Jeana Clay

Jenna Clay
Born 3002
Died 3029
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth

Jeana Clay - (Born 3002 - Died 3029) was a thirty-first century Lyran Commonwealth MechWarrior, bodyguard, body double, and member of Heimdall.

Character History[edit]

Early Years[edit]

She was the child of a Heimdall couple who worked in a cell located on the world of Poulsbo in 3005.[1] Her parents aided Katrina Steiner, Morgan Kell and Arthur Luvon during her year-long journey to escape then Archon Alessando Steiner and his intelligence agents. Her father, Grison, died stalling Loki forces looking for Katrina and her party. Later Arthur arranged for all the Heimdall families of the Poulsbo cell to have new identities

She was a graduate of Sanglamore Academy and briefly a member of the 24th Lyran Guards when it was first formed.[2]

Life as Bodyguard and Body Double[edit]

She was selected by Simon Johnson of LIC to be Melissa Steiner's body double in January 3027. She was ambushed in her home by a LIC strike team and taken to the Archon. There, she was interviewed by Archon Katrina Steiner, where she revealed that she was a child on Poulsbo some two decades ago.[3] Her father, only known as Grison, gave his life for Katrina. When Katrina wishes not to burden her with task of being her daughter's body double since her family had given up so much, Jeana insists to take on the job.[4] Afterward, she underwent minor reconstructive surgery, transforming her into Melissa Steiner, including six months of intense learning environments to make her think/know what Melissa Steiner does.

April 10th, she passed her first test by fooling Davion military envoys Ardan Sortek and Andrew Redburn when they first arrived on Tharkad.[5]

On 31st December 3027, she witnessed the Kell Hounds mercenary Captain Daniel Allard's encounter with Federated Suns Capellan March envoy Baron Sefnes. The Baron shames him for being the brother of a "traitor" but Daniel turned the tables and explained to Sefnes while physically grappling him that he was proud of his brother. After the encounter, Jeana sought him out, touched by Daniel's devotion to his brother despite consequences.[6] They feel spark of attraction between them and briefly talk about Justin in the Tharkad Palace's Garden.

At the Wedding of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner on Terra in August 17, 3028, they met again. She "rescued" Dan Allard from being courted by his long time admirer, Baroness Felicity de Gambier. Taking him in hand, proceeded to dance the night away. Over the course of the wedding, they remained close and became lovers. Through this period, she never revealed who she was, however she gave him a Sanglamore Sash to keep him safe.[7]

Back on Tharkad, Jeana and the Archon grew closer as mother and daughter would. Jeana sharing her feelings and worries for Dan Allard. In turn, the Archon tells her that she is worried for her dear friend, Morgan Kell, telling Jeana that she believes something terrible will happen to him with this up coming battle between him and Yorinaga Kurita.

Saving the Archon and Her Death[edit]

On June 20th, 3029 - While posing as Melissa at the Tharkad Palace, she was watching war vids. She receives a visitor, Melissa's friend ,Misha Auburn, who came to join her to watch the latest war vids. Shortly after watching the vids, they were suddenly visited by a Captain from the Davion Light Guards. However, Jeana senses something strange about the man and noticed that Misha found that he lacked knowledge of the Light Guard's campaign ribbon from St. Andre. Jeana spotted that he wore no Cavalry Spurs which the Federated Suns is famous for wearing.[8] Jeana then immediately attacks him and knocks him out, at shock of Misha. She explains to her that the "Captain" was not who he says he was, and she is double/body guard for Melissa. She immediately believes the man works for Duke Aldo Lestrade after discovering his Sanglamore Sash worn around his waist and his formal click of the boots.

She immediately takes a Mauser and Gray M-27 Needler Gun from him. With Misha's help, she navigates through the Palace's secret corridors to the Archon's private office. There she surprises everyone, by coming through the secret wall entrance. Two men posing as Davion officers are taken by surprise as she pulls the Needler out from behind her. She recites Duke Lestrade's favorite Latin saying, Exitus acta probat, and informs the impostors that their comrade has foiled their plans. They immediately spread out, but Jeana manages to take out both assassins before they could touch the Archon. However, she dies in the exchange of fire.[9]

The Archon sits next to her and grieves for her as she feels guilty that the daughter of the man who saved her is now dead as well. She sends word to Dan Allard of his lover's death and that she has been placed in a tomb in the Steiner's family crypt.[10] This is later contradicted by Melissa Steiner, who tells her daughter that Jeana Clay is buried in a small cemetery on Tharkad used by the 24th Lyran Guards.[11]


  • Melissa Steiner received a perfume Nocturne and despises it, she gives it to Jeana. Jeana tells her lover about receiving it. When Jeana Clay's lover, Dan Allard, smells the perfume on the Archon Designate, this reveals what Jeana Clay was doing for the Commonwealth that was so secret.[12]


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