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Burning Bridges

Faulkner: The ACM are quickly converging on this position. Vernon will run support to help protect the Drake. Vallen, make your way to the POV turret and take out those access bridges.

Objective: Get to the POV turret.

Styles: I can’t hold ‘em much longer.

Faulkner: The Drake is nearing critical condition. MechWarrior, get to the POV turret and destroy the bridges.

Styles: Val, I’m not trained for this kind of combat.

Brice: Hang in there, Vern.

Faulkner: MechWarrior, the mountain to the east has bridges on the north and south sides. Destroy these bridges with the POV missiles to secure our position.

Objective: Use the POV turret to destroy the bridges.

Faulkner: MechWarrior, return to the Drake. Vernon needs your support.

Styles: Fast as you can, Val…

Brice: Already on my way.

Objective: Eliminate all enemies attacking the Drake.

Faulkner: All clear, Company. TechWarrant Vernon Styles, you held your own. We will need you ready for combat on our next move. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Styles: I don’t know how you do it, Val. These guys are pretty tough for a militia.

Brice: Doing good, Vern… Keep it up.