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On the [[{{{1}}}]] article you added information from a recently published source, [[{{{2}}}]]. While you are not required to undo the edit you made or remove the reference, please be aware that this is in violation of the moratorium policy. This policy places a moratorium on using sources that have been published (whether in hard copy or digitally) within the last two months, except in special circumstances. Thank you for your contribution to BattleTechWiki, and please keep this policy in mind when editing in the future.

This template documentation is transcluded from Template:Moratorium Violation/doc [edit]


Paste the code below with "subst:" in front of "Moratorium." This puts the contents of the template on the user's talk page, rather than a template that can change.

{{Moratorium Violation}}

So, an admin using this template should put "{{subst:Moratorium Violation}}" on a violator's talk page.


To provide an easy and stock-standard message for explaining the moratorium policy to editors who have violated it.