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  • January 10th: Clan Wolf launches invasion of Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone.
  • February 27th: The Jade Falcon Incursion ends.
  • March 25th: Dieron shipyards attacked by terrorists.
  • May: Wave Four of the FedCom Civil War ends.
  • June: FedCom Civil War Wave Five begins.
  • June 15th: The Third Skye Rebellion begins.
  • June 27th: End of the Jade Falcon/Wolf Occupation zone war.
  • The Draconis Combine launches reprisal strikes on FedSuns.
  • The Battle Corps mercenary unit forms on Outreach.
  • The commanding officer of the Prefectorate Guard suffers a debilitating brain injury during a mysterious research and development accident at the Shengli Arms plant on Victoria.
  • Famous for Fifteen Murders: Serial Killers and Terrorists of the Free Worlds is published by Laurent InfoMedia.