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  • April: The Tenth Skye Rangers are destroyed on Altoona by the Sixth Bolan Defenders.
  • June: Draconis Combine attacks Skondia.
  • December: Draconis Combine tries to claim the Star League depot on Kesai IV.
  • The Lyran Commonwealth conquers Denebola.


  • August 24th: The Pentagon worlds are settled.
  • The First Succession War begins when Minoru Kurita declares himself First Lord of the Star League.
  • December: Boeing Interstellar finishes constructing a third Megaplex, located in the Galax system.
  • December 31st: Archon Jennifer Steiner declares war on the Draconis Combine.
  • The Star League Department of Communications changes its name to ComStar.
  • The Magistracy Royal Guards regiment is reformed.
  • The Nightstar factories are destroyed.