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  • February: A Trial of Absorption begins between Clan Burrock and Clan Star Adder.
  • February 14th: Clan Blood Spirit launches attacks against former Clan Burrock enclaves on Priori and Albion.
  • July 1st: The Harvest Trials begin.
  • August 13th: Clan Nova Cat defects to the Star League which leads to its Abjurement.
  • November 15th: Most Harvest Trials ended.
  • Kai Allard-Liao leads the 1st St. Ives Lancers during Operation Bulldog.
  • Phelan Kell leads three Clusters against the Sixth Jaguar Dragoons on Labrea as part of Operation Bulldog.
  • Smoke Jaguar forces in the Inner Sphere flee to the Homeworlds.



  • June Galaxy Commander Jin Mehta is killed in combat on Asgard.
  • August Galaxy Commander William Perez is killed in combat on Luzerne.
  • August 5th: Mikhail Ward is killed in combat with Shin Yodama on Outer Volta.
  • Duke George Hasek becomes the regional command director of the Capellan March.
  • Alys Rousset-Marik enters Princefield Academy.