Kerensky Cluster

The Kerensky Cluster (also known as The Stars of the Protector) is a globular cluster near the Pentagon Worlds. Along with the Pentagon Worlds, the Kerensky Cluster was the core of Clan civilization. This region of space is also called the Clan Homeworlds.

Many of the habitable planets in the cluster were colonized by the Clans early in their history, with the remainder being settled throughout the Golden Century. Compared to the worlds of the Inner Sphere, most of the Kerensky Cluster's planets are only marginally habitable or outright hostile towards human life, and often require Star League-era terraforming equipment to maintain habitability.[1]

The Kerensky Cluster remained isolated from the Inner Sphere from its discovery in the late 28th century to the appearance of the Outbound Light over Huntress in 3048. The latter event prompted an invasion of the Inner Sphere by the Clans, which in turn created a rift between Invading Clans and Home Clans. The result was the Wars of Reaving which saw many of the cluster's worlds abandoned or razed, and the Kerensky Cluster returning to isolation by 3075. As of 3145, the current state of the Kerensky Cluster and its inhabitants is unknown.

Known worlds[edit]

Kerensky Cluster Map

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