Production information
Manufacturer Ostmann Industries, Krupp Armament Works,
Detroit Consolidated MechWorks
Production Year 2511[1][2]
Model OSR-2C
Class Heavy
Cost 5,025,600 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 60 tons
Chassis OST-II
Armor Riese-475
Engine Vlar 300
Communications System Ostmann-L
Targeting Tracking System Ferdinand-a
Heat Sinks 15
Speed 86.4 km/h
BV (1.0) 951[3]
BV (2.0) 1,228[1][4]


The Ostroc is a heavy 'Mech, weighing in at the lower end of its weight class. The Ostroc was originally designed to act as an urban combat 'Mech during the Age of War. The 'Mech debuted in 2511[1][2], and was so successful in this role production continued for approximately 200 years. The Ostroc's speed and firepower allow the 'Mech to serve as both an urban combat 'Mech and as a front line combat 'Mech. It also has the capability to keep up with most lighter 'Mechs with its top speed of 86.4 km/h. The Ostroc is well protected by its nine tons of armor.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Ostroc carries as its primary weapons two Fuersturm-C Large Lasers. These give the Ostroc good medium to long range damage capabilities. The Ostrocs secondary weapons are two Fuersturm-b Medium Lasers and a Totschlagen SRM-4 launcher for close-range combat. Additionally, the Ostroc's laser heavy weapons payload allows the Ostroc to operate well as a guerrilla fighter since it has limited dependency on supply lines.[5]


  • OSR-2D 
    Upgraded with Star League technology, the 2D variant of the Ostroc extends the 'Mechs maximum range by replacing the Large Lasers with two ER Large Lasers. The 2D retains the Medium Lasers and SRM-4 of the 2C model. To handle the heat burden it is also equipped with double heat sinks. Being a relatively rare design, the Ostroc had no official field refit kit but the -2D variant was a common upgrade if the parts could be obtained.[9] BV (1.0) = 942,[3] BV (2.0) = 1,396[10]
  • OSR-2L 
    The 2L variant of the Ostroc is modified for long range combat. The SRM-4 launcher has been replaced with an LRM-5 launcher, increasing the 'Mechs long-range damage capabilities slightly by sacrificing some of its close range firepower.[11] BV (1.0) = 970,[3] BV (2.0) = 1,233[12]
  • OSR-2M 
    The 2M variant of the Ostroc focuses on the 'Mech's maneuverability. Five jump jets have been added to the design, giving it a maximum jumping distance of one hundred and fifty meters. In order to make this change, the Medium Lasers and the SRM-4 launcher were removed.[13] BV (1.0) = 1,036,[14] BV (2.0) = 1,239[15]
  • OSR-3C 
    The 3C variant looks to improve the long-range direct firepower of the Ostroc. The two Medium Lasers and the SRM-4 have been removed in order to add a third Large Laser to the 'Mech.[16] BV (1.0) = 976,[3] BV (2.0) = 1,288[17]
  • OSR-4C 
    A Periphery variant of the Ostroc, the 4C's armor has been upgraded with nine tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, giving it more protection than previous models. Additionally, the SRM-4 launcher has been removed in favor of two Rocket Launcher 10s and two Rocket Launcher 15s, giving the 'Mech an incredible one-shot damage capability.[18] BV (1.0) = 1,089,[19] BV (2.0) = 1,325[20]
  • OSR-4K 
    This version was introduced by House Kurita. A Heavy Duty Gyro allows it to stay in the fight longer, making good use of twin Snub-Nose PPCs and ER Medium Lasers. Though it's slightly slower than the standard Ostroc, jump jets allow it to maneuver around the battlefield, striking where it will inflict the most damage. After the Jihad ended, this model went into factory production.[21] BV (2.0) = 1,490[22]
  • OSR-5C 
    Based on the 4C, this Taurian version uses an XL Engine, Endo Steel chassis, and five jump jets. The armament has been replaced with a Heavy PPC and Light PPC.[26] BV (2.0) = 1,788[27]
  • OSR-9C 
    Known as the Ostroc Mk II, this 'Mech might as well be considered a new, different design (much like the Grand Dragon evolved from the Dragon, the Mauler from the Daboku or the Hatamoto-Chi from the Charger). The Ostroc Mk II swaps the SRM-4 for one SRM-2 launcher in each side torso, with one ton of ammunition in the center torso. Half a ton of armor was added to the front torso and legs (adding one point to each leg and side torso, and four to center torso), and four more Heat Sinks were installed along with three Jump Jets for a jump capacity of 90 meters. To make room for these components, the engine had to be changed to a Pitban 240, reducing the top speed to 64.8 km/h. (The canonicity of this 'Mech is uncertain - see article.)
  • Ostwar hybrid 
    Spare parts for the Ostroc were hard to come by in the lostech-ridden Succession Wars era, which resulted in many Ostrocs being refitted with parts from an earlier design by the same manufacturer, the Ostwar. Ostrocs mounting the Ostwar's arm/hand assembly with paddle-like SRM-4 launchers became such a common sight that many falsely believed this to be the original configuration of the Ostroc.

Custom Variants[edit]

  • OSR-2C Ostroc Michi 
    Piloted by Michi Noketsuna (see Notable Pilots below) in the fighting on Misery against Wolf's Dragoons in 3028, this customized Ostroc had a top speed of 64 km/h. The reduced engine size allowed the Ostroc Michi to jump 120 meters and replace the SRM-4 with an SRM-6 launcher. BV (2.0) = 1,321[30]

Related BattleMechs[edit]

  • Ostsol - The Ostsol was designed and introduced near the end of the Ostroc's production. The Ostsol was designed to be independent of ammunition, allowing the Ostsol to be a much better deep raider than its primogenitor.
  • Ostwar - The Ostroc was designed as an upgraded replacement to the Ostwar BattleMech.

Notable Pilots[edit]

BattleMech Gallery[edit]


It should be noted that the standard Ostroc mounts its single SRM-4 launcher in the right torso, and has two fully modeled hands. The launcher of this standard version sits upright in the right torso section.

The standard configuration with hands and a launcher in the right torso was used for the miniature (see left), depicted in the Technical Readout: 3050 and also used in various artwork such as the McCarron's Armored Cavalry (scenario pack) which depicts three Ostrocs with hands and a shoulder-mounted SRM launcher on the cover.

Earlier sources presenting this design, namely the CityTech rulebook and the Technical Readout: 3025, pictured the Ostroc with two flat, paddle-like devices (presumably SRM-4 launchers) for "hands" on both arms instead of the torso-mounted launcher. Although associated with the 'Mech, this is in fact a common but nevertheless non-standard variant employing from spare parts that were originally meant for another 'Mech, the rare Ostwar (which does feature SRM-4 launchers instead of hands); the Ostwar was a precursor of the Ostroc and many of their components were interchangeable.


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