Tikonov Free Republic

Tikonov Free Republic
Faction Profile
Time period: 3 March 3029 - 3031
Classification: Minor power
Controlled systems: approx. 23
Capital world: Elgin
Ruler title: Supreme Lord
Military: Tikonov Free Republic Army (TFRA)
Secret Service:  ???


The Tikonov Free Republic was a small nation that was created out of the fires of the Fourth Succession War. Capellan Chancellor Maximilian Liao's chief military adviser Pavel Ridzik, decided to secede the Tikonov Commonality from the Capellan Confederation after the Federated Suns invaded in 3028. Ridzik quickly signed an alliance with Federated Suns Prince Hanse Davion that saved his small realm from attack. In exchange, Ridzik agreed not to assault any Capellan worlds, current or former.

Ridzik did go on the offensive, however, against the much larger Free Worlds League. Ridzik's Republican Guards were able to surprise and defeat League troops on worlds like Hall. Captain-General Janos Marik's fear of the nascent Federated Commonwealth kept him from retaliating. Chancellor Liao did retaliate, however, in the only form he could. He had Pavel Ridzik assassinated.

Prince Davion's closest friend, Ardan Sortek, was on hand when Ridzik was killed, so he effectively took over the reigns of the Republic. In 3031, after the end of the 4th War, the people of the Tikonov Free Republic chose to end their short-lived independence and join the Federated Commonwealth's Sarna March, bringing their conquered League worlds with them.

Map of the Tikonov Free Republic[1][edit]

Tikonov Free Republic as of 3030.

Military Forces of the Republic[edit]

The Republican Guards was the brigade that formed the core of the Republic's main army. Despite the Republic voting to join the Federated Commonwealth, the Republic Guards survived absorption and continued serving region until last unit was eliminated in last blows of the FedCom Civil War.


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