List of Bloodnames

This is a list of Bloodnames used by the Clans.

Examples of Exclusive Bloodnames[edit]

Examples of Non-exclusive Bloodnames[edit]

  • Redmond
  • Chi-Li
  • Phoushath
  • Kederk
  • Shu-Li

Listing of known Bloodnames[edit]

This listing is using information from prior to the Wars of Reaving. Please see the List_of_Bloodnames#Wars of Reaving Updates section for a more up to date status of Bloodnames of the remaining Clans.

Exclusive Bloodnames[edit]

Bloodname Clan
Kerensky Clan Wolf
Kell Clan Wolf (created by Ulric Kerensky and exclusive to Clan Wolf in Exile)
Ward Clan Wolf
Carns Clan Wolf
Radick Clan Wolf
Ch'in Clan Wolf
Fetladral Clan Wolf
Leroux Clan Wolf
Shaw Clan Wolf
Sradac Clan Wolf
Tutuola Clan Wolf
Vickers Clan Wolf
Binetti Clan Jade Falcon
Chistu Clan Jade Falcon
Fowler Clan Jade Falcon
Pryde Clan Jade Falcon
Von Jankmon Clan Jade Falcon
Mattlov Clan Jade Falcon
Hazen Clan Jade Falcon
Icaza Clan Jade Falcon
Buhallin Clan Jade Falcon
Thastus Clan Jade Falcon
Roshak Clan Jade Falcon
Helmar Clan Jade Falcon
Jorgensson Clan Ghost Bear
Kabrinsky Clan Ghost Bear
Bekker Clan Ghost Bear
Tseng Clan Ghost Bear
Bourjon Clan Ghost Bear
Gilmour Clan Ghost Bear
Devon Clan Ghost Bear
DelVillar Clan Ghost Bear
Hall Clan Ghost Bear
Gurdel Clan Ghost Bear
Snuka Clan Ghost Bear
Vong Clan Ghost Bear
Showers Clan Smoke Jaguar
Osis Clan Smoke Jaguar
Chrisholm Clan Smoke Jaguar
Furey Clan Smoke Jaguar
Kotare Clan Smoke Jaguar
Howell Clan Smoke Jaguar
Moon Clan Smoke Jaguar
Nevversen Clan Smoke Jaguar
Perez Clan Smoke Jaguar
Stiles Clan Smoke Jaguar
Wimmer Clan Smoke Jaguar
Wirth Clan Smoke Jaguar
Lewis Clan Blood Spirit
Boques Clan Blood Spirit
Schmitt Clan Blood Spirit
Campbell Clan Blood Spirit
Church Clan Blood Spirit
Cluff Clan Blood Spirit
Johns Clan Blood Spirit
Keller Clan Blood Spirit
McFadden Clan Blood Spirit
Pitcher Clan Blood Spirit
Yanez Clan Blood Spirit
Banacek Clan Star Adder
Cannon Clan Star Adder
Coloumbo Clan Star Adder
Gastoplv Clan Star Adder
Gena Clan Star Adder
Guidice Clan Star Adder
Holliday Clan Star Adder
Hutchinson Clan Star Adder
Lahiri Clan Star Adder
Lamounge Clan Star Adder
LaFarbe Clan Star Adder
Linn Clan Star Adder
Marghar Clan Star Adder
McMillan Clan Star Adder
Moreau Clan Star Adder
N'Buta Clan Star Adder
Nga Clan Star Adder
Opriq Clan Star Adder
Paik Clan Star Adder
Polczyk Clan Star Adder
Talasko Clan Star Adder
Truscott Clan Star Adder
Turgidson Clan Star Adder
Van Hounten Clan Star Adder
Amirault Clan Hell's Horses
Cobb Clan Hell's Horses
Cooper Clan Hell's Horses
DeLaurel Clan Hell's Horses
Dudzinsky Clan Hell's Horses
Dwelley Clan Hell's Horses
Fletcher Clan Hell's Horses
Houan Clan Hell's Horses
Johnston Clan Hell's Horses
Lassanerra Clan Hell's Horses
Mitchell Clan Hell's Horses
Ravenwater Clan Hell's Horses
Seidman Clan Hell's Horses
Arbuthnot Clan Goliath Scorpion
Baba Clan Goliath Scorpion
Ben-Shimon Clan Goliath Scorpion
Djerassi Clan Goliath Scorpion
Myers Clan Goliath Scorpion
Posavatz Clan Goliath Scorpion
Shaffer Clan Goliath Scorpion
Suvorov Clan Goliath Scorpion
Yeh Clan Goliath Scorpion
Cage Clan Ice Hellion
Hasbrin Clan Ice Hellion
Hordwon Clan Ice Hellion
Klien Clan Ice Hellion
Lienet Clan Ice Hellion
Montose Clan Ice Hellion
Norizuchi Clan Ice Hellion
Rood Clan Ice Hellion
Taney Clan Ice Hellion
Tyler Clan Ice Hellion
Wick Clan Ice Hellion
Ahmed Clan Steel Viper
Andrews Clan Steel Viper
Breen Clan Steel Viper
Chapman Clan Steel Viper
Cochraine Clan Steel Viper
Grimani Clan Steel Viper
Masters Clan Steel Viper
Mercer Clan Steel Viper
Moffat Clan Steel Viper
Roland Clan Steel Viper
Tamm Clan Steel Viper
Zalman Clan Steel Viper
Bavros Clan Nova Cat
Deleportas Clan Nova Cat
Devalis Clan Nova Cat
Drummond Clan Nova Cat
Lenardon Clan Nova Cat
Leroux Clan Nova Cat
Lossey Clan Nova Cat
Nostra Clan Nova Cat
Rosse Clan Nova Cat
West Clan Nova Cat
Winters Clan Nova Cat
Katayama Clan Nova Cat
Clarke Clan Diamond Shark
Coston Clan Diamond Shark
Faulk Clan Diamond Shark
Fowler Clan Diamond Shark
Hammond Clan Diamond Shark
Hawker Clan Diamond Shark
Horn Clan Diamond Shark
Kalasa Clan Diamond Shark
Maine Clan Diamond Shark
Nagasawa Clan Diamond Shark
Oshika Clan Diamond Shark
Rodriguez Clan Diamond Shark
Sennet Clan Diamond Shark
Vewas Clan Diamond Shark
Beckett Clan Cloud Cobra
Eakers Clan Cloud Cobra
Hobbs Clan Cloud Cobra
Kardaan Clan Cloud Cobra
Khatib Clan Cloud Cobra
Mannix Clan Cloud Cobra
Morales Clan Cloud Cobra
Quong Clan Cloud Cobra
Riaz Clan Cloud Cobra
Spaatz Clan Cloud Cobra
Steiner Clan Cloud Cobra
Telinov Clan Cloud Cobra
Beyl Clan Fire Mandrill
Carrol Clan Fire Mandrill
Farraday Clan Fire Mandrill
Goulet Clan Fire Mandrill
Jannik Clan Fire Mandrill
Kline Clan Fire Mandrill
Kreese Clan Fire Mandrill
Lopez Clan Fire Mandrill
Lynn Clan Fire Mandrill
Mattila Clan Fire Mandrill
Mick Clan Fire Mandrill
Payne Clan Fire Mandrill
Sainze Clan Fire Mandrill
Tanaga Clan Fire Mandrill
Heller Clan Coyote
Jerricho Clan Coyote
Koga Clan Coyote
Levien Clan Coyote
McTighe Clan Coyote
Nash Clan Coyote
Steele Clan Coyote
Tchernovkov Clan Coyote
Chand Clan Snow Raven
Cooper Clan Snow Raven
Crow Clan Snow Raven
Harper Clan Snow Raven
Howe Clan Snow Raven
Lankenau Clan Snow Raven
Magnus Clan Snow Raven
McCorkell Clan Snow Raven
McKenna Clan Snow Raven
Shu Clan Snow Raven
Siegel Clan Snow Raven
Sukhanov Clan Snow Raven

List of Bloodnames, Including Non-Exclusive[edit]

Below is a list of greater than 450 identified Clan bloodnames, listed in alphabetical order and unsorted by Clan or service. Please note that 803 bloodlines existed immediately after Operation Klondike, and through Reaving and (rare) additions, 682 exist prior to the Annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar :


Ahmed Clan Steel Viper exclusive

Ahmad Clan Steel Viper

Aliychuk Clan Hell's Horses

Amirault Clan Hell's Horses

Andersen Clan Star Adder

Andrews Clan Steel Viper exclusive

Angharobis Clan Fire Mandrill

Anu Clan Hell's Horses

ar-Rashid Clan Goliath Scorpion

Arbuthnot Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

Arbott Clan Sea Fox

Arlond Clan Sea Fox

Attwater Clan Nova Cat

Banacek Clan Star Adder exclusive

Bar-Fetstein Clan Cloud Cobra

Baba Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

Ban-Chu Clan Jade Falcon

Bavros Clan Nova Cat exclusive

Bazso Clan Ghost Bear

Beckett Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive


Bekker Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Ben-Shimon Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

Beyl Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Binetti Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Blackburn Clan Blood Spirit

Boit Clan Hell's Horses

Boques Clan Blood Spirit exclusive

Borghev Clan Diamond Shark

Bosma Clan Blood Spirit

Bourjon Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Bowen Clan Smoke Jaguar

Bragg Clan Ice Hellion

Brak Clan Jade Falcon

Breen Clan Steel Viper exclusive

Brown Clan Hell's Horses

Budõlin Clan Hell's Horses

Buhallin Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Bukannon Clan Steel Viper

Bullin Clan Nova Cat

Burns Clan Hell's Horses

Bush Clan Fire Mandrill

Cage Clan Ice Hellion exclusive

Callaghan Clan Snow Raven, Clan Steel Viper

Camejo Clan Hell's Horses

Campbell Clan Blood Spirit exclusive

Cannon Clan Star Adder exclusive

Carmichael Clan Blood Spirit

Carns Clan Wolf exclusive

Carrera Clan Ghost Bear: MechWarrior

Carrol Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Carson Clan Mongoose

Cathis Clan Star Adder

Ch’in Clan Wolf exclusive

Cha-Regner Clan Jade Falcon


Chan Clan Jade Falcon



Chi-Li Clan Jade Falcon

Chistu Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Chrisholm Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive

Christofferson Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Chu Clan Blood Spirit

Chu-Li Clan Jade Falcon

Church Clan Blood Spirit exclusive

Clarke Clan Sea Fox

Clearwater Clan Coyote

Clees Clan Jade Falcon


Cobb Clan Hell's Horses exclusive


Cole Clan Snow Raven

Collesano Clan Goliath Scorpion

Columbo Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)

Conners Clan Wolf

Connery Clan Star Adder

Cooper Clan Snow Raven

Cooper Clan Hell's Horses

Corbett Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive


Cote Clan Ghost Bear

Crichell Clan Jade Falcon

Crow Clan Snow Raven

D’Amone Clan Snow Raven

Danforth Clan Cloud Cobra, Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Coyote, Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)

Daniels Clan Jade Falcon

Danvers Clan Wolf

Davis Clan Mongoose

Deleportis (Deleportas)

DelVillar Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

deBaca Clan Blood Spirit

deLaurel Clan Hell's Horses exclusive

DeLeon Clan Jade Falcon

deLuca Clan Blood Spirit: MechWarrior

deMarque Clan Snow Raven, Clan Star Adder

deVega Clan Wolf

Demos Clan Wolf

DesCastris Clan Smoke Jaguar

Devalis Clan Nova Cat exclusive

Devon Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Dinour Clan Goliath Scorpion

Djerassi Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

Drake Clan Jade Falcon

Drewsivitch Clan Coyote

Drummond Clan Nova Cat exclusive

Dubczeck Clan Wolf

Dudzinsky Clan Hell's Horses

Dumont Clan Steel Viper, Clan Blood Spirit


Eagle Clan Jade Falcon


Earle Clan Star Adder

Elam Clan Goliath Scorpion

Eodrap Clan Jade Falcon

Erikson Clan Diamond Shark

Faraday Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive


Feng Clan Jade Falcon

Fetladral Clan Wolf exclusive

Fischer Clan Jade Falcon

Fitzsimmons Clan Ghost Bear

Fletcher Clan Hell's Horses exclusive

Folkner Clan Jade Falcon

Fore Clan Jade Falcon

Forrester Clan Ghost Bear

Fowler Clan Jade Falcon

Freelander Clan Smoke Jaguar

Friedman Clan Cloud Cobra

Furey Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive: General

Gaiba Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)

Galen Clan Blood Spirit

Gastopiv Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)


Gerard Clan Steel Viper

Ghiberti Clan Diamond Shark

Gilmour Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Gohcourt Clan Wolf

Gonzales Clan Wolf

Gorga Clan Jade Falcon

Goulet Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Grant Clan Hell's Horses, Clan Coyote, Clan Fire Mandrill share after a joint Horses-Coyote operation destroyed Kindraa Smythe-Jewell

Graves Clan Star Adder

Greenhalgh (Clan Mongoose)

Grey Smoke Jaguar

Grimaldi Clan Steel Viper


Grimheald Clan Hell's Horses

Gritas Clan Nova Cat

Gruber Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Guidice Clan Star Adder exclusive

Guilli Clan Jade Falcon

Gurdel Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Hakimi Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Snow Raven

Hall Clan Wolf, Clan Ghost Bear

Hallik Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)

Hallis Clan Wolverine exclusive

Halstead Clan Cloud Cobra

Hambash Clan Ghost Bear: MechWarrior

Hammond Clan Diamond Shark exclusive

Hand Clan Snow Raven

Hannifan Clan Ghost Bear

Hardo Clan Nova Cat

Harlow Clan Ghost Bear

Harper Clan Snow Raven exclusive


Hartford Clan Steel Viper, Clan Snow Raven


Hawker Clan Diamond Shark-- Khan Vlad Ward of Clan Wolf successfully won genetic material from Shark Khan Ian Hawker, thus throwing the Sharks' exclusivity of the bloodname into contest.

Hawkins Clan Ghost Bear

Hazen Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Hedemeyer Clan Cloud Cobra

Heller Clan Coyote exclusive

Helmer Clan Jade Falcon exclusive


Higall Clan Nova Cat

Hildenrath Clan Smoke Jaguar

Hill Clan Coyote

Hobbes Clan Cloud Cobra

Hoffman Clan Coyote

Holliday Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock) exclusive

Hollifield Clan Coyote

Homaovi Clan Ghost Bear



Hoskins Clan Steel Viper


Howe Clan Snow Raven

Howell Clan Snow Raven originally[1] later seen in Clan Smoke Jaguar

Hoyt Clan Jade Falcon

Huddock Clan Jade Falcon

Huntsig Clan Ghost Bear

Hutchinson Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock) exclusive

Icaza Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Iler Clan Hell's Horses

Irons Clan Jade Falcon

Isha Clan Jade Falcon

Ismiril Clan Smoke Jaguar

Ito Clan Steel Viper

Jamal Clan Cloud Cobra



Jennings Clan Wolf

Jerricho Clan Coyote

Jewell Clan Hell's Horses, Clan Coyote, Clan Fire Mandrill share after a joint Horses-Coyote operation destroyed Kindraa Smythe-Jewell



Jorgensson Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Kabrinski Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Kaczuk Clan Cloud Cobra

Kalasa Clan Diamond Shark exclusive

Kardaan Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive

Karrige Clan Widowmaker, reaved in 2823

Kautz Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Kebede Clan Hell's Horses


Kederk Clan Cloud Cobra

Kell Clan Wolf-in-Exile exclusive


Kemp Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Wolf

Kerderk Clan Wolf

Kerensky Clan Wolf exclusive


Kissiel Clan Wolf

Khatib Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive

Kielman Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Kingston Clan Cloud Cobra

Kinnison Clan Steel Viper, reaved due to mediocrity

Kirov Clan Goliath Scorpion

Kline Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Koga Clan Coyote

Komolosi Clan Fire Mandrill

Kon-Dakar Clan Cloud Cobra

Kostas Clan Nova Cat

Kotare Clan Smoke Jaguar elemental

Kozyrev Clan Coyote

Kreese Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Krems Clan Wolf


Kufahl Clan Coyote

Kyle Clan Jade Falcon

Labov Clan Diamond Shark

Lahiri Clan Star Adder exclusive

Lamongue Clan Goliath Scorpion

Lanknau Clan Snow Raven exclusive


LeFabre Clan Star Adder exclusive


Leroux Clan Nova Cat exclusive

Levi Clan Smoke Jaguar

Levien Clan Coyote exclusive


Liang Clan Hell's Horses

Lienet Clan Ice Hellion



Loris (Clan Mongoose)


Lovenski Clan Jade Falcon


Lynn Clan Fire Mandrill

MacKenzie Clan Ghost Bear

Magnus Clan Snow Raven


Malthus Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Mandaka Clan Jade Falcon

Mannix Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive

Marghar Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock) exclusive

Markopolous Clan Coyote

Martindale Clan Star Adder, (Clan Mongoose)

Masino Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Masters Clan Goliath Scorpion

Matthews Clan Steel Viper

Mattila Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Mattlov Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Mazzoni Clan Hell's Horses

McCaig Clan Jade Falcon

McCloud Clan Cloud Cobra

McCorkell Clan Snow Raven


McEvedy Clan Wolverine (annihilated)

McFadden Clan Blood Spirit

McKenna Clan Snow Raven exclusive

McKibben Clan Wolf, Clan Coyote

McMillan Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)

McTiernan Clan Snow Raven

McTighe Clan Coyote

Mehta Clan Wolf

Memba Clan Ghost Bear: MechWarrior

Mendoza Clan Hell's Horses

Mercer Clan Coyote exclusive

Merrell Clan Snow Raven

Meytani Clan Jade Falcon

Mick Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Mikino Clan Star Adder

Mitchell Clan Hell's Horses exclusive

Mitshan Clan Ghost Bear: MechWarrior

Moffat Clan Blood Spirit, reaved 2821

Moiseyev Clan Hell's Horses

Monet Clan Steel Viper

Montizima Clan Smoke Jaguar

Montose Clan Ice Hellion exclusive

Moon Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive

Moore Clan Ice Hellion exclusive

Moran Clan Snow Raven

Morales Clan Cloud Cobra

Moreau Clan Star Adder exclusive (absorbed from Clan Burrock), highly coveted by Clan Goliath Scorpion for little more than vanity; though completely unrelated, Ethan Moreau became the first Loremaster of Clan Goliath Scorpion after becoming a bondsman following Operation Klondike

Morel Clan Goliath Scorpion

Morris Clan Nova Cat

Murphy Clan Hell's Horses


Myers Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

N’Buta Clan Burrock exclusive until absorption by Clan Star Adder

Nagasawa Clan Diamond Shark exclusive

Nash Clan Coyote

Neely Clan Hell's Horses

Nevversan Clan Smoke Jaguar

Newclay Clan Jade Falcon

Nga Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)

Nguyi Clan Star Adder

Norizuchi Clan Ice Hellion exclusive

Noruff Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Wolf

Norris Clan Cloud Cobra

Nostra Clan Nova Cat exclusive

Nuyriev Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Coyote: Aerospace Pilot

Nygren Clan Wolf

O'Reilly Clan Hell's Horses

Obecy Clan Jade Falcon

Omid Clan Ghost Bear

Opriq Clan Goliath Scorpion

Oriega Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock) Clan Jade Falcon

Oritz Clan Ghost Bear

Osborne Clan Blood Spirit

Oshika Clan Sea Fox

Osis Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive

Ott Clan Jade Falcon

Paik Clan Star Adder exclusive

Parker Clan Wolf

Patrick Clan Steel Viper

Patterson Clan Snow Raven

Payne Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Peck Clan Hell's Horses

Perez Clan Smoke Jaguar

Pershaw Clan Star Adder Clan Jade Falcon

Pham Clan Goliath Scorpion naval, unknown if present in other Clans

Phoushath Clan Star Adder

Pitcher Clan Blood Spirit

Pogue Clan Ice Hellion

Poiltas Clan Nova Cat

Polcyzk Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock) exclusive

Posavatz Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

Prentice Clan Jade Falcon

Priddy Clan Hell's Horses

Pryde Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Purchase Clan Hell's Horses

Pyre Clan Jade Falcon

Quesnel Clan Jade Falcon

Quong Clan Cloud Cobra

Qwabe Clan Jade Falcon

Radick Clan Wolf

Ravenwater Clan Hell's Horses

Redmond (Clan Jade Falcon)

Regner (Clan Jade Falcon)

Reinhold (Clan Wolf, possibly contested by Clan Snow Raven)

Reisch (Clan Star Adder)

Rhyde Clan Wolf

Riaz Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive

Richardson (Clan Wolf)

Rickard Clan Hell's Horses

Riley (Clan Mongoose)

Robbin Clan Coyote

Robinson Clan Hell's Horses

Rodriguez Clan Cloud Cobra


Rood Clan Ice Hellion exclusive

Rosanske Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Roshak Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Rosse Clan Nova Cat exclusive

Roul Clan Snow Raven

Rowbotham Clan Hell's Horses

Running-Elk Clan Jade Falcon, contested by Clan Steel Viper


Sainze Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Salina Clan Wolf

Sanders Clan Wolf

Schmitt Clan Blood Spirit exclusive

Schroeder Clan Wolf

Schtern Clan Diamond Shark

Schuetz Clan Star Adder

Scott Clan Goliath Scorpion


Sender Clan Wolf exclusive

Sennet Clan Sea Fox

Shaffer Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

Shambag Clan Jade Falcon

Sharrete Clan Smoke Jaguar

Shaw Clan Wolf exclusive

Sherbow Clan Wolf

Shi-Lu Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Star Adder

Showers Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive


Shu-Li Clan Jade Falcon



Silva Clan Ghost Bear

Sinclair Clan Steel Viper

Skyes Clan Coyote

Smith Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Smythe Clan Hell's Horses, Clan Coyote, Clan Fire Mandrill share after a joint Horses-Coyote operation destroyed Kindraa Smythe-Jewell

Snuka Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Solomon Clan Jade Falcon

Sonoma Clan Jade Falcon

Spaatz Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive

Spaunn Clan Jade Falcon

Sradac Clan Wolf exclusive

Starskiy Clan Coyote

Steding Clan Hell's Horses

Steele Clan Coyote exclusive

Steiner Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive

Stiles Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive, gained by Clan Wolf during the Jaguar's annihilation: Aerospace Pilot

Stims Clan Wolf

Stoklas Clan Steel Viper

Sukhanov Clan Snow Raven exclusive


Sustan Clan Jade Falcon

Suvorov Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive

Taglieri Clan Star Adder (Clan Burrock)

Talasko Clan Star Adder exclusive


Tamzarian Clan Coyote

Tanaga Clan Fire Mandrill exclusive

Taney Clan Ice Hellion exclusive

Tangen Clan Coyote exclusive, reaved 2976

Tchernovkov Clan Coyote exclusive

Telinov Clan Cloud Cobra exclusive

Thastus Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Thibaudeau Clan Steel Viper

Thompson Clan Hell's Horses

Tinn Clan Wolf

Tlavnic Clan Coyote

Truscott Clan Star Adder exclusive

Tseng Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Topol Clan Coyote

Torc Clan Wolf

Torshi Clan Wolf

Turgidson Clan Star Adder

Tutuola Clan Wolf exclusive

Turiza Clan Cloud Cobra


Uston Clan Jade Falcon

Van Houton Clan Star Adder exclusive

Varga Clan Steel Viper

Vargras Clan Jade Falcon

Vewas Clan Sea Fox

Vickers Clan Wolf exclusive

Vishio Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Blood Spirit

Visla Clan Jade Falcon

Vodermark Clan Widowmaker

Von Jankmon Clan Jade Falcon exclusive

Vong Clan Ghost Bear exclusive

Wallace Clan Wolf

Ward Clan Wolf exclusive

Waters Clan Snow Raven


Weaver Clan Smoke Jaguar

Weißenborn Clan Ghost Bear (founder Sergio Weißenborn)

Weißenborn Clan Hell's Horses (founder Sergio Krisztian)

West Clan Nova Cat exclusive

Whull Clan Wolf



Wimmer Clan Smoke Jaguar exclusive

Winson Clan Wolf, Clan Blood Spirit

Winters Clan Smoke Jaguar

Wirth Clan Smoke Jaguar, gained by Clan Wolf during the annihilation of the Jaguars: MechWarrior

Xing Clan Fire Mandrill


Yeh Clan Goliath Scorpion exclusive


Yoot Clan Jade Falcon


Yung Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Coyote, Clan Diamond Shark

Zadok Clan Blood Spirit

Zalman Clan Steel Viper exclusive

Zeira Clan Cloud Cobra

Zuijdweg Clan Hell's Horses

Zukov Clan Steel Viper

Zucal Clan Jade Falcon

Zywot Clan Jade Falcon

Eliminated Bloodnames[edit]

Sometimes Bloodnames are eliminated forever. The following is an incomplete list of those names and the events surrounding their destruction.

Clan Wolverine Bloodnames[edit]

In 2823, Clan Wolverine underwent a Trial of Annihilation that was carried out by their fellow Clans. All of their Bloodnames were eliminated from the clan eugenics program. They include:

  • Aamodt
  • Abrosimova
  • Artemev
  • Benedict
  • Bostick
  • Bremman
  • Brentjes
  • Buckler
  • Callahan
  • Charikov
  • Clemence
  • Dobrev
  • Ebon
  • Fallstaff
  • Fraser
  • Gao
  • Hallis
  • Hammerick
  • Hennesy
  • Hollister
  • Jeannet
  • Kharlan
  • Kosh
  • Kumar
  • Mann
  • Matsunaka
  • McEvedy
  • Meriño
  • Mroczkiewicz
  • Nikishina
  • Prigioni
  • Qiuqi
  • Rayson
  • Robertson
  • Sebrle
  • Sergent
  • Sobral
  • Thomlinson
  • Whitfield
  • Xi

Clan Widowmaker Bloodnames[edit]

Also in 2823, the Khan of Clan Widowmaker was discovered to have manipulated many of the events that led to the Wolverine's Annihilation. As such, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky Reaved his Bloodname:

  • Karrige

After the Absorption of Clan Widowmaker by Clan Wolf, many depopulated Bloodnames would never be activated in the Clan eugenics program, effectively Reaving them. But there were a few noted exceptions of Widowmaker warriors who redeemed their lines by skill and repentance of their former Clan's tainted ways.[2]

Clan Coyote Bloodnames[edit]

In 2976, Clan Coyote was forced to deal with an insurrection that would become known as the Blood Scandal. The resulting Trial of Annihilation and subsequent reaving of various bloodlines left eight Bloodname Houses were completely devastated. The names of the traitors were stricken from Clan history, though past Bloodnamed warriors born of these lines who had died for Clan Coyote were still remembered for their deeds. The eight reaved Bloodnames were:

  • Christofferson
  • Gruber
  • Kautz
  • Kielman
  • Masina
  • Rosanske
  • Smith
  • Tangen

Clan Smoke Jaguar Bloodnames[edit]

In 3061, the Inner Sphere routed Clan Smoke Jaguar from their Occupation Zone in the Inner Sphere and attacked them on their homeworld of Huntress. The other Clans smelled blood and quickly moved to seize other Jaguar holdings in the Kerensky Cluster and Pentagon Worlds. The last Jaguar forces were defeated by Victor Steiner-Davion in the Great Refusal. Some of the once-exclusively Smoke Jaguar Bloodnames live on in the other Clans, but some also appear to have been destroyed. They include:

  • Chrisholm: AeroSpace Pilot
  • Moon: Elemental (Star Colonel Logan Moon was captured as isorla by Clan Wolf-in-Exile in 3059,[3] but whether or not his genetic legacy lived on remains to be seen).
  • Nevvarsan: Elemental
  • Perez: Elemental
  • Furey: General
  • Kotare: General
  • Osis: MechWarrior (* - see below)
  • Showers: MechWarrior
  • Wimmer: MechWarrior
  • There are two Osis bloodnames, the first a MechWarrior phenotype that originated with Franklin Osis [4] and the second, a presumably Elemental phenotype, originated with Terrisa Osis. [5] The second is the bloodline of Lincoln Osis, and was presumably not exclusive to Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Wars of Reaving Updates[edit]

These lists are the major Bloodname heritages that are held in exclusivity by the Homeworld Clans and the Council of Six Clans as of 3085. Bloodnames that are not listed are to be considered of minor usage or rendered dormant within the eugenics program. Bloodnames marked with a (*) have a Bloodcount of five or less active Bloodrights. [6]

Exclusive Bloodnames of the Homeworld Clans[edit]

Escorpión Imperio[edit]

General Mechwarrior Elemental Aerospace
Dinour Myers Baba Ben-Shimon
Kirov Norizuchi Shaffer
Elam Posavatz
Rood Yeh

Clan Cloud Cobra[edit]

General Mechwarrior Elemental Aerospace ProtoMech
Cage Lienet Djerassi Kardaan Hobbes*
Crow Riaz* Mannix Spaatz Tyler
Khatib* Tellinov Quong*

Clan Coyote[edit]

General Mechwarrior Elemental Aerospace
Nash* Jerricho* Heller Gruber
McKibben* Kozyrev Kautz Masino
Rosanke Mercer* Roland McTighe

Clan Star Adder[edit]

General Mechwarrior Elemental Aerospace ProtoMech
Banacek Andrews* Cannon Columbo Columbo*
Breen* LeFabre Holliday Gena Nga*
Guidice Linn* Opriq* Lahiri*
Hutchinson Truscott Paik

Clan Stone Lion[edit]

General Mechwarrior Elemental Aerospace ProtoMech
Cobb Lassenerra Houan Bolt Grimheald
Mutola Moffat Montose* Cochraine Dannvers
Ravenwater Steding Dwelley

Shared non-Exclusive Bloodnames of the Homeworld Clans[edit]

Bloodname Clans
Ahmed Clan Coyote | Clan Stone Lion
Arbuthnot Escorpión Imperio | Clan Cloud Cobra
Daniels* Clan Cloud Cobra | Clan Star Adder
Elam Escorpión Imperio | Clan Cloud Cobra
Grimani Escorpión Imperio | Clan Coyote | Clan Star Adder
Hasbrin Escorpión Imperio | Clan Cloud Cobra
Hordwon Escorpión Imperio | Clan Cloud Cobra | Clan Stone Lion
Hoskins* Escorpión Imperio | Clan Star Adder
Klien Escorpión Imperio | Clan Cloud Cobra
Koga Clan Coyote | Clan Stone Lion | Clan Star Adder
Levien Clan Coyote | Clan Stone Lion | Clan Cloud Cobra
Masters Clan Cloud Cobra | Clan Stone Lion | Clan Star Adder
Mikino* Clan Stone Lion | Clan Star Adder
Moore Escorpión Imperio | Clan Cloud Cobra
Moreau Clan Stone Lion | Clan Star Adder
N’Buta Clan Cloud Cobra | Clan Star Adder
Steele Clan Coyote | Clan Stone Lion
Suvorov Escorpión Imperio | Clan Cloud Cobra
Wick Clan Cloud Cobra | Clan Star Adder
Winson* Clan Cloud Cobra | Clan Stone Lion | Clan Star Adder (Genefather only)

Exclusive Bloodnames of the Council of Six Clans[edit]

Clan Diamond Shark[edit]

General Mechwarrior Elemental Aerospace ProtoMech
Clarke Hammond* Coston* Nagasawa Fowler*
Kalasa Rodriguez Maine Sutherland
Sennet* Oshika Dwelley

Ghost Bear Dominion[edit]

General Mechwarrior Elemental Aerospace
Gurdel Bekker DelVillar Bourjon
Magnusson Hall Kabrinski Devon
Snuka* Jorgensson Vong*

Clan Hell’s Horses[edit]

Clan Jade Falcon[edit]

Clan Snow Raven[edit]

Clan Wolf[edit]

Shared non-Exclusive Bloodnames of the Council of Six Clans[edit]

Bloodname Clans
Cooper Clan Snow Raven | Clan Wolf
Faulk Clan Diamond Shark | Clan Jade Falcon | Clan Snow Raven
Gilmour Clan Ghost Bear | Clan Wolf | Clan Snow Raven
Hawker Clan Diamond Shark | Clan Ghost Bear | Clan Hell’s Horses | Clan Wolf
Horn Clan Diamond Shark | Clan Jade Falcon
Icaza Clan Jade Falcon | Clan Hell’s Horses | Clan Ghost Bear
Lankenau Clan Wolf | Clan Hell’s Horses | Clan Ghost Bear (Genefather only)
Lassenerra Clan Hell’s Horses | Clan Snow Raven
Mehta Clan Wolf | Clan Hell’s Horses | Clan Jade Falcon
Sender Clan Wolf | Clan Diamond Shark | Clan Jade Falcon | Clan Snow Raven
Sradac Clan Ghost Bear | Clan Wolf
Thastus Clan Ghost Bear | Clan Diamond Shark | Clan Jade Falcon
Vewas Clan Diamond Shark | Clan Hell’s Horses | Clan Snow Raven


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