Artemis IV FCS

Artemis IV Fire Control System


Introduced in 2598 by the Terran Hegemony[1]. The Artemis IV Fire Control System is a guidance system that utilizes an infrared laser designator and tight-beam microwave transmitter which improves the accuracy of LRMs, SRMs, and MMLs by roughly thirty-five percent. The Artemis IV FCS must be mounted in the same location as the launcher it controls, taking up space and weight on a BattleMech like other components.[2] In order to actually benefit from Artemis IV, the missiles fired must be Artemis compatible, which are more expensive than standard versions, and the firing unit must have line of sight to its target; indirectly fired LRM receives no increase in accuracy.

Though extremely useful for improving a missile launcher, there is one major obstacle to their use: if any standard missile launcher is equipped with an Artemis system, every launcher of that type must have its own Artemis IV attached.[3] Therefore a 'Mech mounting an LRM-15 and an LRM-5 would need two Artemis IV systems. (As they use different guidance systems, Rocket Launchers, MRMs, Streak launchers, and NARC systems do not require Artemis IV and do not count towards this limit.) ATM launchers automatically have Artemis included.


Artemis IV FCS is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company/Used by
Corean Sync Lock New Avalon Corean Enterprises
Cyclops Painter Arc-Royal Winston-CherrySeed Consolidated
Dianas Eyes A Hachiman Tanadi Computers
Imstar Illuminati Marik Imstar Aerospace
O-P Laser Guidance Campertown Sacrado Industries
Nirasaki Vector-A4 Nirasaki Nirasaki Computers Collective
RCA-Dynatec Tracer Carbonis IMB Systems
RCA-Dynatec Tracer Pinard Pinard-Dicolais Electronics
TharHes Fire Control Tharkad TharHes Industries
Wunderland Highlight Ozawa Wunderland Enterprises


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