Production information
Manufacturer Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha Annex
Production Year 3136[1]
Model Standard
Class Medium QuadVee
Introduced 3136
Technical specifications
Mass 55 tons
Chassis Csesztreg QuadVee 55.4 Endo Steel
Armor Compound H17 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 275 Fusion
Communications System CH2 Series Integrated
Targeting Tracking System Version Gamma-V TTS
Heat Sinks 10 [20] (Laser)
Speed 86 kph km/h
Jump Jets None

1x LRM 15
2x Improved Heavy Medium Lasers
2x AP Gauss Rifles

BV (2.0) 1,450[2][3][4]


The Cyllaros is a Medium-class Hybrid Combat Vehicle/BattleMech known as a QuadVee. The first production model of its kind, the Cyllaros was a proof of concept for this type of combat unit. Conceived by the scientist and techs castes of the Clan Hell's Horses, the unit's creation was not well received by many among the warriors castes of the other Clans within the Inner Sphere.

The Cyllaros was designed to merge the best qualities of the tracked Combat Vehicles and quadruped BattleMechs. Some of its usual and unique design features included its 2-man cockpit and unusual torso-like turret. In its first action on the world of Derf, the Cyllaros saw its first trial by fire against Clan Jade Falcon in a Trial of Possession for stockpile of armor in 3136. Horses bided a Binary of troops fight the trial, a pair of Cyllaros included in an all QuadVee Star. In this first combat action, QuadVees fared poorly with four being destroyed, including both Cyllaros.

Despite the Cyllaros' defeat in combat, Horses would continue the produce the 'Mech and its other kin as part on going experimentation of the concept. The Cyllaros and others would be deployed fill in secondary line Galaxies in the Horse's Touman. After a decade of service since its introduction, Cyllaros would be seen in action few times. Cyllaros was included with Hell's Horses efforts to claim abandoned Clan Wolf worlds in their Occupation Zone. These forces included Epsilon Galaxy which was assigned number of QuadVees fought skirmishes with Clan Ghost Bear. Cyllaros would prove that it was serviceable in combat, despite its short comings.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Cyllaros is designed to move a maximum speed of 86 kph in either its Vehicle or 'Mech mode. Powered by a 275-rated Fusion Engine, unit's movement can keep up contemporary units of its weight class. Like others of its kind, damage to the Cyllaros's motor system is not easily disables the unit unlike conventional vehicles. Should its tracks be destroyed, the Cyllaros can transform into its 'Mech configuration and continue to move. Same goes if should its gyro should get damaged or even destroyed, it simply can become a vehicle to overcome its problem with the gyro. The Cyllaros's hull is protected by modest layering of 7.5 tons of Compound H17 Ferro-Fibrous armor.

The 'Mech's two-man cockpit allows for its dedicated Gunner to be able target multiple targets (three) without penalties. However, unlike other QuadVees, the Cyllaros cockpit was design to separate its crew from one another. This separation from one another, would prove to be one of the 'Mech failings.

The Cyllaros weaponry are all mounted in the 'Mech's turret like torsos. The Type XV “Crossbow” LRM-15 Launcher found in the center torso serves as 'Mech's long-range weapon. In the intermediate combat ranges, the Cyllaros's twin Model Vi Improved Heavy Medium Lasers are able to inflict significant damage on opponents engage it. Help cope with infantry, the Tau-II Anti-personnel Gauss Rifles take down possible threats to the 'Mech. The unit's crew is protected by 'Mech's built-in CASE to safeguard from potential weapons and ammunition detonations.[2]


In the Alpha Strike Rules set for BattleTech, the Cyllaros has been given Point Value of 15, with Specials including Turret(4/4/1, IF1), IF1, ECM, CASE, and QV.[5]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Cyllaros has the following Design Quirks:


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