Laser Anti-Missile System

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Sketch of the Clan Laser Anti-Missile System


Researched first by Clan Wolf in 3045, (in production by 3048) and by the Federated Commonwealth in 3054 (in production by 3059), the Laser Anti-Missile System (LAMS) is an advanced variation of the standard Anti-Missile Systems fielded by both Inner Sphere and Clan militaries. While the standard system utilizes a machine gun linked to specialized tracking systems, the LAMS uses a Small Pulse Laser, ensuring that the system never runs out of ammunition. It still has the same effect of reducing the roll on the cluster table by 4, however a laser system destroys the entire incoming volley on a net result of 1 or less.[1]

While solving the frequent lament of the ammunition dependent standard system, the disadvantage is that even with the strength of each laser pulse reduced to the minimum required to destroy missiles, the heat build-up is much more significant.

The LAMS can be mounted both on BattleMechs and vehicles. As its heat build-up is high, the unit with an LAMS must carry enough heat sinks to counter the higher output it produces (5 heat points for Clan, 7 for Inner Sphere).


The Laser AMS is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by Reference
McArthur Laser-X AMS Solaris Doctor Géné Lyndon SP1-X Spatha [2]
Beamsplitter Twycross DS Aero Assembly Site Rho Hydaspes 3 [3]


Game Notes[edit]

The LAMS has a BV (2.0) of 45.[4]


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