Trish Ebon

Trish Ebon
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Wolverine
Profession saKhan of Clan Wolverine

Trish Ebon was the third and final saKhan of Clan Wolverine.[1] After the death of Khan Franklin Hallis during the "Trial of Annihilation" of Clan Wolverine, she assumed command of the remaining Wolverine forces and led them out of Clan space. There is strong evidence within the BattleTech universe (and an out-of-universe confirmation by the BattleTech Line Developer) that her group of survivors was the mysterious Minnesota Tribe, though their ultimate fate remains unknown.

In her early career Trish was a Star Captain serving under the then-Star Colonel Franklin Hallis in his cluster. During this period she piloted an Exterminator 'Mech and fought in at least one Trial on Strana Mechty against Clan Wolf in 2822. Later that same year she was instrumental in hunting down a Clan Widowmaker spy that had infiltrated her own Clan.

Piloting a Shadow Hawk, she entered and won a Trial of Bloodright for the Ebon Bloodname on 20 July 2823. Her opponent was one Star Captain Drake, who piloted a Wyvern.

On 20 June 2824, Khan Hallis promoted Trish Ebon to Star Colonel and saKhan of her Clan. Hallis then split the Wolverine exodus fleet and gave Trish command of the Bismark, ordering her to screen the main fleet to prevent detection by the pursuing Clans. In this task she ultimately failed because of orders to leave no ship behind when the Saratoga experienced a drive failure; Trish Ebon's fleet was delayed and arrived at the Barbados system after the destruction of the Wolverine forces there. She picked up a few survivors and stragglers before jumping her small fleet towards the Inner Sphere.[1]

Though she technically succeeded Franklin Hallis as commander of the Wolverines, she was never acknowledged as a Khan, as the Wolverines were no longer part of the Clans at that time.


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