Fanfic Biography by Revanche[edit]

After completing a five-year prison sentence for tax fraud, Volt began kindergarten only three years behind his colleagues. As daily after-school detention was a cakewalk with a former convict of his pedigree, he swore to spend the time wisely, by learning Hard Core Spreadsheet Formulas, a term he applied to his 1st grade mathematics curriculum. After a particularly bad trip on chalk dust, he became fully aware of a vision of the Inner Sphere that no one else had—this being 1974, of course. The rest is history.

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Sarna Unified Cartography Kit (SUC Kit)[edit]

Sarna Unified Cartography Kit on Google Sheets

if you spot any errors, please feel free to reach out via:
  • email (it's in the SUCKit)
  • on my talk page
  • in the official Discord Forums
  • smoke signals

and you will be given the much-coveted title of Sarna Unified Cartography Kit Error Reporter

Human Sphere searchable PDF map[edit]

PDF Maps made with Excel scatter chart and Rob Bovey's XY Chart Labeler Add-in, showing all identified systems as of February 2022. Maps are borderless so people can use them for whatever suits their fancy (would appreciate a shout-out to the SUCS in any case). Systems names use the SUCK convention (system names, including alternate names or name changes plus the year, instead of the more popular or Official Map names)

900LY x 900LY Map 2010LY x 2010LY Map