Succession Wars (History)

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The Succession Wars were a series of near constant conflicts that engulfed the Inner Sphere for three hundred years following the fall of the Star League.


The Succession Wars, while differing greatly in methods and mindset, had the following common characteristics:

  • They involved near-constant warfare between all five Successor States.
  • They were fought over the reestablishment of the Star League under the supremacy of the victor.
  • Scientific knowledge was set back to the level of pre-spaceflight Terra [1]


First Succession War[edit]

Lasting from 2786 to 2821, the First Succession War remains the bloodiest conflict in human history.

Following the departure of the remaining Star League Defense Forces, the five remaining Great Houses almost immediately started fighting each other over the position of First Lord.

After Coordinator Minoru Kurita's initial declaration of First Lordship, the First Succession Wars saw the destruction of countless worlds with atomic, biological, and chemical weapons, resulting in billions of lives and decades of technology lost. When the war petered out after 35 years, it was simply due to exhaustion, not from any desire of peace.

Second Succession War[edit]

Lasting from 2830 to 2864, the Second Succession War saw the technological decline back to the levels of 21st century Terra in much of the Inner Sphere.

Following the brief lull required to rebuild the battered forces of the Successor States, the Second Succesion War was no less bloody than the first. While the Successor States began the war with the last of their remaining WarShips, by the end of it, JumpShip theory and Hyperpulse Generators had become quasi-magical, and advanced military technology had become irreplaceable.

Third Succession War[edit]

Lasting from 2866 to 3025, the Third Succession War was a prolonged low-level conflict characterized by a steady loss of technology and the rise of neo-feudalistic traditions in all of the Successor States.

Started due to Operation Holy Shroud[2], the Third Succession War was fought with technology that was considered mystical. Technological regression had allowed the survival of scant high-tech factories, and the developing noble MechWarrior families were forced to repair their machines with the gutted remains of their enemies'.

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Lasting from 3028 to 3030 the Fourth Succession War was a short and brutal war between two emerging power blocs.

Declared during the marriage of Hanse Davion and Melissa (((Steiner))), the Fourth Succession War was a conflict started by the newly formed Federated Commonwealth against the ComStar sponsored Concord of Kapteyn.

One of the few conflicts that had a clear winner, the Fourth Succession War saw the Capellan Confederation halved in territory and power and the emergence of the new Federated Commonwealth, the most powerful nation since the original Star League.


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