Andrew Redburn

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At age 57 in 3060
Andrew Redburn
Born: 3003
Died: 28 February 3079
Affiliation Federated Suns
AFFS Officer
Spouse Misha Auburn
Children Thelos Redburn

Andrew Redburn (born 3003[1]- died 28 Feb 3079[2]) - Early thirty-first century House Davion MechWarrior, officer, and hero.

He is noted for his loyalty for Federated Suns and to his friends. He is good MechWarrior, field commander and has partipated in numerous major conflicts that took place in the thirty-first century. He is a native of Firgrove.[3][4]

He later courted and married House Steiner's historian and Melissa Steiner's close friend, Misha Auburn while visiting Tharkad in 3027.

Character History[edit]

Colonel Andrew Redburn at age 56.

Early Character History[edit]

Redburn went to The Warrior's Hall MechWarrior Academy on New Syrtis. He was classmate for two years with Morgan Hasek-Davion, with whom he became good friends. [5]

He was assigned to the 1st Kittery Training Battalion as its executive officer in the late 3020s. The Leftenant was under the command of Major Justin Allard and fought against the Liao raid on world of Kittery in November 3026. The battle ended in victory for the Battalion, but tragic for the command as Major Allard was crippled by the fight. Prince Davion transported him to New Avalon where he was awarded the Golden Sunburst medal for heroic actions.[6][7]

Duke Michael Hasek-Davion raised charges that his commander Allard, was guilty of treason. Andrew brought to the trial as witness, but ultimately the trial ended in Allard being ruled as guilty.

After Major Allard's injuries, Lt. Redburn assumed command of the Battalion. He before assuming command officially, he was asked to take tour of Lyran space with Colonel Ardan Sortek in 3027. They briefly stopped on Pacifica and meet with Lt. Colonel Patrick Kell and his Kell Hound mercenary battalion in March. During their stay, Kurita forces invaded the planet and he helped fight with Kell Hounds to defend the planet from Kurita invasion.

The Silver Eagle Incident[edit]

He and Colonel Sortek meet with Archon Katrina Steiner and her daughter, Archon-Designate Melissa Steiner. The pair soon find out that their initial meeting is in fact a Melissa's decoy, Jeana Clay. During his social outings, he is introduced to Melissa Steiner's best friend, Misha Auburn. They develop strong ties to one another, which leads to a long-distance relationship.

Later on Tharkad, Redburn learned that he was part an officer exchange program which was building up good will for the Steiner-Davion Alliance, finalizing with the marriage of Melissa Steiner and Hanse Davion. He was to act as a distraction from and escort for Melissa Steiner while she traveled in disguise to New Avalon.[8] The pair separately traveled aboard the Silver Eagle.

In May, the ship was hijacked by a transferring JumpShip crewed by members of Lyran resistance unit of the Heimdall. The Heimdall JumpShip took the passenger ship to the Styx star system in the Draconis Combine. The Heimdall kidnappers revealed that they were to be ransomed. However, Draconis Combine forces arrived and sent two waves of forces to the Heimdall asteroid base. Andrew speculated that the first ship is a Fury Class DropShip infantry carrier, that they were going try find someone. Redburn fought along people of the Silver Eagle to prevent the later discovered to be ISF troops from taking Melissa Steiner. He was injured in the fighting on the planetoid. He and passengers of the Silver Eagle were rescued by the Kell Hounds. After returning the Federated Suns in June, he was promoted to Captain and officially given command of the Kittery Training Battalion.

In November, he and his officers were attacked while dining in the city of Shaoshin on Kittery. Luckily they received a warning from Shang Do the leader of local Yizhi Tong (mafia) leader, Shang Do because of Redburn's friendship to Justin Xiang. Warning them of incoming hostiles in the form of House Liao's Maskirovka strike team coming for them. They managed to turn the tables soundly against the Liao agents, and they chased a survivor to their safe house where they captured valuable materials and data. [9] He was sent with most of his officers and many of the cadets of the training battalion to Davion Light Guards. As part of Prince Hanse's experiments, Redburn was put in command with the entire original staff of the newly formed Delta Company.

On 15th of January, 3028 he reported to the Guard's 1st Battalion's Commander, Colonel Stone. He informs him that Hanse Davion wishes to continue to experiment with his formation and that. The Delta is to be an reinforced company of six lances of light class BattleMechs, of 24 MechWarriors. [10] This makes Delta an unusual formation. He also received a secret document from Stone. A warning was issued to Redburn and his company by FedSun's MI7 Military Intelligence's Liaison. Citing that possible his old commander Justin Xiang (formerly Allard) is likely behind the attack and its possible another is coming. Redburn is shocked into disbelief, not wanting to believe Justin would do that. Stone remarks he was among the command staff of the 5th Davion Guards on Spica when Justin saved them in 3016.[11] He believes tells Redburn, despite Justin rescue, he believes that Xiang is changed man and orders him keep look out.

Fourth Succession War[edit]

St. Andre[edit]

August 20th, 3028 - Redburn and his reinforced Assault Company of Light 'Mechs dropped on the Capellan world of St. Andre with the entire Davion Light Guard.[12] His unit was hot dropped on the planet by their Overlord Class Dropship Firewalker. Their mission was to destroy Capellan Assault 'Mech battalion known as Cochraine's Goliaths. The drop was hotly contested and ended up with Delta Company landing on target while the rest of 1st Battalion ending up straddled other side of the battlefield. The Goliaths distracted by bulk of the 1st Battalion, Redburn decided to land his men behind them using the wash of landings as cover. Ignoring orders from Colonel Stone, Redburn has his unit hit the assaults taking advantage of the Goliaths lack of effective short-range weaponry. Amidst the fighting, Redburn spots The Goliaths' commander, Colonel Fiona Cochraine. He orders the unit concentrated firepower on her machine. The 'Mech is savaged by two lances of Delta units, but they fail to knock down Colonel's machine.

In a fit rage, Redburn jumped his Firestarter with its arm flamers blazing down onto Colonel Cochraine's Goliath in Death from Above maneuver attack. Redburn's 'Mech crashed feet first into Cochraine's assault 'Mech's head. Crushing force of the crash and damage received causes the Cochrian's Goliath's fusion engine to explode.[13] This sent Redburn's 'Mech flying into another Goliath, knocking both machines down. Redburn was knocked out from multiple crashes and the g-forces from being thrown around. thinking Redburn had died, his unit rallies and covers his position while penetrating deeper into the Goliath's formation. Lt. Craon, Delta's second command leads Redburn's men while inviting rest of the 1st Battalion to join them. Completing the destruction of the Capellan Battalion.

After the battle, the unit remained fully operational. Redburn recovered from his injuries and was given a Centurion BattleMech as replacement. Hanse Davion, after reviewing the results of the battle, is advised by Quintus Allard to use Delta Company as independent command and used special tactical drops.[14]


On Hunan in October 3028, Captain Redburn and his unit was recalled from their rest and relaxation period to take care of the remnants of the Freemont's Cuirassiers's 1st Battalion led by Major Sidney Xong. When the 2nd wave of the Invasion hit Hunan, and the Major's battalion fought bravely against the New Aragon Borderers. Major Xong was forced to disengage the remains of his battalion from the battle with Davion regiment, when it became apparent that his unit could not win. He managed to take a company of Marauders into the Hellfire Mountains where the Borderers were unable to follow.[15] From there the Major has caused headaches for the Borders as Xong's people began raiding the Davion forces. Now finally tracking down Xong's people, Redburn managed to acquire six anti-'Mech mines from the New Aragon Borderers to deploy them in valley where Xong's 'Mechs were heading too.

When Xong's forces fully enter the mountains, Delta's forces sprung their ambush with Redburn's Centurion taking first shots. The Delta Company's lances lured Xong's Marauder further into the "Kill Zone" of the valley. At the right moment, the mines were detonated and successfully blew one of the Marauders. After mines detonation, Redburn radioed the Curiassiers to that they were in the middle of a minefield and he would prefer them to surrender than to have to kill them all. Major Xong not wanting risk his people's lives surrendered to Light Guards unit. Later Captain Redburn's second in command, Lt. Robert Craon, asked why he hadn't told Xong he had tricked him and that Delta's unit only had a few mines. Redburn replied that he didn't want to disgrace Xong for choosing to save his people's lives over honor.[16]


While on Algot in January 14, 3029, Redburn and his Delta were in their Rest and Relaxation period. Lt. Robert Craon talks to Redburn about strangeness of their being posted on the world and that things he's learned makes him feel uneasy, as if something is going to happen. Redburn scoffs at the idea, but Craon tells him that the base computer thinks their still stationed still on St. Andre. Also, it is odd that they've received no mail for some time. The base computers reports in the inventory that the storehouse on the base is full with enough supplies refurnish entire regiment. Yet, the strange Fax machine keeps printing reports that are correct. Redburn began to see why he was uneasy, stating that if those reports were being picked up by Liao spies, that they would be attacked. As to answer Craon's predictions, the base's sirens begin roar raid warning.[17]

Redburn led Delta Company and stopped Capellan forces raiding the base. Colonel Stone contacts Delta and "invites" them to help the rest of 1st Battalion squash the real invasion.[18] United, Redburn's force helps finish off the Capellan attacks.[19]


On Bethel on April 21st, 3029, Redburn's base detected an incoming Overlord Class DropShip. His unit launched from their base, using the Delta Company's Overlord-Class DropShip, Defiant to arrive at the raider's landing zone. However, its soon reported by Defiant's Captain a second DropShip, a Leopard-Class DropShip was by hidden the large ship. He calculates the ship will be attacking Delta's base. Upset with himself for being fooled, Redburn splits his forces, sending majority of the company with Lt. Robert Craon in command. While he pieces together ad-hoc Lance of 'Mechs together to deal with the force that was delivered by the Liao Leopard. Redburn becomes convinced that the Capellans found out about the secret NAIS research base.

Soon after arriving, Redburn's force attacked the Liao force. Among them are a pair of newly commissioned Raven BattleMechs.[20] His forces are attempts to push off the defending attacking 'Mech lance. Spotting the Centurion parked next suspect his old commander Justin Allard, now known as Justin Xiang, leading Maskirovka raiding party. Justin warns Redburn off from fighting him, but Redburn pushes his attack and closes in to attempt to stop Justin from escaping. However, Redburn makes the mistake of forgetting that Justin's Centurion was modified with Pontiac Assault Autocannon.[21] After words, he is debriefed by MIIO agent that theft was an attempt to leak the new myomer fiber on purpose and his handling of the situation was to be praised. Redburn, disgruntled, accepted the compliment, though angry he lost to his former Commanding officer.


In August, Redburn and his Delta Company are dispatched to Kathil to form defense for planet. He meets with his old Warrior Hall classmate Morgan Hasek-Davion, as the planet's defense commander. Dispatch by JumpShip take command defense of the planet. After the tour Andrew found himself temporarily promoted to Major and second command of newly merge command with his Deltas, survivors of the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers and green soldiers of the Kathil Militia at its core.[22] Redburn is then breveted to a Major and assigned command of the 1st Battalion of new unit.[23]

On September 7th, Liao's Death Commandos and battalion consisting of the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers hit the planet's atmosphere. At Morgan's direction, Yare's broadcast dish fires a microwave burst into one of the Death Commandos' Union-Class DropShips. Andrew's forces hidden in the township of Yare, began his ambushes on in coming remaining force of the Commandos. Manages stop majority of the enemies forces, but was unable to stop few.[24] Redburn desperately calls aide to Morgan's force for help. As a single Cataphract managed to get through and crest the hill leading to Yare it suddenly fell back in bits and pieces. Morgan's Atlas assault 'Mech crests the hill and joins the fight against the remaining Death Commandos. This re-energizes Andrews he coordinates remaining forces finish off Death Commandos. After the battle, his commander Morgan Hasek-Davion announces that his orders include them having to perform a extraction mission from Sian using 4th Tau Ceti Rangers' DropShips. In disbelief Andrew comments they would be shot down by Sian for even coming back in defeat. Morgan re-assures him and the general staff they'll be welcomed, once they send a fake message that the Rangers have captured him as prisoner.[25]

The 1st Kathil's ships arrive in October 22 via a Command Circuit that had been arranged for the raid. Redburn is conflicted with emotions of facing Justin again. Morgan talks to him telling him that he must see that Justin is now different person from who he used to be.[26]

As their DropShips descent to DropPort on the 24th, Redburn observing Sian's televised coverage of the when he spots his "old" commander, Justin Xiang in the crowd.[27] He deploys his Marauder and fights through the crowds of Warrior House Imarra BattleMechs. He observes, once he breach the hulls of the enemy 'Mechs, they tend to fall apart after the mist penetrates its inner workings.[28] Andrew has his 'Mech enter one hanger he spotted Justin enter and way for him. He returns to the hanger to be faced by Andrew, whom gleefully asks for Justin's last words. Justin says the counter-sign which makes him the Davion agent he had come for. Over joyed with surprise, he lowers his 'Mech allows Justin load the unconscious Alexi Mallory. Andrew hands Justin a satchel of equipment so he can make his escape and finish his mission.[29]

Rewarded and Knighted for his duties in 4th Succession War[edit]

In November 22nd, 3029 he brought to New Avalon. Where he among other heroes of the war at Avalon City Notre Dame Cathedral where he honored by Prince Hanse Davion for actions. He awarded the Medal Excalibur for his performance during the Battle of Kathil and the rescue of agent Alexi Mallory. He given title a Knight of the Realm and given parcel of land on his home world of Firgove. [30]

War of 3039[edit]

By the time of the war, Redburn was promoted to rank of Leftenant General and made the commanding officer of the 1st Kathil Uhlans.[31]

Clan Invasion Era[edit]

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Andrew Redburn was widely believed to have been killed early in the Jihad when Word of Blake forces assaulted Tukayyid in early 3068. However, a task force led by Clan Ghost Bear during Operation SCOUR found and liberated Redburn from a prison camp on the Word of Blake Protectorate world of Asta on the 18th of March 3077. Having been freed from captivity, Redburn went on to join the general staff of allied coalition leader Devlin Stone, initially working alongside Victor Steiner-Davion - with whom he was considered to be good friends[4] - and then later assuming the position of XO to General Belle Lee.[32] Redburn was the commanding officer of Stone's Liberators during Operation SCOUR and led the Liberators during the campaigns for Mars and Terra;[4] Redburn and the Liberators were tasked with the campaign to capture Geneva during the Terran landings.[33]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Andrew Redburn died on the 28th of February 3079, after the liberation of Terra, from complications which arose from a respiratory infection. The respiratory infection which claimed Redburn's life had been bred by Word of Blake scientists,[2] and it is believed that Redburn contracted it during his incarceration on Azha. Those attending at Redburn's deathbed included a selection of officers and Victor Steiner-Davion.[4]

Andrew Redburn gave his name to the virus that killed him, and various strains of the Redburn Virus were identified on more than twenty former Word of Blake Protectorate worlds in the wake of Operation SCOUR.[34]

The Republic of the Sphere named their medal for military personnel wounded in combat, the Redburn Cross, in his honor.

Family and Children[edit]

In 3030, Redburn and Misha Auburn married, where they have four children together.[35] At the time of his death, Redburn had nine grandchildren.[4]One of his eventual descendants would be Damien Redburn, an Exarch of the Republic of the Sphere. [citation needed]



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