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  • March/April: The Third Donegal Guards capture Shirotori, forcing the First Prosperina Hussars to retreat.
  • June: The Twenty-sixth Lyran Guards capture Engadin, defeating the Fifth Sun Zhang Academy Cadre and forcing the St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group to retreat.
  • June: Winfield's Brigade captures Liezen for the Lyran Commonwealth, defeating the Altenmarkt Militia thanks to reinforcements from the Fourth Donegal Guards.
  • July: The Tenth Donegal Guards and First Lyran Regulars conquer The Edge, defeating the Twenty-fifth Rasalhague Regulars.
  • July 27th: The Battle of Harrow's Sun comes to an end.
  • August: Bad Dream and Mobile fire capture Gunzburg for the Lyran Commonwealth, forcing the Twenty-second Rasalhague Regulars to surrender.
  • August: The Eight and Twelfth Donegal Guards and the Tyr regiment capture Stanzach for the Lyran Commonwealth.
  • September: The Tyr regiment captures Radstadt for the Lyran Commonwealth, aided by a popular uprising amongst the civilian population.
  • September: The Genyosha arrive on Nusakan.
  • September: Frederick Steiner leads the Tenth Lyran Guards in a doomed assault against on DCMS troops on Dromini VI, destroying supplies intended for Operation CONTAGION.
    • Tenth Lyran Guards are savaged in the fighting, destroying number of supply depots.
    • Duke Frederick Steiner is captured by Theodore Kurita's forces.
    • Tenth Lyran Guards withdraw, but LIC agents disable Theodore's invasion force's JumpShips.
  • September 10th: Under the guise of Capellan Death Commandos, ComStar mounts an unsuccessful attack against NAIS.
  • October 24th: Newly formed 1st Kathil Uhlans raids Sian and rescues Justin Xiang, Alexi Malenkov, and Candace Liao.
  • December: The Twenty-third Arcturan Guards conquer Altenmarkt, defeating the Fifth Rasalhague Regulars.
  • The Fourteenth Donegal Guards conquer Utrecht, defeating the Seventh Sword of Light.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth conquers Csesztreg.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth conquers Feltre.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth conquers Galuzzo.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth conquers Nox.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth conquers Quarell.
  • Hansen's Roughriders and the Waco Rangers capture Satalice for the Lyran Commonwealth, defeating the Ninth Rasalhague Regulars.