8th Tikonov Lancers

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Eighth Tikonov Lancers
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Nickname Ilmachna Yellow Jackets
Parent Formation Tikonov Lancers


As a part of the Tikonov Lancers brigade, the Eighth Tikonov Lancers could claim a line of direct descent from some of the first military units to be formed outside of the Terran Alliance. Despite a number of regiments from the brigade being transferred to the Star League Defense Force, deactivating those regiments within the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, it was considered unacceptable to create a new regiment of Lancers when the traditions of a former regiment could be revived. This helped to maintain the perceived connection between each regiment and the history of the Lancers all the way back to the earliest days of the Tikonov Union.[1]

The Eighth Lancers were one such unit to be reconstituted as the Capellan Confederation began enlarging its military during the second half of the twenty-eighth century. Unfortunately for those who joined the newly reactivated regiment, the same reverence and tradition that linked the regiment to the history of the Tikonov Union worked against them; in the twenty-fifth century, the Eighth - nicknamed the Ilmachna Yellow Jackets - earned an unfair reputation for cowardice. Three centuries later, the new Eighth Lancers found themselves tarred with that same reputation and the same jeers of "Yellow Jackets, White Flags", something that frustrated the MechWarriors of the Eighth.[1]

It was during the Age of War - prior to the disestablishment of a number of Lancer regiments to feed the nascent SLDF - that Franco Liao purged the noble trained bands that had been dominated by the families of the Tikonov Tetrarchs and sheng nobility, removing their influence from the various Tikonov Lancers regiments with varying degrees of success.[1]


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Composition History[edit]

Eighth Tikonov Lancers

In 2765 the Eighth Lancers were a green regiment assigned to Jilin and were considered to be of questionable loyalty.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

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