Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha

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Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Csesztreg
Primary Products Battle Armor


Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha is a Clan Hell's Horses manufacturer. Based on Csesztreg, it suffered no losses of personnel in the Jihad and was operating at 80% of its maximum output in 3079.[1] By 3145, there was a supplemental production facility named Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha Annex which apparently specialized in QuadVees.[2]


Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Csesztreg:[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Elemental II[3] Medium Battle Armor (as of 3084)[10]
Incubus II[4] Light BattleMech (as of 3085)[11]
Cygnus[6] Assault BattleMech (as of 3075)[12]
Hellstar[5][6] Assault BattleMech (as of 3079)[13]
Loki Mk II[8] Heavy OmniMech (as of 3121)[14]
Arion[15] Light QuadVee (As of 3136)[16]
Boreas[7] Heavy Omni-QuadVee (As of 3132)[17]
Cyllaros[18] Medium QuadVee (As of 3136)[19]
Harpagos[20] Heavy QuadVee (As of 3136)[21]
Notos[22] Heavy Omni-QuadVee (As of 3145)[23]
Model MH-26 Endo Steel Incubus II[4]
T-E H65 Omni Loki Mk II[8]
Type MA-58 Endo Steel Hellstar[5]
Fusion Engine - XL
GM 380 XL Hellstar[5]
Model SF-3 XL Loki Mk II[8]
Fusion 240 XL Incubus II[4]
Jump Jets
Clan Light Series Mk. II w/Partial Wing Incubus II[4]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Royal-7 Standard Hellstar[5]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Compound H17 Ferro-Fibrous Incubus II[4] & Loki Mk II[8]
Communications System
CH2 Series Integrated Incubus II[4]
CH2B Alpha-Com Loki Mk II[8]
CH6 Series Integrated Hellstar[5]
Targeting-Tracking System
Hunter (7a) Dedicated TTS Hellstar[5]
Gamma Version-V TTS w/Light Active Probe Incubus II[4]
Version Delta-II TTS(A) Loki Mk II[8]
Ripper Series A1 Hellstar[5]
ER Medium Pulse Laser
Series PPS-XIX Incubus II[4]
Laser Anti-Missile System
Type M1 Incubus II[4]


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