I started playing BT back in 1985 when we were stationed to Northern Virigina. I enjoyed the faster pace of the game compared to Warhammer and other role playing games.

All through high school there wasn't too much interest from my other friends to play so I would game when I could and then pack a years worth of BTeching into the 4 days of GenCon. At college this changed, I finally found other BTechers and full immersion began. In 1992 I Reffed my first FASA sponsered event at both MADCITY con and then at PLATTECON. With help from other members of our association in Platteville we were able to keep the event sponsered all the way through '97, when other academic duties prevented me from being able to continue the sessions.

Units/Factions played[edit]

FWL, Merc, Outworlds Alliance, Snow Raven

Finest Accomplishment[edit]

Being thrown in half way through an ongoing campaign at GenCon '98 and being told to extract/releave a decimated unit without losing my mechs and retreating off the field with as many of the decimated unit as possible. In the end we left with more mechs than we arrived. My two empty Archers were dragging a headless Cyclops between them off the field and the releaved unit had managed to break contact and retreat through my unit in fair order. My unit continued to fall back and while our side was forced from the field the damage done to the other side was considered Pyrrhc by the refs.

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