Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Congress


The Walker was a Congress-class WarShip serving the SLDF. On the eve of Aleksandr Kerensky's Operation Exodus in 2784 it was one of several SLDF WarShips that were listed with their name, class and an (unexplained) percentage number (92%);[1] context suggests those would be vessels that joined General Kerensky in his Exodus.


A (non-captioned) picture on p. 9 of Field Manual: Updates seems to show General Aleksandr Kerensky and some of his officers in a planning session on the eve of his Operation Exodus. A large screen in the background depicts a starmap with what presumably was the planned Exodus route from New Earth via New Samarkand and into the spinward periphery; the same starmap and route are visible on the table they are gathered around.

Another large display in the background displays what seems to be a listing of WarShips giving their names, class and an unexplained percentage number. The display is partially obscured by people standing in front of it and is cut off where the image ends. Some people have claimed that the picture as printed is a cut-down version of what was originally a larger picture where even more ship names could be read on the display, but even if that is accurate, only the officially published version and the information contained therein can be counted as canonical. The discernible parts that can be read are:

According to a comment[2] from BattleTech writer Øystein Tvedten on the official BattleTech Forum, several BattleTech writers had WarShips that went on the Exodus named after them in this picture.


  1. Image on Field Manual: Updates, p. 9 (ship list on left display in the background)
  2. In this posting: "The ZW is first named on a illustration which lists a bunch of warships with went on the Exodus - I forget which book, one of the first FanPro ones. FM: Updates perhaps? The artists wanted a list of classes and ship names so we provided him with it :) Several writers have ships named after them (including me)."