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System Description[edit]

The Gamma 1551 AW system, called Barbados after a habitable jungle world it contained, is a deep periphery system along the Exodus Road. It is located approximately thirty-two to thirty-five jumps from the Clan homeworlds, within jump distance from Gamma 25098 3W, and apparently no more than about two jumps from Gamma 12901 FQ and Gamma 1301 LW. (The latter system in turn lies between Barbados and Wayside, though from the context apparently much closer to Barbados).

The system's sun was described as yellow (as seen from the planet of Barbados).

System History[edit]

The original Exodus Fleet came across Barbados and used it as a resupply point, but they had not settled the world.

In 2824 Clan Wolverine, in their ill-fated attempt to secede from the Clans and return to the Inner Sphere, also used it as a resting and resupply point. Unfortunately the pursuing Grand Fleet of the Clans caught up with them there, resulting in massive space battles at the zenith jump point (possibly also the nadir jump point) and in orbit around Barbados that left destroyed vessels adrift. The remains of Clan Wolverine were hunted down and slaughtered on the surface of Barbados, and wrecked ships in orbit around the world were later scuttled by deorbiting them and crashing the hulks on the planet.

Following the annihilation of Clan Wolverine at Barbados, the system's location was purged from all Clan databases.

Planetary Info[edit]

Barbados was described as a jungle world with four continents, one desert, one with tropical rainforests (continent number three), and two with a mix of terrain types. It offered edible fruits and vegetables, and potable water.

Flora and fauna mentioned includes a "massive palm tree", and "swarms of ant-like insects" were later observed to slowly devour the tissue of a human corpse.


  • It is not explained why the original Exodus Fleet did use Barbados for resupply, but did not settle the planet, nor why the fleeing Wolverines apparently did not consider settling it. This seems to suggest there is an (unmentioned) feature somehow making the planet obviously unfit for colonization or long-term human habitation. However, individual people managed to survive in the jungles for (at least) weeks after the Wolverines' annihilation without supplies or notable technology, apparently living entirely off the land during this time.