Who is Samskiing? Why is he here?[edit]

I came to the Battletech world through MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries, as a kid too young to understand why you would want torso twist to be separate from direction of travel. I'm always been first and foremost fascinated by the aesthetics and world of BT, and have been relatively isolated from the actual progress of history, the names and actions of people, and the various things they use to fight each other.

In that spirit, this wiki is for me a primary gateway to more than just using a Centurion to shoot things, and so I end up spending a lot of free time here. I'd like to try to help make this wiki as helpful and readable as possible, and I think I can do that well with the perspective of someone who isn't as familiar with the large body of core material.


Right now I'm going to keep reading, and maybe make some small changes that are easy, such as small grammatical edits. I have noticed certain trends in writing style on the wiki and I think that I may eventually document them, make a page about writing styles, and maybe I'll also collect examples for a simple grammar guide for those who would want such a thing.