Patrick Kell

Patrick Martin Kell
Born 2988[1]
Died May 3027
Affiliation House Kell
Lieutenant Colonel
Siblings Morgan Kell
Spouse Takara
Children Christian Kell (illigitimate)

Patrick Martin Kell (29883027; aged 39 years) and his brother Morgan Kell were the co-founders of the famed Kell Hounds mercenary unit.

Character History[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Patrick graduated in 3009 the top 2% of his class from Nagelring, the premier military academy of the Lyran Commonwealth, and was assigned to the 10th Skye Rangers. By 3010 he had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

The Kell Hounds Formation[edit]

The Kell Hounds were born even before Morgan and Patrick had thoughts of running their own mercenary command. Arthur Luvon, future husband of Archon Katrina Steiner and cousin to Morgan and Patrick, dubbed the two brothers the 'Kell Hounds' after witnessing them as young boys running around and terrorizing a neighbor's flock of sheep. Arthur drew up the Kell Hounds' crest and predicted that the two would grow up to become great MechWarriors. When Arthur died, Morgan and Patrick used the money left to them to form the Kell Hounds mercenary unit in 3010. Though initially mocked as rich boys playing soldier, the two made quite the impression with their surprisingly advanced grasp of strategy and tactics, as well as recruiting a top-notch technical support staff. Patrick became executive officer of the unit.

Mallory's World[edit]

The Kell Hounds had grown to regiment size by 3013[2]. Patrick became a Leftenant-Colonel when the unit expanded. While in service to the Federated Suns, the Hounds were called to Mallory's World for an emergency extraction of First Prince Ian Davion, whose forces where taking heavy casualties from the Draconis Combine's elite 2nd Sword of Light. Morgan led the relief force, while Patrick remained behind to safeguard the mercenary unit's dependents. The Hounds arrived too late, and Ian Davion died while covering his people's escape.

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To prevent the 2nd Sword of Light from taking the First Prince's body as a war trophy, Morgan challenged its commander, the infamous Yorinaga Kurita, to a duel. During the epic battle, Morgan Kell used the Phantom 'Mech effect to force an honorable withdraw by Yorinaga, giving the Hounds an opportunity to escape the planet with Ian Davion's body.

After the duel, Morgan became reticent and withdrawn, reducing the Hounds to 1/3 of its strength and eventually retiring from the mercenary unit to join a monastery. Patrick became commander of the remaining Kell Hounds, leading them through the lowest period of their history, a time called the "Defection".

Commander of the Kell Hounds[edit]

Under Patrick's leadership, the unit overcame its depressive period. He managed to bring the unit back together with the support of Salome Ward, Dan Allard, Clarence 'Cat' Wilson, and others.

By November of 3026 the Hounds were stationed on Pacifica.[3] where they garrisoned the planet from incursions or raids for the planet's plentiful water supply.

In April, 3027, a battalion of the Kurita's 2nd Sword of Light assaulted Pacifica during Colonel Ardan Sortek and Leftenant Andrew Redburn visit/tour of the planet. Patrick and the Hounds had already tapped into various intelligence networks on the planet and were forewarned of the attacks. Sortek, Redburn and visiting Lyran Hauptman-General Sarah Joss participated in repulsing and incoming raider company. The battle concluded with the assistance of Colonel Sortek's Victor Assault 'Mech against a Kurita Awesome. However, two other companies of 'Mechs (initially Panthers) were spread around the planet, forming resistence guerrilla cells.

On May 26th, Kurita commandos and assassins led an assault on the Kell Hounds' compound. They managed to injure Patrick and collapsed his lung. After the assassins were dispatched, a demi-company of Panther BattleMechs arrived to finish up. However, they were repelled by Hound 'Mechs lead by Cat Wilson's Marauder, taking down three enemy 'Mechs in the process. Doctors managed to save Patrick, saying as long he rest he would recover from his injuries. The Hounds withdrew from the planet, taking most of the salvaged Panthers with them. The Hounds' JumpShip, Cucamulus, made a jump to Kurita space to throw off inbound forces seeking to destroy them.[4] After jumping into an uninhabited star system AC2341CA.[5] Here they would quickly recharge their 300 year old JumpShip and jump to the Styk system where they could do a Payback mission against House Kurita. While in system charging, a Kurita Invader JumpShip arrived and forced the Hounds to change their plans. Patrick decided to jump the ship sooner. Through efforts of the Jumpship's captain Janos Vandermeer and his crew, they managed to hot-load the Ship's Engines and jump away.

Patrick's plan called for the company of Kell Hound 'Mechs, led by Captain Dan Allard, to secure a docking bay on the former mining planetoid, used sometimes by the resistance cell called Heimdall. They planned to use ten captured Panther BattleMechs and other Jump Jet capable 'Mechs to secure the base, while the rest of the unit secured other parts of the planetoid.

Silver Eagle[edit]

After Patrick's people discovered that among the people aboard the planetoid was the Lyran Commonwealth's Archon-Designate.[6] They discovered that the early DropShip contained ISF commandos whom successfully repulsed their attempt to seize Melissa Steiner.

However, elements of the Genyosha arrived on the planetoid and threatened the destruction of the Silver Eagle if the Kell Hounds would not turn over Melissa Steiner.[7] Patrick has Melissa sent off planet and orders an assault on the Kuritan units in order to save the passengers & crew of the Silver Eagle. In this battle, Patrick's Victor BattleMech disappears from all electronic scanning devices.

However, the Genyosha is led by Yorinaga Kurita and he too has developed the mysterious ability. Patrick begins to systematically destroy the Kuritan force threatening the civilian DropShip. Yorinaga begins to stalk him, firing his PPCs and managing to hit Patrick's 'Mech. Dan Allard only momentarily detects Patrick's invisible 'Mech on his sensors and to his horror sees Patrick's engine shielding has been damaged. The 'Mech's heat began to cook Patrick alive.[8] Noticing this, Yorinaga continued to fire at him despite Patrick's ability to be invisible to sensors. Patrick continues to maul Genyosha Panthers, until Yorinaga destroys the engine shielding of his 'Mech, forcing Patrick to eject. However, the Victor's engine explosion sends shrapnel into Patrick as he ejects. Dan Allard takes his damaged Valkyrie and attempts to stop Yorinaga himself to save Patrick and everyone else. The Valkyrie is sent on its JumpJets into Yori's Warhammer, and tackles him while also self-destructing. This destroys Yorinaga's Warhammer and forces him to eject.[9] This also left Sho-sa Niiro in command, who panicked and ordered all forces to retreat.

While on the return trip, Patrick lies dying after the doctor failed to repair his wounds. Melissa Steiner tearfully confides to him that she is to marry Hanse Davion. This brightens him up briefly, ignoring his death throes and he wishes her well. He tells Dan Allard that he shall pass a message to Morgan.

Dan, tell him...Morgan I understand. Tell him I finally understand.

He stiffens and says to Major Salome Ward that command is hers and dies.[10]


After the Kell Hound's actions in effort to rescue the passengers of the Silver Eagle, the Kell Hounds were rewarded by Hanse Davion with titles and lands. He asks the Hounds what he could do beyond those things. Captain Dan Allard suggested in memory of Patrick, that a scholarship be setup in his memory. The scholarship would be offered to potential MechWarrior candidates who share the spirit of bravery as Patrick did to them and give them a chance to become like him where they normally won't have an opportunity to. Hanse Davion agrees and Melissa Steiner says a similar program would be setup in Lyran Commonwealth as well.[11]

Hanse Davion setup a memorial in Peace Park in New Avalon City in memory of the people who died in the Silver Eagle incident.


Patrick's only known immediate family members were his brother Morgan Kell and his uncle, Arthur Luvon, who was Duke of Donegal. He was cousin (by marriage to Arthur) to Katrina Steiner and her daughter, Melissa Steiner.

Morgan named his son, Phelan Patrick Kell, in part to honor his brother's memory.

Unknown to him, Patrick had sired a son named Christian Kell with a mistress named Takara. [12] He first appeared to Morgan Kell in 3042 on Arboris, presenting evidence provided by his late mother. Morgan brings him to Outreach where he has him trained by Wolf's Dragoons. He later joins the Kell Hounds as an officer.


Patrick Kell was noted to pilot a Thunderbolt, but used Ardan Sortek's Victor Assault Mech in his final moments. He was qualified to pilot the Victor while at the Nagelring Academy, and took part in rebuilding a captured Kurita Victor during his senior year.


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