Clan Occupation Zones

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The Clan Occupation Zones are the regions of former Lyran Commonwealth, Free Rasalhague Republic, and Draconis Combine space that are under the control of the Clans following the Clan Invasion.


Each COZ's structure and hierarchy differs according to whichever Clan is in control. For example, life in Clan Ghost Bear's Zone resembles that of the Rasalhague Republic, with currency and free trade, while life in the Clan Jade Falcon OZ is structured like life in the Kerensky Cluster, broadly centered around socialist economic thought and traditional Clan values.

The Zones all added together are slightly bigger in planetary assets than the Capellan Confederation, and possess the bulk of the respective invading Clans' forces.


Originally there are five occupation zones: the Smoke Jaguar zone, later sahred with the Clan Nova Cat, all in old Combine space, the Ghost Bear zone, almost exclusively in old Rasalhague space, the Clan Wolf zone, in Rasalhague space, and Clan Jade Falcon zone, later partaged with the Clan Steel Viper, in Lyran Commonwealth space. But the number of clan presents, and the number of zones, reduced quickly: in 3059, after Operation Bulldog the Jaguar zone was reconquered by the Combine, and Nova Cat worlds turned into the Irece Prefacture. the year 3061, the Steel Vipers were defeated by the Jade Falcon and forced to leave his Occupation zone exclusively to hers. After the Great Refusal, the Clan Hell's Horses invaded the rear of the Wolf and Falcon zones, creating his own occupation zone. The space of all the zones changed drastically with the time: The Ghost Bear zone expanded greatly, taking worlds to the Horses, Wolfs and even the Draconis Combine, after the Combine-Ghost Bear War.

Dark Age[edit]

The most drastically changes of the zones happened during the Dark Age, when, in 3136, the clan Wolf abandoned their zone, already greatly reduced, moving all his clan into old Free Worlds League space, creating there what they called Wolf Empire. Their old zone was quicly conquered by their neighbor clans, mainly by the Hell's Horses, who conquered twenty-two of their worlds, including the old Wolf capital, Tamar. By 3145, The Bears and Falcon zones have expanded even more, (the first mainly after absorbing the Vega Protectorate, conquering dozens of worlds of the Combine, the Commonwealth and the Republic of the Sphere.