Fanfic Biography by Revanche[edit]

After completing a five-year prison sentence for tax fraud, Volt began kindergarten only three years behind his colleagues. As daily after-school detention was a cakewalk with a former convict of his pedigree, he swore to spend the time wisely, by learning Hard Core Spreadsheet Formulas, a term he applied to his 1st grade mathematics curriculum. After a particularly bad trip on chalk dust, he became fully aware of a vision of the Inner Sphere that no one else had—this being 1974, of course. The rest is history.

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Sarna Unified Cartography Kit (SUC Kit)[edit]

Sarna Unified Cartography Kit on Google Sheets

if you spot any errors, please feel free to reach out via:
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and you will be given the much-coveted title of Sarna Unified Cartography Kit Error Reporter