Thomas West

Stemming from Clan Nova Cat, Thomas West (born approx. 2968[1] - died September 3029[2]) was a MechWarrior who joined Wolf's Dragoons "a quarter of a century" before 3028[1], i.e. during the Dragoons' initial formation in or shortly after 3000. He was approaching sixty years of age by early 3028[1].


Piloting a Griffin and considered to possess elite skills, West served as a Lieutenant, commanding a medium lance in Fraser's Company, Baker Battalion, Alpha Regiment in Wolf's Dragoons by 3028.[2] He had named his Griffin the "Nova Cat" as a remainder to his origins[1].

Fraser's Company saw extensive action in the urban fighting on An Ting in January 3028, and West was among Captain Dechan Fraser's ad-hoc strike force that spearheaded the Dragoons' final attack in the early morning hours of 13 January. West's Griffin was sidelined in that fight, losing a leg after being lured onto a vibrabomb by Willard Gibbs' Guard.[1][3] Essentially defeated, West retaliated by calling down indirect LRM fire on his opponent, thus buying Captain Fraser a chance to break through and arrive at the enemy HQ in time to kill Jerry Akuma.[1]

West later fought with the Dragoons on Misery, where his Griffin was noted as being painted white (presumably a camouflage pattern for the icy environment). There, a lance composed of Captain Fraser (Shadow Hawk), Thomas West (Griffin), Calvin Wakeman (Trebuchet) and Keith Gatlin (Ostscout) captured Fadre Singh on 23 April 3028 after downing his Crusader in the Hamar Valley.[4] The same lance was implied to be the one that brought Minobu Tetsuhara's makeshift command lance to battle on 20 May, disabling his Dragon and Michi Noketsuna's Ostroc and capturing them both.[5]

Thomas West was reportedly killed during the Fourth Succession War in the fighting on Crossing in September 3029.[2]


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