189th Garrison Cluster (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

Clan Smoke Jaguar logo
189th Garrison Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Zeta Galaxy
Formed Unknown


The 189th Garrison Cluster was a second line Cluster of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Operation Revival[edit]

Wave Two[edit]

At the conclusion of Wave Two saKhan Sarah Weaver petitioned for and was granted permission by ilKhan Leo Showers to bring forward the Garrison Clusters to hold the recently captured worlds.[1] Other units from Zeta Galaxy are known to have entered the Inner Sphere at this time[2] and it is likely that the 189th Garrison Cluster was with them.

Post Tukayyid[edit]

The Cluster was listed as being stationed on Schwartz in 3054.[3] In 3058 the old Star League cruiser Manassas arrived in the Schwartz system. As the Jaguar naval assets secured the vessel a ComStar Explorer Corps team infiltrated the planet and engaged in a number of hit and run actions against the garrison. At this point the Cluster had been receiving relative few supplies and its equipment was in poor condition.[4]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Wave Three[edit]

The Cluster was still deployed on Schwartz when the Inner Sphere attacked the occupation zone.[5] They offered only token resistance to the ComStar Eighty-fifth Division, the Third Night Stalkers and the Sixth Ghost Regiment before they retreated in good order along with the majority of Zeta Galaxy.[6][7]


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As a garrison cluster it concentrates on defensive actions.


Its veteran warriors pilot second-line Clan BattleMechs.[8]


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