a very bad enemy in that war, as you'll be able to read in one of my last posts they loose their final war vs UDC thanks to me.

next part of the history: My biggest secret on nev.

My biggest secret on nev[edit]

I was planning to writte today "my biggest secret on nev" but i have thougth it twice and i think its better to wait until im sure im going to leave the game... just in case :P. I`ll writte it one day or another, youll just have to be patient.

Anywway I wanted to writte something so im going to writte what i have learned about LW in this game, although i started (as anyone) being a complete noob i think that now i can give some good advices about how to deal with a LW, this post is therefore more dedicated to people that consider themselfs newbies than veteran players of the game, i dont want to say anyone how to play the game so im just going to give some general strategies.

You can aproach a LW in two ways, the first aproach is to win the LW, the 2nd aproach is to enjoy the LW, in some rare cases you can do both (ussually when both of you want to enjoy the LW).

How to win a LW:

Im think that most of neveron newbies consider that having a high BV is a good aproach to a LW, well... thats not exactly true, in deed what you want is having as much firepower as you can having as less BV as you can, that way youll be of lower lvl and can keep more units in your empire, following this aproach you should search for low BV units instead of high ones, also in order to keep your maintenance low and your OMT under control youll want to use the cheaper units (in maintenance terms) that you can find, im not going to give units names since i think its good to think a bit about it, but youll find that traked vehicles are better if you follow this kind of army.

Anyway having a higher firepower than the enemy will not grant you victory although will bring you some advantage, after some tries youll probably notice that in low lvls wars ussually wins the one that has the better mechs, well, thats almost (not allways) true in the case of low lvls empires, but i sincerelly supect thats only becouse vehicle pilots are poor skilled at those lvls, therefore ussually a good skilled mech lance can, staying at long range, kill allmost all defending forces withouth taking much damage, specially if the enemy units are not piloted, since low lvls wars tend to end fast its "common" to destroy the enemy army before the owner realice whats going on.

but the truth is that mechs alone dont win a LW either, some people will tell you that the guys that can stay more time connected (those that life infront of the PC) will win the LW since youll find his forces almost never unpiloted and he will be able to kill yours while you are not around, well, thats almost true but not exactly, in deed wars are won in the ofensive so youll need to attack, BPers can defend your empire but will not be able to do much for you in the ofensive so the guys with much spare time (able to attack at many day hours) have a huge advance over you but dont desesperate, the fact is that wars are won by active time.

active time is the time you expend in teh game doing some real damage, if the enemy can attack you 10 hours a day but 8 of them are a waste youll have advantage even if you can only fight him back only 3 hours the same day.

¿how can you waste your enemy time? well, first aproach is to place bumps, yeah we all know that admins dont like them becouse isn't funny but its your best chance for winning (Note to the admins, if you dont want bumps make another kind of defense), with the forced ABR bumping is a much more creative task than ever, you should create your own strategy but youll want t find some diposalls that follows the following rules: cannot be fABRed (only medium/high levels), is cheap, can deal some damage to the enemy, can be piloted by faction mates to run the clock (yeah its nasty, i know, this is a guide on how to win not how to play fair).

- avoiding forces ABR can only be made by adding some BV to the zone, in this case youll want units with highBV/maintenance wich dont need to be traked.

- dealing some damage to the enemy, with the new ABR rules (wich are anyway not clear and are ussually bugged) best units are those that can deliver much hits (SRMs) for making vehicle crits and those that can deal some damage being cheap (infantry), a mix of both (ones for adding BV and others for dealing damage and taking hits) its great, although you have to remember that infantry is expensive in OMT terms, you can allways commision at the start of teh war and uncommision them afterwards if you are attacking.

- can be piloted by faction mates, anything that has long range and movment is fine, youll want also sensors for spoting the enemy units in no flat zones, the nastest, dirtiest trick in this case is a tower with stealth LRM5 range X2 withouth ammo and any other units with movment, youll want to add a sensor tower if not flat also, the LRM 5 tower will ensure the enemies are at range (so youll be able to delay all attack phases) and will be hard to spot since its not able to open fire keeping the rest of your units out of range, since ABR doesnt take into acount ammo it will open fire in fABR situations (I personally have never used this design in deed im not sure if it will fit in a 25CF tower but i bet it does.)

-is cheap is self explaining.

All this si nice (well it isnt) but ¿what can you do for wasting your enemy time while your online? of course youll want to attack when he isnt online and the best strategy for acomplishing it is to get him bored, the strategy here is to make all his atatcks a waste, at low lvls since youll dont have many "not important units" thats hard to get but when you start rissing in lvls you should have some "kamikaze units" the work for that units will be to take all the zones the enemy takes from you, that way he will feel unsure and will not launch his main attack, also he will feel that he is doing nothing.

Your most important objetives following those strategies should be:

- allways be ready to counterattack in other zones, allways have more units than you currently ussing in the area so you can counterattack him fast in case he starts any other kind of attack, allways leave your enemy a way to retreat.

¿why the way to retreat? its easy, if your enemy feels his mechs are traped he will fight to death, if he can flee he will do when he gets bored and thats what we want.

A good strategy for acomplishing this is ussually to let his main forces take a single zone while you take tons of emptyes, surround his main force and your enemy will panic, also try to delay his main attack force with your bumps so you can take tons of their zones while you only loose one (that means having more active time than your enemy).

Lastly when he retreats wait for 20/30 minutes silent (checking map but not attacking), he will go elsewere to do any other thing and youll be able to attack without him defending.

(Im sad to say this but getting to this conclusion about how to win a LW is one of the reasons why im leaving the game)

well enough of dirty tricks... i feel dirty enough right now :P.

How to enjoy a LW:

Well enjoying a LW is mostly personal, youll enjoy things that i dont but in general for enjoying a LW you should do the following:

- have some time, a coke and some chips.

- bring in your prefered units (specially if you can replenish them fast and cheap)

- search for a not bumped enemy.

- try to get some funny battles.

I sometimes have tried to ask for a LW (said to my enemy that i was goign to attack him and when he was going to be online to do so), most of the times people will not trust you and will not tell you when are they connected and when they arent (thats a wise thing to do) but i must admit that the "pre-arranged" wars are the much funnier ones, also they have the advantage that attackign an enemy with such "honor" ussually gives you the oportunity to retreat your forces, you should let enemy units leave if you feel that your enemy is honourable and fought nicely.

Sincerelly this is a bit fucked now that admins made the new surrender rule, youll not be able to end the war until one of you surenders but you can arrange a low surrender rate with your enemy... this is a bit fucked also that admins only allow a minimun of 30% surrender rate... but ehi... admins fuck the funny LWs not me...

you can allways scrap units forcing your surrender or sugest your enemy to do so if you dont want to deal him more damage that you alleady did although youll loose skills now that the admins make that rule also :P.

well thats all for now, im leaving in a hurry so maybe i add something that i forgot laters... ¡¡see you soon!!

Next post: im not sure :P

im not sure :P[edit]

My first Medal in HoC (yeah, not my biggest secret, youll have to wait for that... and probably quite a bit):

I can't remember when exactly it was, but i remember it was between augost and december of 2 or 3 years ago... probably 3, at that point almost none HoC players knew me, neddless to say that i had from zero to none nev-wide reputation but my FL (kato) allready trusted in me enough for helping him doing some stuff in his empire, in deed i suggested him that i was able to build a defensive perimeter around his core cityes wich include to bump all the zones (a lot of work in deed, but all work you did before a war is time you save in war time, that lasts entence is a good advice).

It was then when someone (i cant recall who) attacked DBF, DBF those days had very inactive players so the war was almost sure lost, in deed the war was going bad, lots of empires got surrended and the FL itself got hurted in some of its periferical cityes although the core was still ok.

Its quite ussuall that when people is loosing they stop to fight, some people think that after have been surrended the war is over for them and i suspect some of that happened to the faction, if it was inactive before the Fwar after the firsts beatings the situation was hopeless.

I didnt have a empire in that faction but asked his FL if he would let me use a pilot login for trying to help in the war, I think that was my first oportunity of fighting with a real big empire, it was lvl 11 or 12 i cant remember, and i enjoyed it a lot, its true that it takes much more time but the combat is much more strategical than tactical, you of course can take a lance of high movility mechs and start searching for the stealth towers or the local garrisons (in those times there wasent forced Automatic battle resolution) but the fact is that following that strategy youll loose a lot of time(youll have less active time, check my previous post).

I think that i was the first one (although i maybe brong) that realiced that when army resources are large its not important to minimice your looses and therefore you can launch severall attacks at one time and dont care a lot about the result(you can not pilot them), the fact is that doing that i ussually conquered all the zones I attaked but the ones that were activelly played by the enemy, the enemy got a little scared and i remember them complaining in neveron main chat about the amounth of pilots that we had battling for the FL although we were only a few, they just didnt expected that amounth of attacks.

sadly the war lasted very few, i was able to take back some 1Ks that DBF FL had lost outside of teh core and some periphrical cityes in the core although the enemy destroyed a 1K factory city before i was able to take it back.

A few days laters Eggy, a leader of HoC wich i didnt talked much to, came and told me that for my services in the TFC fwar i had been granted acces to #HOC, the main room of the aliance, until that day i considered myshelf just a soldier of HoC but i sudetly became an officer, for me it was quite important.

With my new status i was able to help against pirates(an old feature fo the game) to some of the high lvls empires in HoC, i have allways been quite curious so i analiced those guys defences to learn from them, after gathering all that information i realiced that all the empries i have checked were vulnerable to the kind of attack i made in the TFC war, i hoped that the enemy didn't realiced about what happened in there and the potential of such a tactic ussed ofensivelly, I started to set my FL defences to be able to repeal an attack like that.

Finally I decided to test enemy defences, i created some new empires, one of those that you can say "im a newbie, sorry for attackign you" and attacked some non city zones in the enemyes FLs(no lvl restriction those days), i didnt cared about the empires, they sometimes got killed others dont, anyway i found what i expected, their peripherical defences was at best "deficient", i rush to tell that to Pimp, and i told him that i thougth i was able to clear the enemy periphery around the core in a single day, half that if he gived me a single pilot, the only thing that i didnt know how to do was to assault a 1K but there were a lot of people that know how to do it in HoC.

I think that pimp didnt took my report to seriously, anyway pimp and I have ussually different opinions on how to do things, after some arguing(severall days until HoC leaders tooka decision) it was decided to try to get ready for such an assault, the amounth of snippers needed was going to be awesome, those preparatives were never ended although we had almost a year for doing them.

next issue: probably more wars, there were a lot those days, thats probably why the preparatives where never ended.

probably more wars[edit]

My first (and only) DP mech:

If im not wrong this happened in june of 2005... but we should start earier to get a idea of what was going on.

That year KIzo had attacked us again during christmas (yeah for some reason we get LW allways in the worst moments... probably becouse we are evil but people that do evilness to us dont :P, just a joke), HoC finally won that LW but lot of empires got damaged during it, specially in the first stages of the LW when we were all dinning with our families, after that WOB saw their oportuunity to make history and thinking that HOC was weak becouse of the attrition of the last wars attacked us also (that was in april/may), we won that war also but it took much more effort that most of us would have expected.

Finally in june (or so) the clanners (wich i think now are disolved) thougth that they could wippe HoC completelly out of nev, they stated that they were going to kill us all and started their vendetta engaging in fwar almost all the HoC factions at once, at this point i think that its needed a clarification in HOC war acitude.

When a HoC empire goes into LW we all expect that he is going to be able to handle the LW by itself, we of course try to pilot while in the defensive for his untils and help if needed but showing that someone is in LW is not ussually enough for asking him if he needs help, thats probably why sometimes the enemy start winning a fwar aginst HoC and when we all see that the faction (or the FL) is in troubles is when we rally to help and when we focus more than just the faction pilot resources to the war we turn the course of the war.

This case was going to be different in deed most of us if not all had severall of our empires attacked at once, we were overwhelmed in all fronts by enemy pilot resources and we were going to get from none to very little help from other HoC factions, I (as well as other members of HoC) had to take a very dificult decision wich was wich empires of mine i would defend and wich others ill leave for them to handle on their own, i decided to defend only my main empire and my faction leaving the rest of my empires to their own fate, i also said that to all my faction leaders so they didn wasted pilot resources in empires that were going to be unmanned until KK fwar was over, I just acepted my looses before starting to fight.

During that LW I fougth for lots of KK empires while leaving my non-kk empires get hit, I worked a lot in KK defence while kato (the FL) knowing that our empires had been hitted badly created a new empire and DPed for some nice mechs, i thougth it wasnt going to work but it do... he managed to kill the low lvls enemy empires and while growing and DPing managed to kill the highers ones (up to lvl 6 i think) and therefore surrender the enemy faction, it was an outstanding war and KK survived becouse of an impresive team work from all its members.

At the end of the war i had to rebuild 2 empires but none of the faction they were in got surrended by the enemy, curiously after the clans loose HoC didnt retaliated them, at least no in a organiced way but they disolved like a snowball hitting a hot metal wall.

I ussually take a moment for checking if any enemy has took a DZ near my main area when i get connected to inet, well, one day i did as allways and saw the familiar cross in a zone that says "enemy units in zone" in my main city, i thougth it was some kind of bugged hot drop but there wasnt any attack, i tryed to engage them but there wasnt any enemy to engage.... i sudently realiced that mech salvage leaves the same crosses in the map so i checked my armory and... there it was a salvaged NEMESIS...

¿what the hell was doing that nemesis there? the 2nd (if not teh 1st) best mech of the game sitting in my armory waiting to be repaired... not that i keep an exact track of all my salvaged mechs but hell if i would have salvaged a nemesis i would have noticed!!!.

I thougth it was a bug of some kind... ¿what would i do? ¿report it?¿keep quiet? it was a very hard decision... i finally decided to report to the admins that due to a bug i had a salvaged nemesis in my armory that should be of someone else... i also told them if thanks to reporting it they would let me keep it.

laters i found mi FL (kato) in IRC and told him: "you are not going to believe what has happened... ¡¡a salvaged nemesis appeared in my salvage!!" kato answered: "fuck i would have like to commision and repair it before you noticed you got it".

What really happened is that kato during the LW salvaged a nemesis and in gratitude for my efforts defending KK decided to gift it to me, since he had a login into my empire he bougth it himself and placed it in the armory, needless to say that i was stunned for what kato did.... also rushed to remove the bug ticket... just in case admins decided to remove the mech by error.

I bet kato would have liked to see my face that day...

Next issue (unless plans change): I became a FL

My first mech loss[edit]

My first mech loss (sorry, plans change :P, yeah I know im not very well organiced :P):

I think that this post is very important for newbie players, I realiced it when talking in our chat room about a recent lvl 11 war one of our players with less experience said that he didnt wanted to pilot again a mech in another empire, I asked him why and he replied that he had lost a hunchie during that war and he feelt really bad about it.

trying to convince him that he should pilot more mechs even in others empires i recalled my first mech lost, it wasnt mine either and i remember that I felt like him... it was during one of my first wars in wich i was commanded to pilot a lance of mechs, at least one of the mechs was a MAD-3D (i remember it becouse its the mech that got destroyed LoL) i know that i wasnt very confident with my skills and i know that the battle was "easy" and could have been won withuoth taking any looses but the fact is that i managed to loose a mech during it.

As i said i felt bad and told the owner of the mech that i was going to pay him for his lost (even that meaned probably like 70/90 real days of my empire income, he never let me to do it), I also told him that i didnt wanted to pilot any more mechs during the LW, I expected him to be ungry with me for the mech lost but instead he didnt cared about the loss, he told me that all the mechs would have died if i wouldnt have piloted them so i didnt loose any mech, i saved 3 of them, of course if i had been a better player i could have saved 4 but 3 is better than nothing.

Thats the correct way to see how things are, if you think that you are not good enough for handle a situation you should tell it to the owner of the empire, he will take it into acount and if able will try to asign somoeone with better skills to the battle, if you are really lucky maybe you can pilot one of the mechs while the other guy pilot the rest for learning but in most cases pilot resources will be short, sometimes youll have to fight battles that out-skills you, its something youll have to dealt with but you can be sure that no mather what you do youll do better than AI so even having the worst player in a battle is better than having none.

My advice here is that you should try to improve your skills even if doing it means the loose of some mechs, and believe me, loosing your first mech in a very big empire is the best way to do it, very big empires can buy medium mechs more easily than a lvl 5 empire buys a guardian, if yoo want to be sure about what are you doing, a good way to improve and be sure its not your fault the hipotetical loose of a mech is asking the owner of the mechs what he wants you to do with the mechs (charge, stall, long range engaging, form a line and let them come...) and follow the orders the best you can.

It also could happen that the owner of the empire is not around and you see some units in battle, you should allways join the battle for help, sometimes youll se a very desperate situation in wich you can almost do anything, well you shouldnt desperate just making sure your mates mechs doesnt charge on AI to the enemy is a great work.

If the situation is really really bad you should try to keep the mechs alive for as long as posible, ussually running from the engagment and if able delay the clock. Maybe you can earn enough time for letting the owner of the empire organice some kind of retreat or counterattack, also you have to remember than in case of fwar, if you earn 30 minutes before a empire falls, its 30 minutes another empire is not being hit (that last sentence is another good advice).

Next issue (yeah i really think so): I became a FL

I became a FL[edit]

I became a FL:

This happened soon after the end of the clan wars of 2005 and i have been the FL of my faction since then until today, im going to writte in this post only my expirience of being the FL not all the things that have happened during this year (wich has been quite a lot), ill writte those in future posts.

I think this last year has been awesome, mostly thanks to the great members of the faction.

Soon after the end of the clan wars our faction leader who is in the US army were asigned into duty to irak, nedless to say that that was going to leave him almost completelly out of inet and therefore unable to play the game any longer, one day i told him that since i was in my last university career year and had very few things to study and such i probably was going to be able to manage his empire while he was out, he told me that since i had been working for some time on his empire (placing defences adn such) it was ok that i managed it until he came back.

I didnt realiced it in the moment we talked it but that day i became the FL, at first i only wanted to manage the emipre and i didnt even wanted to get it into LWs or such, i just wanted to keep it alive until kato came back and thats why in the first months almost nothing happened in the faction, we all were quite "sleept", it was when admins introduced the forced faction wars and after that the penalities for not fwaring, we sudently needed to go to war in one way or another, that make me awake as the FL.

My first task was going to be to organice a large scale war in wich i was the main responsable of the outcome of it, needless to say that i has never done such a thing and i was quite woried about how to do it, i planed it quite carefully making a list of how many players i had, at what time were they going to be able to fight and asigned each of them a target inside the faction we were going to attack althuogh I didnt planed to give them the list until a few hours before the assault, i also talked with some mercs, just in case.

A week before the start of the fight i told my faction mates that next friday at 22:00 (my local time) we were going to start the fight, i wanted all the people that told me that they were able to start fighting at that time an hour before in chat, i remember that that week i expend lot of time serving "last hour" vehicle demands for the LW, i served them as fast as posible, as i wanted to give an example of activity to my mates.

friday at 21:30 the chat room was almost empty and i got a bit nervous, i started to contact mercs, didnt offered them a job but wanted to keep them "in touch" just in case i finally needed them but 10 minutes after the start of the fight people started to get in (yeah we all allways come in the last minute ;P) at 22:00 all the members of the faction knew their target and the name of the faction we were going to attack, those that couldnt be in chat received their target from private fmail and at 22:15 i gived the order to start the fight, I keept one pilot as reserve and myshelf as a second reserve for being able to fight for the FL empire in case it got attacked.

It was an impresive fwar in wich all but 3 enemy empires (one was the fleader) got attacked at once, during the fwar i only checked the war log and keep a fluid information between the people involved, my main task was to find pilots for people taht needed them and keep trak of who was atatcking who, their progress their ETA on surrendering and reinforcment neededs as well as writting down enemy resistance, both in wich empires was active defending and the enemy forces present in some zones, i didnt even launched any attack and even didnt piloted a bump.

At the end of the LW i had 3 pages of information with list of coords and stuff on it, the fact is that most of that information was usseless since the war ended like 5 hours laters, before our australian people got time to get in to end the fwar as was planed.

it was a perfectly coordinated and performed attack and doubt that the enemy faction had any chance of defending during it, im sorry for our guys in australia (my apologices!!!) becouse they didnt had the chance of fighting after all those preparations.

That day i tasted the leadership and i enjoyed it a lot, it also revitaliced myshelf since at those days i was quite bored of neveron (youll read in teh next post why), after that i took my FL role much more seriously and started to take care a lot about our fmemebrs, in deed before that i wasnt sure who was in the faction... i had to make a list of our members and such... i also lost that list twice and had to ask again and again for who was who LoL but they were patience with me and my errors .

some months after the end of the fwar i changed the style of the work and instead of working in all the faction members equally i started to prioritice those empires that were LW active and secondarilly those people that were more active, im not sure if this was good idea or not but i really needed to relax a bit all the work I was doing and im sure that active people got a lot benificed from it.

The months passed and the time for our second fwar was getting closer, i started to organice all the stuff and sent as last time a lot of vehicles to fmates investing some billions on them, I asigned a day for the assault (friday night again) but commited a mistake, instead of waiting to the last moment to tell them who was our target i told it in tuesday in a fmail, when i wake up in wednesday morning our target had started a fake-fwar, i at first didnt undesrtood it but someone pasted me a conversation in public chat room about a member of that faction saying that they started the fake-fwar becouse they knew we were going to fdow them.

that day i knew i had a spy in my faction, i keep track of the day people joined the faction and since we had never have another leack of info before that im almost sure who he is (If you are reading this, you are still in the faction becouse im trying to find your other empires ), nedless to say that i felt betrayed and quite furious with this, i didnt undesrtood why someone in the faction could have betrayed me after what i have done to the faction, i undersand today that its just a war strategy, he didnt betrayed me cos he was never loyal to me.

Anyway the cancelation of that Fwar wasnt as bad becouse that weekend someone again tryed to wipe out our main faction from the game, i Bped a lot in that fwar and asked my fmates to do the same although i think that they felt so disapointed that they didnt wared a lot (although i not sure about their contribution to the war), i sincerelly cant blame them for that.

After that Fwar and when I was trying to figure another date in wich we all could get togheter and a new target for battling admins changed the fwar rules making the fwar unecesary, i canceled the whole project and concentrated in keeping my active players fighting on their own as well as teaching the new players how to LW properly using my own empires for doing it (i let them go into LW with my empires while i supervised them).

Finally a few months ago i ended my university career and found a new job, i wasnt going to have time for nev any longer and since kato was going to get home within a month i deciced that i was going to retire from nev completely, i started to look for someone to take my empire and sent a fmail saying that i was leaving and therefore dogmatic was in charge of things until kato came back.

it was my 2nd mistake since i didnt recalled that we had a spy in the faction when i did it, 2 weeks after sending that mail (and therefore 2 weeks before the return of kato) the faction got fwared by a faction that only had 3 empires, the FL (that was going to attack ourFL) and another 2 that wasnt enough for surrendering the enemy faction, also their FL was like 1.7 times in size ours, situation was bad but i thougth i couldnt do anything about it, our FL was going to be attacked while unmanned and was giong to be defended by people that didnt know anything about their defence or offensive capability... we would leave that war for laters.

After the fwar i thougth it was time to anounce my oficial retirement and sent a fmail and a public mail, curiously the private mail reached the noob faction so it seems plenty of people readed it LoL, well that was never intended, just a nev bug in the apropiate moment (wich is quite curious :P ) I had found someone to leave my empire to and gifted it to him (a lvl 9 empire, could have got a few money for it but i prefered it to be in skilled hands than in any hands and get some money) but the day after i joined from my FL empire and after checking the public mails that people answered me i just couldnt leave... they almost make me cry (my empire is now with me again).

i realiced that after 5 years of playing, Nev had became more than justa game for me, well, not nev itself but its comunity of players i keep those mails with me and im sure that some years laters when i read them ill smile (¡¡¡thank you guys!!!).

next issue: the NC-UDC fwar.

the NC-UDC fwar[edit]

NC vs UDC fwar:

This fwar happened during october/november/december of last year (2005) not sure about the exact month though, the fact is that UDC had been fighting some fwars before that, not sure about the outcome of those but i know that they were a lot tired of fighting and obviouosly, no mather how they ended, they had taked their looses in those, no one can blame NC for fwaring UDC since at those days fwars were needed becouse admin rules and the amounth of factions you could attack were reduced, in deed it was (and it is nowdays) very dificult to start a fair fwar due to the restrictions of who can you fwar and the aliances of faction in the game.

NC those days was centraliced around a huge empire (lvl 13) with a huge core (like 5X5 1K cityes) and a even huger (if that word exists LoL) empty zones around it wich surrounded the city of their faction mates, that defence disposal make all the empires of NC but the FL imposible to get attacked since for attacking them youll had to attack the faction leader, those days were no restricions on who you could attack but if you did the FL would be able to declare war on you and needless that was "unhealthy" for most empires.

The war started and NC was hitting bad all UDC empires wich morale were low and were almost doing nothing, the fact is that they were only defending themselfs since attacking was imposible for them, i remember when i joined the UDC war room and talked with the faction leader that he said me that most of their players have stoped battling and were just waiting for the fwar to end for start to rebuild their empires, i told him that i was going to try to help him.

In those days fwar didnt excluded the empires of being attacked from outside the faction although you still were unable to declare war on them, you'll have to pay full costs for each zone but the attack was posible, I talked with dogmatic (the father of kato, my fl) and asked him permision for ussing chaos2 in helping them, the plan was to attack their FL (lvl 13) with chaos2 (lvl 11, that means 1/4th its size, probable less than that) for not letting him dow chaos2 i was going to stop my attack s when i calqued there lasted only 3 days of combat (another old rule, dont worry about that), dogmatic agreed to the plan as long as I didnt used any serious unit in chaos2 (i think no one trusted that i was going to be able to do what i did :P).

I setted up my drop force and waited for next day since i was going to need a lot of time for performing the attack, the attack force was composed by 10 batalions of ARF infantry, 2 batallions of poorly trained zhukovs (4/5 gunnery), a medium skilled (3/4) tribute and i cant remember the exact number for jumping infantry but not more than a batalion.

next day at 9:00AM local time i started my attack hot droping a infantry in the shoutern area of the core (only tower bumped zones) just for testing their defences, 30 minutes later my infantry (as expected) won the battle in ABR and i moved in 2 batalions of infantry, 30 minutes laters the real attack started and i attacked as many empty zones as i could, at frst a little slow but when i got enough territory i started to expand a lot fast (up to 20/30 zones each 30 minutes if lag was fine).

that afternoon i started another attack like that at north-east and north-west of their core using 2 bats of infantry in each area as I expected lag in the afternoon was bad, that slowed my attacks a bit but since i was the only one ussing ABR strategy trying to stop me in regular combat with such a lag was going to be imposible, at night i was able to clear DZs to some enemy cityes, most people didnt expected that and my mistake was to wait for an corrdinated attack that wasnt ready.

I joined the UDC war room and things stayed like they were, their morale were low and they didnt wanted to attack the core, i ensured them that i was able to ensure the safety of any empire that droped in there for at least one hour, probably more, but even doing it they were so demoraliced that didnt did anything.

I was quite disapointed since in the calcs i made i suposed that the enemy would have realiced about the threat of my attack and therefore they shuold be organicing a counter offensive, i calced that i was going to be able to hold my position in the core for 24 more hours, 12 of them secured and another 12 until total lost of the zones gained, im not sure if the enemy didnt saw any threat in my attack, if they decided to keep their attacks in other zones anyway or if they were short of pilots but the fact is that in the end i was able to hold my position for 48 more hours.

next hours i was quite desperate trying to find someone to make the attack on the low lvls empires while taking more zones, their biggest mistake here was to use severall Bpers delaying my battles for avoiding them to fall, they should have instead place a bat of something big next to the zones i was taking and start the same attacks that i was making(they finally did it but it was too late, at first they attacked with teh bat but piloted them), i remember a moment in wich they were more than 30 battles ongoing and none of them resolved cos the enemy was cicling the timmers(if you have done that job you'll know that a single person can cicle from 10 to 20 battles depending on server lag, i calqued theyll need at least 3 BPers for doing that, do to the lag of the server).

It was only when i asked pimp (wich is a lot valiant for this kind of actions) to attack any of the NC empires when anyone decided to follow my attack, I secured the area around Pimps target and whissed him good luck, in the result of that battle would depend the succed or the failture of the attack, it was going to demostrate that the attack was posible and therefore remoralice our guys or end with pimps forces and no one will follow me again.

the enemy didnt realiced it or didnt did anything about that attack cos even i was ready to counteact in any way needed to ensure pimp safety i didnt have to do anything, pimp attacked the enemy city (who was not piloted while someone was cicling battles, i couldnt believe my luck) and finally took it, I rushed to tell to everyone that their first blood was in the ground and that we were able to change the fate of war, more empires followed pimp, and soon i had the problem that i couldnt secure enough zones for all the people that wanted to attack the enemy core when another problem arrised.

NC started to bring out behemots for taking out my zones, I delayed their advance cicling the battles as they did before knowing that i had to earn as much time as needed for our guys to do their job, i dont know why NC didnt hot droped their mechs at 1/10th their cost into the zones that our guys were taking... that would have changed the fate of the fwar again, but they didnt did it.

Knowing that i was't going to be able to stop their assault specially with my restriction of not ussing any real units i looked for help into #hoc main room, i there discovered that gunner (who allready took some zones in the core) was going to start some kind of ofensive, i suggested him to bring in some snippers for taking out the behemots although it seems he had allready thuogth in that(he killed an awesome amounth of behemots scoring wich i think was the highest BV kill that anyone in any fwar has archived) soon after that more empires joined the fray and the fwar turned into a GBing of 1st NC while UDC took their lower lvls empires.

NC complied about the Gbing of their FL and they say that they lost the fwar becouse of the biggest GB in history, but the fact is that they lost the fwar becouse they were unable to see where the real attak was, letting the enemy remoralice when you are relaxed its the worst thing you can do during any war, demoralicing me in such situation would have been easy, just took my DZs out or clear the zones around the cityes and with the low support i was going to recive i would have gived up easily(writte that down, another very nice advice).

im going to writte here a note on Gbing also: GBing is bad in low/medium empires but when you raise from lvl 10 and above the fact is that a single empire has enough military resources for acomodate all the BPers, when that happens GBing loose its sense, each guy is ussing his empire for attacking, thats true, but in each empire there si only 1 BPer, they could do EXACTLY the same attacks from just one empire but they want to do it from their own probably becouse they enjoy it more.

¿whats the difference between a lvl 13 being piloted by 10 players or 10 lvls 13 being piloted by one player each? there is no difference in their attack capacity althuogh there is difference in the atrition they can take combined, unless you fight them back and the war last for more than a few days, i can ensure you, the result will be exactly the same in both cases.

if they consider that we had plenty of Bpers fightin for chaos2 and thats why they complained, i can ensure you i was the only one making all those attacks .

In that fwar we just did what they forced us to do, i dont feel bad for what i did although i must admit that i didnt expected the result of the fwar, i expected a very big war in were lots of fights were taking place in all neveron but what happened was that nimon, a great leader, great general and a person that i respect for what he did in enveron and an awesome person in all senses, gifted his empire to a friend of him who finally gifted the empire to klien (an HoC player) for not seeing 1st NC being destroyed.

I was sad for seeing nimon go and I sincerelly would be honored of fighting at his side if he were back although you must understand that leaving HoC for me was going to be a problem since i have many ties to this aliance .

finally when the fwar ended i feelt great, i have finally acomplished my objetive and it was thanks to me why it happened, i couldnt ask more... but i had a problem... the lack of any objetive killed my will to play neveron, i had allready acomplished all my tasks and there were nothing left in the game for me, i had finally acomplished the task for wich i had been working the last 3 years, i started to think in leaving the game and i havent stoped of thinking in that until today (still thinking on it in deed :P ) but it was when the faction needed to go to fwar and even i was quite bored of the game since i was the FL i had to organice it and.... well you have read about that in the previous post ;P.

UPDATE: i recived a private mail of a member of UDC involved in the fwar that wanted to point out some thing that i had forgotten, i want to say that i just writte things as i remember them, so i might have my own view of things that its not shared by everyone, well, here is the update(thanks for it!!! ):

happened at 0600 26 December 2005. Hours after Christmas had ended.

Most of UDC was away from Nev due to holidays. At least most of the major players.

They gangbanged teh shit out of us in the beginning, it was the push on the core of kizo that enabled the mercs and the online members of udc to kick their ass.

You were the motivator that enabled the moral to rise and to keep pushing. you were the role model that let other udc members push on kizo core.

It was a fantastic team effort.

My funniest battle in nev[edit]

My funniest battle in nev:

I remember that battle as the one that i most enjoyed becouse of the satisfaction of seeing a strategy that you have developed "in papper" working in the computer and the very nice killings i made with very few resources.

It happened during one of the fwars we had during may/june, cant remember when it was exactly, the fact is that i had 2.5 hours for battling and i joined the FL empire, i started to take some zones aroud a 1K and when i ended the surrounding i scouted it, the city was defended but either the guy that placed the defenders didnt know anything about defending or the city was messed by any reason, the defenders were: mixed group of vehicles (like 60 or so, mostly heavy vehicles like manticores, zhukovs and such) some stealth towers and like 25 mechs from light to assault weigth, no IDF and no snnipers.

A few batallions of heavy vehicles like zhukovs and manticores would have been able to end those althuogh it will have been the death of some of those batallions, anyway that would have been my choice if i didnt had a little stategy in my head for a few time and i didnt wanted to take a funny time...

I started to make the preparations for my attack wich took like 30/45 minutes of scraping shitty units for getting the "pilots" i needed and when i ended i started my attack... ¡¡¡BOILA!!! here is the result, only copy pasted the mech looses and any vehicle that died in teh same turn and was mixed with the mechs kills:

[WVR-6M] Wolverine has been destroyed by mantis SRM Infantry! [COM-3A] Commando has been destroyed by Mantis SRM Infantry! [SCH-1A] Schrek Assault Tank has been destroyed by Mantis SRM Infantry! [WSP-1D] Wasp has been destroyed by a destroyed unit! [HER-2M] Hermes II has been destroyed by Mantis SRM Infantry! [JR7-F] Jenner has been destroyed by Mantis SRM Infantry! [WVR-6R] Wolverine has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [WTH-1] Whitworth has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [WTH-1] Whitworth has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [GRF-1S] Griffin has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [HBK-4SP] Hunchback has been destroyed by MantisSRM infantry! [ZKV-1A] Zhukov Heavy Tank has been destroyed by MantisSRM infantry! [ZKV-1A] Zhukov Heavy Tank has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [WVR-6R] Wolverine has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [MAN-0AX] Manticore has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [WVR-6K] Wolverine has been destroyed by MantisSRM infantry! [AWS-8T] Awesome has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [WHM-6D] Warhammer has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [WHM-6D] Warhammer has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [MAN-0AX] Manticore has been destroyed by a destroyed unit! [THG-10E] Thug has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry! [CPLT-C1] Catapult has been destroyed by Falling! [MAN-0AX] Manticore has been destroyed by MantisSRM infantry! [HBK-4P] Hunchback has been destroyed by Falling! Defense Tower - 9075 has been destroyed by Mantis SRM infantry!

The infantry was walking infantry, not jumping, total costs for me were like 90 millions including the weapons and the men for the infantry units.

¿how i did it?

well im not only going to tell how i did it but also how i designed the strategy, maybe it serves others for designing their owns.

the fact is that i did it by a "creative use of the rules" some people say that such creative actions is abusing the rules, others say that its a brilliant strategy, well, in admin terms ussually if you use a creative use of the rules for beating a supperior force is a brilliant strategy, if you use if for killing a weak empire then its abusing, if you use it in a empire of your size then it could be one or another... lets see what people think of what i did .

first i did was studing the AI behavior during battles, AI is programed and as far as i know (maybe admins can confirm but ill doubt theyll want) they use no random generator for choosing his actions, that means that with the proper knowledge about its behavior you can foresee the AI movments before it do them, for gathering all this info i had to sacrifice some of my time and some of my units but this is what i learned after some tryes:

(keep in mind that this was the behavior of AI in those days admins ussually try to increase the AI inteligence and therefore this may change withouth any kind of advice for players)

- AI allways targets with all their units the first spoted unit, if severall units are spoted at same time each AI unit will target the closer one, after that all AI units will move to attack that unit even if they discover a closer unit until they lost contact to it or it get killed.

- In case they loose contact, the AI wil move to the last known position of the unit spoted spreading a bit its forces UNLESS another unit its spoted in wich case each unit will choose to attack the closer to them.

-AI will try to get a LOS to the targeted unit even if that will put the AI unit under the ideal range(thats an old feature that im not sure is working now) even if that means getting under fire by other units or under absurds "to hit" numbers like firing LRM at 1 range

-AI will fire to "best to hit" unit its not able to open fire to its target.

As we all know old 1K cityes have plenty of buildings in the preplacment area for attacking units, what i did was to preplace all my infantry but one in the buildings, I leaved the other infantry BEHIND a line of buildings and adjent to one of them to be able to get in when the enemy was goign to get a LOS.

Since infantry is very hard to spot in 150CF buildings the first unit spoted in my army by enemy sensors was the lonely infantry setting up the trap, all enemy units rushed to attack it, they could see some (but not many) of the infantry in the buildings before getting in my range but they didnt fired more than 1 or 2 turns to those and not with their full firepower becouse buildings ussually cutted their LOS, when they got into my range the massacre started, they tryed to surround the line of buildings to get behind them and get a LOS into the infantry first spoted therefore making their LRM weapons mostly usseless against my infantry and making my units able to fire them at ridiculous "to hit" numbers (it was trained infantry and since i was not moving i ussually fired at 2/4/6+his target movment penality) each infantry made 14 damage on hit wich is quite much.

Also there si another advantage and its that infantry in buildings takes no damage until the building gets below 100CF wich means each infntry had 50 extra armor and they didnt get destroyed until the building get to more or less 60/50 CF wich means you have to deal 125 to each infantry unit for killing it(of course after the 50 first damage the ifnantry slowly loose damage dealt).

when they turned the buildings i get my infantry inside the building, now they had LOS and i was firing with it so they didnt lost contact with it and all the units keep rushing there, finally those valiant infantry died and the rest of the enemy iforces charged to another groups of infantry in other areas of the map (obviously the line of buildings wasnt of 36 buildings :P this group of infantry (wich was the biggest) could have like10 infantry in it.

what i did then was to identify the targeted unit (the closer one) and move them behind the buildings so the enemy try again to get behind the buildings and therefore in range of my weapons, those smaller groups did less damage but obviously much more than they costed in both terms of BV and $.

finally i had to repeat the attack from another side of the map (since all the buildings in this size were made shit), when the 2nd wave ended i had killed all the stuff that could walk, there survived some mechs that were legged and i couldnt chase (moving one is not a good idea) and some vehicles with damaged traks and such, so when it ended i leaved it in ABR and leaved my home to go with my GF, it was sad not being able to end the work but i laughted a lot .

I think that attacking in a standard way (zhukovs manticores snipers and such) i would have been able to take it in time but with much more looses probably and obviously with mch less fun... also ill be not writting this lines today, so i recomend anyone to try your own freak strategies, youll enjoy much more and sometimes theyll work .

Next post: my biggest massacre in nev.

my biggest massacre in nev[edit]

My biggest massacre in neveron:

Well not really the biggest but yes the biggest in proportion, it was during the last KoS fwar (the last when i write this lines), and my empire was a lvl 4 wich has exited from a recent war with some looses, my army was composed at the moment of the start of the LW by 3 mechs (withworth, ostroc, mad-3d) and 2 snippers, the rest had been killed recently but i had lots of elite vehicle pilots (from -4 to 1 gunnery) unasigned.

you can check the attached file (suposed i manage to attach it laters) to see what i killed during the LW.

The fact is that the merit wasnt mine but from the enemy that performed a very very VERY bad planned attack against my forces, with less to no coordination and even less ineligence in them (the meaning of inteligence is the military term of inteligence, not the human one, so im refering to scouting info on my defences and such), this post will be ussefull for new players to learn what NOT to do.

The fwar started and as in any fwar the defending faction (us) got hit hard in the first moments of it, I soon find mishelf fighting my first enemy, he attacked me and he expected me to be offline, when he found some resistance he moved his forces home, i didnt followed him becouse i had other stuff to do so i left the battle and let the war go by itself(you can look it in anyway you want but fleeing was a mistake, i assume that he had time for fighting or he wouldnt have attacked in that moment so he should have continue in his attack even if doing so he only managed to drain a battle player from us, since they had more than us at the moment tieing a BPer to his emprie specially if a low lvl one is a great idea), the day after i took the remaining of my forces and bring them out to scout another lvl 4 player since i knew i couldnt beat the first guy becouse i had spoted his army, I took some empty zones and attacked his main city, my forces now were composed by the mechs 3 snnipers and some mixed vehicles, i couldnt even fill the company so i add a infantry to it.

after watching the enemy forces i decided i didnt had a chance so i retreated leaving the infantry in there for earning enough time for retreating my forces, i lost some vehicles in there and could have lost all but the snnipers and the mechs if he had attacked the North zone (the zone i attacked from) after my retreat, thats becouse i leaved the vehicles in there until the mechs were going home from another zone, anyway they didnt did it also.

that afternoon i find mishelf being attacked by those 2 empires, i thougth that it was my fault for attacking a 2nd one while i was fighting the first.... ill have to live with it, they took some infra and Cfed me, i commisioned more vehicles and waited for the end of the CF for retaking the lost zones, fighting 2 empires at a time was going to be really interesting, but when the CF expired i found mishelf being attacked by a 3rd lvl 4 and i realiced that a lvl 5 had took the infra i was planing to take back that day.

I sudently find mishelf fighting 4 empires, each of them more powerfull than me and wich their combined force could be like from 5 to 8 times my forces, i knew i had to fight to death since theyll leave me no other option so i started to plan about best way to do so, and notices i still have 2 zones i took a loot of time a go from a lvl 9 empire for getting rid of OMT that i had, i realiced that my only chance for surviving was to entrench mishelf in those zones.

(now is a good moment to review my other posts, ¿do you remember when i said that you allways had to leave a way to the enemy to retreat? well thats extensible to this situation, if you want the enemy to fight, you must make him believe that he can do it, if they feel they can not win theyll atrincherate like i did, its the same case but the oposite... mostly becouse in this case they wanted me to fight not to retreat)

well back to the fray, i decided that best way for defending those cityes was to place a batallion of infantry in one of them on hold position(i think you cannot hold position any longer) around the city artillery, that way theyll have to move to a position filled by mguns or take a lot of time for killing the infantry while the city artillery was doing its job(with the advantage of tieing a BPer also), and move to the other city the rest of my forces as well as commisioning a company of manticores and a company of hunters for ensuring its survival.

Here cames another basics in LW that they didnt followed: allways kill the enemy army before taking his infra, they took my infra and therefore i have a huge OMT but not having infra allowed me to have like 18000 BV being lvl 4 so only lvls 4 could attack me and since they forced me to retreat to that position theyll only will be able to do it by hot droping, thats going to be interesting... for them....

My defences were setted and i expected their attack, what happened next was a complete absurd offensive operation... most of what you can see watching films like hot shots..

First attack came and instead of being a mech force it was a battalion of infantry (i didnt expected it) i was lucky to be online in the moment of the attack becouse that infantry on ABR could have done some damage to my defenders, i also was lucky becouse i was able to kill them all withouth letting them scout all my forces, in deed they only spoted 4 manticores during the battle (they should have noticed that since the terrain wasnt flat there were lots of positions not spooted by them, i wouldnt have called that a succesfull scouting in any way), it took quite a bit of time to kill them but after an hour or so and a fABR when there were very few infantry remaining it was done.

What i expected then and what they should have done was to throw another batalion of infantry ¿why? becouse on ABR theyll do quite a nice amounth of damage and withouth ABR theyll tie a BPer to that battle, remember this: taking out BPers is ALLWAYS a great strategy, they didnt did it and they let me to prepare for the next infantry wave in case it came, I bought 108 infantry platoons and set them in the map some of them covering the city artillery so i wouldnt have to worry about battles going into ABR any longer.

First thing i dont understand is what they did next: they droped a lance of mechs... ¿a lance of mechs?¿against 18000 BV? ¿did they really scouted my forces? if they did why they were hotdroping this? if they dont why the hell they didnt scouted me better first? never drop your mech forces withouth being sure what your going to find.

the battle was nice, they expected to have some long range advantage becouse at this lvls mechs ussually has much better gunnery than vehicles but against my ubber pilots they had no chance, if they "could" hit me then it meaned i was going to hit them for sure.

When the battle ended i had lost a few hunters no manticore and no mechs although some of them were damaged and i had lost a few weapns in critical hits also ammo was from one half ammo rounds to 3/4ths, i then realiced that with my current forces i would be able to stop only another attack like that (becouse of ammo consumption) also my cash was on negative so i couldnt repair my broken weapons or send the mechs to repair (thats thanks to a bug since shipping was free, for some reason vehicles were ok but i couldnt repair mechs).

I waited for another attack than never happened, i wondered if they were giving me just enugh time for sending my stuff to repair and then drop again (wich would have ended me and seemed like a great idea) i thougth that if i were them i would drop a infantry after 60 minutes and check for my forces and drain more ammo i had no choice that leave my forces in there becouse if they scouted me withouth al my forces present theyll drop again so i waited for an hour and after that started to send my vehicles to repairs in small groups, more demanding vehicles first.

That was his first chance of ending me that they didnt know how to take advantage of.

I commed 2 beh IDF that i couldnt comm before becouse they were on transit and waited with the remaing of my forces for the next assault, when the assault took place all my forces where reapired again what, i would have done was to throw like several docens of batalions of infantry (wich anyway would have costed much less than what they lost) but instead of that they feed again my forces with a fresh lance of mechs... i couldnt believe what they were doing... ¿what they expected?¿my forces to be elsewere?

I didnt piloted that battle since i was doing some stuf in my FL empire that i considered more important, so i leaved my empire in the hands of people more skilled than me in tactical combat while i did the strategical combat of my FL empire wich i think im quite good at (thats another good advice, if you think that someone is more skilled than you and you trust in him you should let him fight in your empire while you do the job you are more experienced with, thats teamplay) dont know about how the battle developed but in the end i have lost most of the infantry (pppffftt) a mech, the snnipers, a few hunters and both behemots wich i was told they were not preplaced (i couldnt preplace them becouse they were in training) and they started the battle ni very bad locations, killing 4 mechs including 2 DP mechs was great.

i studied my defences and i thougth that if they droped again with any decent force right now i would have lost the city but again... they didnt i was surprised by their lack of coordination and their lack of care for their mechs and pilots but i sincerelly didnt minded about it,the time passed and there were no atatck and no scouting so i sent my forces to reload and repair again, I thougth that i had lost too many weapons and vehicles and i started to know my enemyes so i thuogth next attack was going to be awesome.

What i did next was to move my forces to the other city (wich was still not took, not taking it was a good idea since theyll only would have added me more space for forces but they leaved me a way to flee) and send tons (and when i say tons i mean TONS) of money to the empire since its transfer was capped i only got 1/10th what i sent but was needed for the survival of the empire and we believed that the survival of the empire was needed for the survival of the faction (that was wrong, ill talk about it laters) with the money i got i bougth even more vehicles, mostly hunters and manticores again and put my ubber pilots in them again.

¿why i did it? i expected something VERY big to drop in my main city so i wanted to have a very big army while forcing them to hot drop twice doubling his looses in the hot droping process also theyll have to deal with the infantry around the artillery wich luckily will mean some more hits to them.

the plan worked perfectly, the war was getting over so they needed to rush (or thats what we thougth) and they droped a company of mechs into my city (withouth scouting it... its like funny) they ended that city withouth much effort and then droped in my second city, if you notice i only killed 9 mechs in combat... i must asume that the startegy worked fine since they were a company .

the last battle unfolded as expected a very elite force fighting a low equiped but much more numerous and with higher firpower of elite pilots, i cant remember what i lost in that battle but i know all the mechs were alive at the end of it.

soon after that attack a merc surrended that last guy and ended all LWs on me therefore reseting my CFs i dispersed my forces to take advantage of the CF protection and make my empire unable to be surrended by a single nuke.

At this point we believed that they needed 7 more lvls for surrendering us, we were aware of the nuke threat but there werent any empire of lvl 7 or above that was surrendeable in a single hit, even by a nuke, my empire was unable to be surrended by a nuke too so fwar was going to be won in probably a day.

what we didnt knew (but they did) is that one of the pages in wich the surrender % show was bugged and they only needed 5 more lvls for surrendering us (how is it posible that a code that only has to add integer numbers is bugged? well... nevermind) the fact si that they droped a nuke in the lvl 5 and won the fwar, wich is sad becouse i had a plan for saving the empire from a nuke in the event they got to the threshold of only needing to surrender one more empire.

what i now wonder is why the hell if they knew they didnt needed to surrender me they keept attacking my empire and suiciding forces in a absurd atack? anyone could say, maybe there were another lvl 2 or so emprie that they could surrender... no they werent the next surrendeable empire was the lvl 5...

what we can learn from this is some basics:

- first: never attack someone during a fwar if you dont have a clear objetive like making them lose BPers or earning somethign in the surrendering of him.

- second: allways scout the enemy cityes before attaking them specially if you plan to attack with mechs.

- third: never bring your enemy to take desperate measures unless you know him good enough to foresee his movments.

Next issue: the fwar that i was suposed not to fight.

the fwar that i was suposed not to fight[edit]

The fwar i was suposed not to fight:

This Fwar happened during summer of 2006, i know the exact day of this fwar, it was have been in friday 4th of august since i know it started the friday before my birthday, this fwar was a result of one of my biggests mistakes being a FLeader, i had been fighting for more than a year for the survival of the faction and when i finally have to leave i forgot about that spy bringing the faction under heavy risk of being wared.

As you can remember from previous posts, at this point i was almost sure that we had a spy in the faction but i was more worried of telling my mates that i was going to leave nev than of my FL resposabilities so i sent that stupid mail saying that i was going to leave and that kato would take the lead of the faction in 2 weeks, I should have waited those 2 weeks before sending the mail even if i werent playing during those 2 weeks(also finally kato didnt camed back so i should have been quiet for even more time).

Anyway the faction got fwared a week later and as i told you earlier it was fwared by a faction with only 3 (or 4) members, the fleader was lvl 11 and the rest of the faction that didnt added more than 10 levels combined, the enemy faction was therefore only surrendeable beating the enemy FL.

Beating the enemy Fleader was going to be a problem since their FL was like 1.6/1.8 times our size, also wichever took the lead of our faction will have to fight withouth knowing the strengths or weakness of our empire, things didnt looked well, but most of times things dont look well in a defensive fwar, anyway i thougth it wasnt my problem since i had stoped playing a week ago and anyway i didnt had the time for lpaying nev since i had started to work in a new job.

The first day of combats the pasive defences of our fleader holded the position quite nice and bought enough time for our defenders to do some nice damage, in deed we go the first CF from them, although i didn took place in that combat i think (please excuse me if mi wrong) that it was thanks to dobie and dogmatic, who took the lead in the combat.

After that first day all started to go down, pasive defences didnt resisted after the first cf and we were loosing and loosing more and more land and infra to the enemy, as i have told you, i wasnt around those days so maybe someone wants to throw some light on what happened those days, the fact is that on friday we had had our 2nd CF and where at heavy looses while the enemy was in minor looses and with some of our infra.

The day before (thursday) i had celebrated my birthday dinning with my family in a restaurant that was very cold becouse of that ******** air conditioning system, i got up on friday sick and almost without being able to talk, i survived at work as i could and when i got home i realiced that i was going to stay at home all the weekend fighting my illness... i had to do somethign to spend my time and... nev was still there.... so... better to fight something else than my sickness...

... I joined the IRC chat room and started to take look to the battle situation, i expended from 15 to 30 minutes studing how was the war going, how were our military resources and making a plan for doing some damage to the enemy, during that time i didnt battled or asked anyone to battle, i wanted the enemy to do not foresee any counterattack, I also asked in chat who were fighting and what were they doing, there were only one guy fighting, he was doing some defence in one of our cityes being sieged.

the situation was the following: we had a city under attack, completelly sieged, was a 1K residential zones and had no IDF ammo and very few snnipers, only slow vehicls defending it so it was going to fall sooner or later if we couldnt get there some reinforcements thing that wasnt going to be easy, we had also another 1K city completelly sieged still with IDF ammo in the towers but being drained, I saw some towers with 0 ammo while others still had a lot of it so someone had dummped our ammo (i proceed to reduce the claimable BV of the guy i suspect is the spy to 0 although i never had the oportunity to confirm my suspects), our mech force was safe, our vehicle attack force was ok, our snnipers were ok although most of them asigned to defensive task, we had plenty of fooder recently commed.

i couldnt get any report about what kind of forces was the enemy ussing so i will have to scout that for my own, that was going to be my next task, i sent some jumping infantry to scout enemy non core cityes and i was surprised when i took some 1Ks not in their core including one with a TC, i scouted their defensive positions around our core cityes and i realiced it was going to take quite a while to move them from there.

With that info the battle plan was starting to take form, it seemed that for some reason (unreadyness, forces moved to attack us, or wathever) the external enemy cityes were quite bad defended, maybe we we able to get some advantage from that, the enemy was going to take our city sooner or later and i stimated the time we had before the city falls in something between 4 to 6 hours (since we had still a lot of forces in the city) maybe some more if someone was delaying the battle, the problem is thati had almost no pilots for asigning in the defence if i was going to perform any kind of attack.

I asked for pilots and 3B said he has a few hours before leaving, i know 3B is a vey skilled player so i asigned to him the attack to a 1K city that was defended by a batallion of guardians, there were only one adjent zone that we had to hot drop defended by only a lance of guardians, i told him to pick a jumping mech lance of his choice and attack the city.

I asigned the other guy the defence of our cityes wich was the more dificult but less prioritive task since we had to make a hard counterattack to save those cityes, i mishelf proceed with the scouting and taking of enemy cityes, i throw an infantry in tons of cityes waiting from 5 to 10 minutes if my last scouting was "autoresolved" doing that i was able to took a lot of undefended infra but not enuogh, when i found cityes defended i moved in a battalion of shitty (and when i say shitty i mean a lot shitty, skills 7/8) hunters and moved them to attack the flat terrain/poorly defended cityes that had average trained pilots but no more than a lance or company of guardians.

An hour laters of starting the attack i found mishelf fighting in 3 different cityes ussing tactics similar to the SRM infantry that i posted earlier for fighitng with the hunters and scouting cityes while moving forces from here to there, i commited a mistake and didnt sent forces to the zone that 3B was ussing as DZ or maybe i missed the name of the battalions and sent them elsewere laters in the battle, anyway the fact is that when things seemed to go well and i thougth we were really close to get the 2nd CF from the enemy they reacted (maybe becouse they realiced about the threat of the attack) and we lost the drop zone with the single mech that 3B left as garrison while expecting more defending forces(he attacked with 2 mechs while leaving one as garrison and reterating the other that had suffered dmage while hot droping).

Some time laters 3B had to leave so i had to assign our defensive player to 3B battle since was much more important than defending a 1K that anyway was going to fall sooner or laters, im not sure if the enemy city falled before or after the change in pilots but what really mathers is that after the conquest of the zone the enemy hot droped a company of mad A4 in the city they also bringed another company to one of the 80Kpop city that i had took earlier.

we were only 2 people fighting who knows how many players but at least 3 (one for each company and another sieging our city) they were probably more since i wouldnt drop 2 companies of MAD A4 without being sure i have some spare players in case some of them had tecnical dificulties, anyway based on our players and a rough staimation of enemy Bpers i had to take a decision, either call the attack a failture and try to trap the enemy mechs for getting some advantage of the situation or keep with the attack plan.

In case i tried to trap the enemy mechs will mean getting to concentrate both BPers in one area while leaving the other company to take our city, i calqued that we could kill one company of mechs withouth taking many looses, we will loose the mechs currently attacking the city (crocket and highlander) and the city while letting the enemy continue sieging the core city.

In case i tried to keep with the attack it could happen 3 things:

- great succed: taking enough infra before loosing our mechs and therefore the city, and retreating them laters, we also would save the core city.

-succed: taking enough infra before loosing our mechs and the city but loosing the mechs laters being unable to reterat them, that would save the core city and cut their attack leaving us time for reagruping also.

- Failture: loosin the cityes before being able to take enough infra, loosing the initiative in the process and probably loosing the taked infra afterwards since defenders where shit, that will also mean the lost of the 1K and them continuing their attack.

I choose to take the 2nd choice and ordered him to earn as much time as posible in his city, delaying the clock while i was fighting in the other battle (the company of madA4 against the survivors hunters with skills 6/8 (some skilled down after the first combat :P) and scouting enemy cityes.

I was lucky that the enemy was cautious with their mechs in the hunter battle and didnt advanced until being sure they were only a batallion of hunters in there (well, less of a bat now) if they would have rushed the city would have fallen before i got time to got the enemy infra since when they CFed there were only 11 hunters in battle and they were falling like 3/4 each turn,i supose that i would have done the same than they did with a company of MAD-A4 but thats one of the reason i consider basic to have some well skilled non-DP mechs, if i would have been them and were aware or the threat of teh attack i would have attacked with less important forces and took more risks in the attack.

Some tmie laters I started to desperate when i realiced that the 11 cityes i could check in their empire description were defended and i knew i had no more time to send batallions of anything to any area, i considered the posibility of hot droping mechs but since it wasnt even sure that theyll fall with the loose of one more city i thougth that it was too risky.

I remember it was when i readed the guy in the battle saying in chat something like "well im going to try to double punch this guys head and then fleeing from battle" i remember i answeed a nice: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" "¿are you going to die next turn?" answer: "not yet but enemy is getting closer", "then keep fighting, and keep delaying the clock, avoid combat and survive for as many time as posible" would have liked to see the face of him when i efectivelly ordered him to suicide a croket and a highlander, anyway he performed terrible well and in the end he managed to save the highlander.

Anyway the retreat of the mechs wasnt an option, as you can remember the city only had one adjent zone and the mechs would have been engaged in there a minute after the city falling, if we wanted to save the mechs and the city sieged we will have to get a CF from the enemy.

I finally were able to find a empty city checking the lvl 3 map around peripherical enemy cityes that i had allready scouted earlier, i couldnt believe my luck and when i took that last city withouth even knowing the amounth of pop in it i was a lot nervous hoping it to be enough, the message lasted quite a lot to appear (CF in combat are automatic i think but not from loosing infra) i was checking the lvl 3 map cheking for another city calquing my time in soemthin from 3 to 6 minutes when the message suddently poped up: "your enemy has requested a CF you may not longer attack" wow!!!! what a rush of adrenaline, i posted it to the guy that was fighting and he couldnt believe that we had managed to do it, my task was over but not his, he still had to retreat the mechs out of battle, as i have said earlier he managed to retreat the highlander, that battle must have been a demostration of skill also, surviving and retreating a mech(of 2) fighting against 12 mechs all of them superior to yours after making a fint for not retreating until orded to do so is somethign that worth to be recorded.

¡¡¡great job!!!!

If you think about it and that would have happened in real life would have been enuogh for making a film .

that was the end of friday, I spent some time laters reloading towers but since i was ill i went to sleep early, i must admit i was surprised 10 hours laters when i woke up and saw that our great players had allready loaded and repaired all the stuff in our empire... is awesome to see that people wants to do so uggly job in a empire not theirs when needed, a lot of thanks to wichever did that (probably a lot of guys i supose:P).

I think that its enough for now... friday was enough for filling a nice post, ill write the rest of the fwar laters.... mmhhh... just as a last note, in case anyone is worried of what happened with the hunters... they died...

Next issue: the rest of the fwar.

the rest of the fwar[edit]

The rest of the fwar:

During saturday (and the CF) i was able to relax a bit and do some managment while talking with the people that was fighting in the fwar, i bougth some more vehicles and identified the forces that we were going to be able to use in the ofensive in the following days since most of our forces will have to be leaved in defensive tasks, i talked to our guys to check how we were on morale, and it was great to see that our morale was a lot high, some people asked me if they could do something like reloading towers or repairing vehicles (the work was done but if people wanted to do that ugly work theyll will fight when needed), the fwar looked fine so i contacted dogmatic (the main owner of the empire until kato comes back) and told him how I saw the fwar.

I told him that we were going to win as long as we didnt allowed them to hurt our ofensive forces too badly, since we had conquered much more land than what we could defende i recomended him to withdraw our forces from those areas leaving just enough to be able to defend from any scouting and obviously not using any decent pilot in those tasks, it seems we didnt saw the fwar from the same point of view and he orded me to defend some 1Ks that we have allready took, I did my best to defend the positions that i was told to defend but after taking a look to the placed defences i realiced that the situation was going to be precarious at least until the towers were builded (like 12/24 hours after the CF expired) and even then the defences were at best "weak", im not sure if he foresee what was going to happen but i must admit that defending one of those cityes gived us a great oportunity in the future.

the CF expired and the battle started again, i had a small coordinatd attack planned but wanted to check about enemy readyness first so i told our guys to not start with our attack plan until told to do so, doing that i was able to check the first 5 minutes enemy attacks and therefore make mishelf an idea of the enemy Bpers, the attack coordination and the objetive of the attack(thats a much more hard thing to do when there is people countering your attacks and such since its more dificult to identify the real attacks from the defensive attacks or time wasting attacks), they started taking some empty zones in our core that we took in the last moments before the CF, they didnt took any DZ in the taken cityes or started a siege in any of our core cityes, from the amounth of attacks recived i asumed that they had from 1 to 3 Bps doing a uncoordinated attack withouth much more objetive than to anoy us a bit.

I called our guys to start the attack and to take the zones of our core that were bad defended from the enemy (2 players on that), another guy was going to take zones in the enemy core(to annoy them and make a headbeach on their core for starting the attack) while i checked the enemy mech last known zone, not that i expected them to be there but the fact is that when last battles ended they must be tired and demoraliced, if the guy that attacked wasnt in the mood of repairing the mechs he could have said something ilke "move the mechs home when the battle is over" to someone else, depending on miss-comunication or miss-coordination the mechs could be there or at least the cityes undefended if the guy that was orded to move the mechs out didnt know what to move to the cityes.

I admit i was surprised when i spoted both companies of mechs still unrepaired (althoughthey were only very lightly damaged) in the last known position, if they wasnt in the mood to move their mechs home or at least repair them that must mean they were demoraliced or a lot tired and therefore we had a very big chance of dealing the last blow to them, i started to move some forces to deal with their mechs but some of the guys figting for them spoted my movments and took my DZs before my forces could get to the objetive, their mechs were safe but their coordiantion was still low, we had to take advantage of the situation.

It took quite a while but we finally cleared a nice amounth of our core and a nice beachhead on their enemy core peripherical zones, it was then when the enemy scouted one of our recently took 1Ks and saw they could retake it withuoth much effort, i moved my atention to the defence of that city while the rest of the guys keeped with their attacks in our and their core wich for now was a priority since withouth them we were not going to be able to make any decent assault, i was surprised when i saw the bumps that i placed around the city they were attacking being hot droped by 12 MAD A4, I double checked the map becouse i couldnt believe they hot droped that on there and yes the area was as i thought, it was a closed and surrounded area of no more than a dozen zones, no place to run, no place to hide.

i started to move some of the vehicles that i have asigned to the ofensive (anyway an ofensive against 12 MAD 4A is nice :P) to the area while looking for someone that was able to trap and kill those mechs, i cant remember who was asigned to that task but i had to go t sleep since my illness was killing me so i leaved the task to a guy that i know was a skilled player but cant recall who was.

when i awake (like 7/8 hours laters, mayeb less since i remember i had a lot troubles for sleeping) i saw that the battle there wasnt over yet, i have no idea what happened during those hours and how could the battle last for so long I saw that we had moved more forces to the area (inlcuding our main mech batalion) so suposed the enemy should have done it too, anyway the fact is that the enemy were traped in their last zone with no where to retreat other than the zone we were attacking from (not a very clever idea anyway), our main mech bat was engaging them and when i joined the battle i spoted 24 enemy assault mechs in there (lots of them DP mechs), also i checked our core and their core and i saw very little advance in there although we didnt loose land either, i assumed that the mech battle would have drained both our players and their players in a very intense local war... sad i missed it, anyway if anyone can throw some light on what happened there would be great to ear him.

Finally their mechs died, it would have been a great moment for keep pushing but obviously our guys were fisically tired and they were going to take a needed and deserved rest, I was the only guy left there when the "smoke" dispersed but i expected the enemy to have no BP or very few and even if they had theyll be demoraliced so I waited like 30 minutes just cheking the fwar log in case someone attacked us for leaving them time to relax and go to sleep and then i did what I could to make the war progress.

I thought that was the end of the fwar, our guys were moraliced and a lot happy to help in wathever was needed and the enemy was demoraliced and had lost most part of their attack force and a decent amounth of mechs althuogh i was sure they still had quite a bit of them, I checked the top100 empires and i was a lot surprised that now that we thougth the fwar was won, and i betted they called the fwar lost it was... ¡¡BALANCED!! yeah, they started with so a huge advantage that now we had more or less the same BV and more or less the same population with a little (less that 100K BV) advantage on our size, their lost of mechs was another advantage but that doesnt granted our win either, i didnt told it to anyone becouse i thuogth it was much a better idea to make everyone believe that the fwar was won but the fact is that our military was now quite close to each other, i allways keeped an eye open "just in case" but otherwise acted as if the enemy was beaten although i sincerelly think that with a bit of reorganization they could have caused us some more headaches.

The rest of the fwar was a piece of cake, just taking zones and killing stuf until we reached their core, it was then when we saw again their military potential and for some guy mistake our mechs were for some time in trouble althuogh in the end we didnt loose any of them, I cant remember any speciall situation that worth to mention during that time but if anyone do please answer to the post and add your experiences, the fwar finally ended.

I want to make an special mention here to all the HoC guys that performed increible well during the fwar, I would like to mention a lot of people that fwared with us but since im not going to recall you all and i know there is some people that did very important job and i dont know who they were so im not going to give any speciall name, it wouldnt be fair for the rest althuogh you know who you are , but i would like to give a speciall thatnks to our guys in australia, although i dont ussually talk to them for obvious reasons they fought a lot and they performed impresive well.


For me this fwar was a culmination of my nev-career, if you recall no one after the end of the fwar blamed the other size for anything, the fact is that during this fwar HoC fougth a very superior enemy with no "dirty tactics" and while the empire was unmaned, we didnt used any uggly tactics and they didnt ussed many of them, in deed i think they only droped a few ammo that i stoped in time but couldnt prove it anyway so better to call it that we both did a "fair war", the result of the fwar was an outstanding victory for HoC for wich all of us should be proud, that fwar demostradted that HoC were the more skilled, organiced and coordianted players on nev those days

Next post: Conclusions.



When you join the game for first time youll read a sentence saying that this game is a endless adventure, well thats not true, this game has 2 posible ends... and both of them brings you to the same exit door, its when you click on "transfer empire" or in "abandon empire" or just when you log out for not comming back again.

But i have said that there is 2 posible ends, the fact is that the diferenceis in the actitude that you have when clicking that button, most people leave becouse they are tired of the game, only a few people do becouse they have "completed" the game.

Its hard to explain it but when you no longer care about your empire could be for 2 reasons, first becouse you are tired of the game and second becouse you know you have ended all your tasks in the game there is nothing left there for you and you know you enjoy the game but are not worried for it, you no longer need your empire for enjoying, its really hard to explain LoL, there is no "you have won, game over" pop up window but when that happens you know that has happened.

When that happens youll realiceyou have beated neveron instead of being beated by neveron, you dont have to kill your enemy, dont have to be the biggest empire, dont have to have the strongest faction, you have to play, enjoy the game, and one day when you got attacked and enjoy when you are loosing and fighting desperatelly, when you realice you have succeded in all the tasks you wanted to succed in, that day youll realice that you have beated nev, your playstille will change and you will not see neveron in the same way again.

As you can see is a very hard thing to explain, its a completelly different concept of "winning" that can only be archieved by something that took severall years of your life, something that didnt let you sleep at night, someting that maked you be hungry and happy,something that keeps you thinking on it while doing other things, something that creates emotions on you.

Not sure if someone plays role playing games here but the best similitude i find its the concept of "ascendance" and "oblivion" that you can find in "wraith: the oblivion" game.

You will never find the same kind of emotions in taking a new epic item in World of Warcraft, thats why this game is different and thats why the ending of this game is different... and much more harder to archive.

I almost lost to nev when kizo disbanded(for reasons you ca read some posts before) like a year ago, but now its different, im ready to go, i took the decision once and would be able to take it again withouth any trouble, then ¿why im still here? becouse i realiced that nev comunity was great and i couldnt leave my friends in here like if nothing had happened, thats why i play now and i supose ill keep doing it until my friends leave or for some reason i cannot play more for RL issues.

My name is Mantis, member of Komando Korps since its creation, member of HoC, Battle commander of more wars than i can remember and a proud member of the neveron comunity.

I would like to thanks to everyone that has made the game so enjoyable for me

Starting for Dogmatic, who is an excelent person and helped me doing the firsts steps in the game

Kato, Would have liked to share more time of playing with him and im waiting his return for some more enjoyment at his side

All the members of #HOC all of them are people you can count with, both for any problem you have in the game or in RL

All the members of my faction, who are all excelents guys and have teached me how to be a good FL, i would name them all here but im not sure if they want their names to be shown, i was thinking to give a speciall thanks to any of them but i really think they all deserve them.

All the members of my aliance, wich make a perfect aliance, no mather if i know you directly or not , specially stormknight wich I think is a great promise for both HoC and neveron in the future.

All the people i have fight against for making posible all those funny battles specially kind diamond and Maghetty wich i have had a lot of interesting conversations with.

Randy wayward, seth, bill and any other admin that could exist and i havent heard of, for creating this great game.

And finally and more important all the nev comunity for making all the above posible and sustaining the game (and im not refering to donations :P ).

Thats all for now, i dont plan to write any other message in the near future, hope you all enjoyed the history.... supose you did becouse more than 700 reads are quite a lot :P and hope it helps for teaching people how to play better to the game, would like to ear your comments now that its done and in case WW read this, feel free to add it to the help files if you want... Maybe i take a look on how to raise all this there.

See you in chat!!!

(if you want to contact me please look for someone called "Mantis{KK-HoC}" or "mantis{work}" in chat, you can also send an ingame message to the empire Mantis in "Komando Korps" - KK)