Augustus A-3 Tank

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Moltke JHS3076.jpg
Augustus A-3 Tank
Production information
Manufacturer Brooks Incorporated[1]
Mission Garrison Defense
Frontline Combatant
Fire Support
Type Tracked [2]
Cost unknown
Technical specifications
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Mass 75 tons [2]
Engine Diesel ICE[2]
Speed 53[2] km/h
Crew 10 [1]
Communications System unknown
Targeting Tracking System unknown
BV (2.0) 551[2]


The Augustus A-3 Tank was first developed during the Age of War. By 3075 the design had been obsolete for over seven centuries, however it was revisited by Brooks Incorporated when they were developing the new Moltke Main Battle Tank. Both tanks shared a very similar appearance with triple turret and sloping track guards.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Tank is equipped with an Autocannon/5 and two Autocannon/2s in a triangular mount in the turret. The main gun is supplied with one ton of ammunition, while the light cannons share a single ton of ammunition for fire against long distance targets. The tank is also equipped with a searchlight and one ton of cargo space. [2]


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