Leo Showers

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Leo Showers
Born 3004
Died October 31st, 3050
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar

Leo Showers (born 3004[1] – died October 31st, 3050; aged 46 years) was the Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar, and later the ilKhan of all the Clans from 30493050, during the Clan Invasion.

Early Life[edit]

Leo was born in a sibko on Huntress in 3004 and excelled throughout his training, becoming a distinguished MechWarrior from a young age. Leo's ambition and ferocity was evident from the earliest days of his youth; in one battle on the planet Tranquil a young Ulric Kerensky only narrowly defeated Star Captain Leo, at the cost of losing nearly every OmniMech in his heavy Trinary. Some years later, when Leo had earned the Showers bloodname and risen to Galaxy Commander, he met Ulric again on Strana Mechty, offering to use his influence with Clan Wolf's Crusader faction to assist Ulric's career in exchange for an attack upon the Smoke Jaguar holding on Kirin, defended by Leo's closest rival for the Khanship. Ulric politely declined the deal, and while Leo seemingly accepted this without offense subsequent events made Ulric wonder if his lifelong enmity with the Jaguar Khan began that day[2].

Political Service[edit]

He became Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar in 3029 at the age of 25, and for the next two decades lobbied the Grand Council at every opportunity to invade the Inner Sphere [3]. Although little is known about Leo Showers' service as the Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar, much is known about his role as the ilKhan of the Clans. In his position of ilKhan, he created the initial Invasion Corridors for the Clans deemed worthy to start the invasion. During Operation Revival, instead of traveling on his own Clan's flagship the Saber Cat, he traveled aboard the Clan Wolf flagship Dire Wolf, in order to keep the little liked or trusted Warden Khan Ulric Kerensky under his thumb. His presence on the front helped to quell any potential infighting and dissent from within the Clans.


Leo Showers died on October 31, 3050 at Radstadt when aboard the Clan Wolf flagship Dire Wolf, as a dying Free Rasalhague Republic pilot, Tyra Miraborg (daughter of Tor Miraborg) crashed her crippled Shilone fighter into the bridge of the Clan command ship, the Dire Wolf in the ultimate sacrifice, throwing Showers into the void of space. His death necessitated the recall of all of the invading Clan Khans and Bloodnamed to Strana Mechty to oversee the election of a new ilKhan, which give the Inner Sphere an extra year of preparation for the renewed assault.

Remember Leo Showers,
Great Khan of Khans.
He showed us the way to destiny,
And gave his life to achieve it.
Mourn for our ilKhan, o warriors!
Cry curses to the heavens!
They have silenced the voice of the Crusaders;
Let them be ash beneath our feet.
Make your hearts as proud as his,
Make your blood as fierce,
Make your blows as deadly to our enemies.
-The Remembrance (Clan Smoke Jaguar), Passage 215, Verse 31, Lines 22-32 [4]


"The thought of the Star League being reborn without our divine input and guiding hand is appalling. It eats at my very soul. We must not wait, we must seize the initiative while it is still within our grasp."
  — Leo Showers addresses the Grand Council, November 3048[5]
"My heart hoped for glorious wars against honorable warriors. My mind expected honorless battles against uncivilized barbarians. You tell me that our conquest of the Inner Sphere will be nothing more than skirmishes against cowardly children. Imagine my bitter disappointment!"
  — Leo Showers addresses the Kurultai (War Council), February 23, 3050[6]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Kincaid Furey
Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar

Succeeded by
Lincoln Osis
Preceded by
Tobias Khatib
ilKhan of the Clans

Succeeded by
Ulric Kerensky

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