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Clan Wolverine Logo
Clan Wolverine
Faction Profile
Time period: 28072823 (?)
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: None?
Capital world: Circe?
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Wolverine Touman
Secret Service: Clan Wolverine Watch

One of the original twenty Clans, Clan Wolverine was Annihilated in the years after Operation Klondike, officially for having detonated nuclear devices to destroy a genetic repository of Clan Snow Raven and for opposing Nicholas Kerensky and the Clans as a whole. (The true story runs entirely different, but this is not known within the BattleTech universe.)

The Clans subsequently went to great lengths to purge Clan Wolverine from their history. They refer to the former Clan Wolverine only as the "Not-Named Clan". Instead of naming the "IIC"-style evolution of the Wolverine BattleMech (the Wolverine IIC), it was renamed the Conjurer (Hellhound). More than two hundred years after Clan Wolverine's annihilation, the mere comparison of a Clan warrior to an animal identified as wolverine, in a completely unrelated situation and by a person not accustomed to Clan society, was still considered a shocking insult that might elicit a violent response.[1]

Clan Totem[edit]

Clan Wolverine's namesake came from the Terran wolverine, a small predatory mammal, which was genetically engineered for the harsh conditions in Strana Mechty's tundra regions. On Strana Mechty, the wolverines grew in size and ferocity and were capable of taking on animals many times its size. The wolverine was noted for its unwillingness to back down from any challenge, a trait that Clan Wolverine's warriors eagerly adopted.[2]


Operation Klondike[edit]

Together with Clan Snow Raven, Clan Wolverine was assigned to Northern Circe, with both Clans fighting together to defeat the Sand Confederacy before starting to operate independently. While the Ravens fought the Empire of Hidalgo the Wolverines had several bloody clashes with a martial society called Rasmussen Elite, thug-like gangs of warriors with skills that matched the skill of the early Clan warriors, but with a lower quality of equipment and a fractured organization. Because of Rasmussen Elite warriors' prowess Khan Sarah McEvedy ordered coordinated tactics in contrast to the one-on-one engagements preferred by Nicholas Kerensky who later outlined these preferences into the rules of Zellbrigen. In this the Wolverine behavior was close to the SLDF "total warfare" tactics.[3] [4]

After the Rasmussen Elite was annihilated, Clan Wolverine and Clan Snow Raven fought together against the armed forces of Kerensky Dominion, when their previous ally turned their enemy after both clans used Kerensky Dominion warriors as cannon fodder instead of equal partners. The Battle of Bitter Tears, as the battle against Kerensky Dominion troops has been called, lasted three days, and left the Snow Raven ground forces in a somewhat ragged shape. Probably for this reason Khan McEvedy saw herself the senior officer at the final Northern Circe campaign - against the Davion-originated Isle of the Eagles - a fact that would only add to the later discord between the two Clans. Snow Raven ground forces suffered heavy losses in the campaign, even losing their saKhan in the fighting. The Snow Raven Khan even suspected that the Wolverines deliberately under-represented L'Isle des Aigles forces, souring relations between the two Clans even more.[3] [4]


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Unconfirmed Fate[edit]

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Inter-Clan rivalry would also play a part in allowing some of the Wolverines to escape. Aggrieved that that Clan Ghost Bear had been denied the honor of Annihilating them, when a small detachment of Wolverines attempted to take supplies from a hidden stockpile on one of Arcadia's small moons, a Ghost Bear patrol commanded by Star Captain Amon refused to raise the alarm and allowed them to escape untouched, the bitter Amon citing that as the Wolves had been given the honor of defeating them that it was not up to Bears to help them in this task. Amon made a deathbed confession of these events years later, triggering an outraged response from the Wolves and leading to an intense and everlasting grudge between both Clans. Viewing the shame of Amon's decision as a stain upon the honor of every member of their Clan, from that point on every Ghost Bear warrior swears an solemn oath that they hunt down any descendants of the Not-Named Clan that may surface, neglecting all other concerns until the task is finished. [5] [6]


The Not-Named-Clan and their unclear fate has spawned numerous canon rumors and conspiracy theories. They are thought to be linked to several in-universe mysteries.

Minnesota Tribe[edit]

In 2825, after Clan Wolverine's Annihilation, a strange but highly skilled unit using SLDF tactics, painted in Regular Army colors and bearing the insignia of the North American state of Minnesota, entered Draconis Combine space from the Deep Periphery. Dubbed the "Minnesota Tribe" for their insignia and fleet of military and civilian ships traveling with them, the mystery unit attacked a series of Combine worlds picking up supplies and personnel before disappearing as suddenly as they came, despite the efforts of the Combine and ComStar to track them. In the wake of the Clan Invasion, the coincidental timing of the Tribe's appearance in the year of the Wolverine's Annihilation and their use of SLDF tactics, colors and advanced BattleMechs led many to believe the "Minnesota Tribe" were the unaccounted survivors who fled Clan-space.[7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

The case was only reinforced after ComStar's public unveiling of much of its history in the wake of the Schism with the publication of a ROM report on the clothing worn by a Minnesota Tribe MechWarrior killed in the fighting on Richmond. Piloting a pristine Lancelot, the warrior was clad in a more advanced version of the SLDF's full body coolant suits which displayed two patches, the Minnesota tribe's insignia with the numbers "331" stitched on it, appearing to be a revised version of the insignia of the 331st Royal BattleMech Division, Sarah McEvedy's father's command, and the other of a white Terran Wolverine with bloodied fangs.[13]

Word of Blake cabal[edit]

During the Word of Blake Jihad, Chandrasekhar Kurita would supposedly uncover a series of unconfirmed documents of questionable provenance that apparently revealed the fate of the Wolverines. Indicating the survivors who fled Clan-space indeed reached the Inner Sphere as the so-called "Minnesota Tribe", the document claims that ComStar, rather than losing the trail met and offered the Wolverines refuge. Upon reaching Terra and settling on Mars, while many of the Wolverines were content to merely rest, scientist and leader of the exiled Clan's civilian population Peter Marillier forged a plan that would transform the Wolverines into a secret faction within ComStar The so-called Blood that would first aid then co-opt the organization from within, directing it to ultimate dominion over both the Inner Sphere and Clans.[14]

Despite a lack of any solid proof and large question marks as to its providence, Chandrasekhar Kurita and Devlin Stone would pass this document to Clan Ghost Bear in 3074, taking the Bears by complete surprise. While previously staying aloof from the maelstrom of the Jihad, the apparent revelation that their most sworn enemy were the driving force behind the Word of Blake prompted them to plunge full-force into the conflict. Despite Ghost Bear scientists genetically testing the remains of every Blakist defeated to try and authenticate the report, no conclusive evidence was ever found linking the Word of Blake to Clan Wolverine. [15]

The Fidelis[edit]

Emerging after the enactment of Fortress Republic, one of the more notable theories as to the origin of the mysterious Fidelis was that they were the remnants of Clan Wolverine fighting for the Republic of the Sphere. Those who believe this theory point to both the elite Clan warrior level skills in combat and ability to maintain Clan-tech shown by the Fidelis', as well as the near fanatical hatred displayed when facing Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf on the battlefield, unaware of the group's origin from an entirely different Annihilated Clan.


As one of the founding Clans, Clan Wolverine was among Kerensky's 800 warriors whose legacies and names were immortalized as Bloodnames, but following their Annihilation their exclusive Bloodnames were also expunged.[16]

The original forty warriors and thus the Bloodname founders of Clan Wolverine were:

Nicola Aamodt[17]
Hiroko Abrosimova[17]
Olga Artemev[17]
Carli Benedict[17]
Jan Bostick[17]
Zoltán Bremman[17]
Katarzyna Brentjes[17]
Richard Buckler[17]
Roger Callahan[17]
Mickaël Charikov[17]
Wang Clemence[17]
Mary Dobrev[17]
Stephen Ebon[17]
Yoelbi Fallstaff[17]
Rhoshii Frater[17]
Marcelo Gao[17]
Franklin Hallis[17]
Daniel Hammerick[17]
Mikhail Hennesy[17]
Mark Hollister[17]
Denys Jeannet[17]
Linda Kharlan[17]
Lu Kosh[17]
Karin Kumar[17]
Walter Mann[17]
Gregory Matsunaka[17]
Sarah McEvedy[17]
Nazmi Merino[17]
Kirsten Mroczkiewicz[17]
Ying Nikishina[17]
Marc Prigioni[17]
Roman Qiuqi[17]
Ólafur Rayson[17]
Dwight Robertson[17]
Matthias Sebrle[17]
Francis Sergent[17]
Nelson Sobral[17]
Abdullo Thomlinson[17]
Oleksandr Whitfield[17]
Sui Xi[17]


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