Union (2).jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Various Including:
Irian Technologies[1]
Taurus Territorial Industries
Bowie Industries[1]
Matabushi Incorporated[1]
Earthwerks Limited[1]
Federated-Boeing [2][1]
Production Year 2708[3]
Use 'Mech/ASF Carrier
Type Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 3,600 tons
Structural Integrity 11
Length 81.5 meters
Width 81.5 meters
Height 78 meters
Drive System Star League V250
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Max Thrust 2.5 g
Fuel (tons) 215 tons
Fuel (days) 116.8 days
Armament 3 x PPCs
6 x AC/5s
6 x LRM-20s
12 x Medium Lasers
5 x Large Lasers
Armor Standard
Fore: 18
Sides: 18
Aft: 10
Crew 14
Escape Pods/Life Boats 7/0
Heat Sinks 90 (single)
BV (1.0) 3,259[4]
BV (2.0) 3,962


[edit] Description

A stalwart of company-sized 'Mech combat transports, the Union class is a venerable and capable member of the DropShip unit type. Capable of carrying two ASFs, in addition to the twelve 'Mechs, the vessel's interior personnel spaces are so minuscule as to border on the insane. Even the DropShip captain cannot claim to enjoy comfortable personal space. The armament is sufficient for both independent raid missions and full-scale assault deliveries. A scarcity of replacement parts and a dwindling pool of knowledgeable engineers means these older ships may soon fade from their otherwise dominant role.

The command and control facilities onboard a typical Union are sufficient enough that it may operate as a coordination point for smaller lance-sized combat transports partaking in company or larger sized operations. Likewise, it operates well in larger operations, where it may conduct missions of a surprise, diversionary or raiding role. The semi-automated weaponry is significant enough to cause single and paired ASFs pause.

[edit] Armament

The Union, while not as heavily armed as Assault DropShips, carries a formidable array of weapons. The bulk of its firepower is provided by six LRM-20s backed up by six Large Lasers and three PPCs. Six AC/5s and twelve Medium Lasers round out the normal weapons loadout. More significantly than its weapons though, the armor of the Union is excellent for its size and role, allowing it to provide landing under fire.

Cost: 160,000,000 C-bills

Revenue/Mission: 150,000 C-bills

[edit] Cargo

[edit] Variants

A common design in use across the Inner Sphere, there are a large number of Union variants, the most notable include:

  • Cargo Hauler 
    Due to the availability of the design and spare parts, the Union has proven a popular choice for merchants and traders, who strip out all twelve 'Mech cubicles to free up space for 1,500 tons of cargo.
  • Combined-Arms 
    An uncommon variant which removes the two fighter cubicles and drastically upgrades the Union life support system to cope with a company of infantry.
  • Upgrade 
    First launched in July 3055 by Federated-Boeing Interstellar, the upgraded modern Union boasts an return to Star League era facilities with luxurious double and single occupancy berths and an improved air-filtration unit. The weaponry is also upgraded, trading the six autocannons for three Gauss Rifles, switching to ER PPCs and ER Large Lasers and adding Artemis IV FCS to the LRM launchers. BV (1.0) = 5,091[5], BV (2.0) = 4,977. Cost: 185,000,000 C-bills. Revenue/Mission: 150,000 C-bills
  • Union-X 
    Developed in 3065 as part of a diversification effort by Shipil Company of Skye, the 2,000 ton heavier "Extended" Union (abbreviated as Union-X) strips out four 'Mech cubicles in favor of two additional fighters and berths for five squads of Battle Armor troops, its revised weapon array consisting of six ER PPCs, two Gauss Rifles, six Artemis enhanced LRM-20's, ten ER Large Lasers, fourteen ER Medium Lasers, and four Ultra AC/5s. BV (1.0)= 6,106[6] BV (2.0) = 7,356[7]
  • Union-X (3071) 
    Developed during the Jihad, this version of the Union-X removes the Ultra AC/5s, four ER Medium Lasers, and four ER Large Lasers. In their place are four Heavy Gauss Rifles, four Anti-Missile Systems, and two Heavy PPCs. The ships have also had their cargo arrangements altered again, carrying four AeroSpace Fighters, four 'Mechs, four heavy combat vehicles, and twelve squads of battle armor. The ship can also carry 315 tons of supplies and ammunition. BV (2.0) = 9,300[8]
  • Pocket WarShip 
    A refit developed by the Word of Blake, the Pocket WarShip variant of the Union attracted infamy for its shock appearance during the Jihad. Based on the upgraded model, the Medium Lasers have been replaced by ER Medium Lasers and the armor switched to thirty-three tons of Ferro-Aluminum plating, but the design appears otherwise visually identical. It's only when the two bow-mounted AR-10 launchers fire that the differences become apparent, the 'Mech bays gutted to provide the space required for the Capital Missile Launchers and four Killer Whale, six White Shark and ten Barracuda missiles. The fighter bays are retained while two Small Craft bays have been added to carry four squads of battle armor troops for boarding operations.[9] BV (2.0) = 7,935[9], 6,450[10]

[edit] Related Designs

  • Union-C - With a large number of Unions accompanying the Exodus fleet, the Clans refitted them to carry fifteen 'Mechs as per Clan military structure, eventually resulting in 2829 in a 4,000 ton heavier redesign designated the Union-C. BV (1.0) = 7,875 BV (2.0) = 7,955

[edit] Named Vessels

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[edit] Union Ship Gallery

[edit] References

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