Production information
Manufacturer WC Site 1[1],
Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha[1]
Production Year 3079
Class Assault
Cost 25,873,900 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 95 tons
Chassis Type MA-58 Endo Steel
Armor Royal-7 Standard
Engine Fusion 380 XL
Communications System CH6 Series Integrated
Targeting Tracking System Hunter (7a) Dedicated TTS
Heat Sinks 30 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 64 km/h

4x ER PPCs

BV (2.0) 3,084 [1]


Somewhat of a departure from most Clan BattleMechs, the Hellstar is a long-running campaign workhorse rather than the quick-and-deadly striker usually used in Clan warfare.

A continuation of the collaboration between Clan Hell's Horses and the Exiled Wolves on Arc-Royal during the Jihad which resulted in the Cygnus, a machine based on the earlier Annihilator, the Hellstar is more or less a Clan Awesome. Introduced in 3079, the Wolves-in-Exile and Hell's Horses maintained exclusive production of the effective 'Mech since, with the largest number outside the ranks of their toumans being the relatively few examples the new-born Republic of the Sphere salvaged from the battlefields of Operation SCOUR.[1]

Built on a weight-saving Endo Steel frame and 380-rated XL Fusion Engine, the Hellstar boasts impressive speed for its weight while carrying eighteen-and-a-half tons of standard armor, the maximum possible for its weight. The real key to the design's reputation is its unprecedented thirty Double Heat Sinks, which allow it to fire all its weapons continuously without the risk of heat build-up.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Among the most deadly weapons in the Clan arsenal, the Hellstar's four Ripper Series A1 Extended Range Particle Projector Cannons, one in each arm and torso, give it the potential to destroy or cripple anything less than another assault 'Mech with a single salvo. While lacking in secondary weapons, the massive volume of heat sinks ensures that barring combat damage the Hellstar can fire its main weapons as fast as they can recharge.[1]


  • Hellstar
    A sub-variant of the original, while the removal of five heat sinks forced MechWarriors to rely on Volley fire to avoid overheating, the inclusion of a Targeting Computer in turn made those shots deadly accurate.[1] BV (2.0) = 3,545[3]
    Retaining the targeting computer of the earlier variant, exchanging the ER PPCs for Series 7Ja ER Large Lasers traded a reduction in its overall damage capacity for an increase in range, making this variant a highly mobile and deadly sniper. Even with the addition of two Kolibri Omega Series Medium Pulse Lasers in the 'Mech's center torso, the reduced heat of this variant allowed the removal of two heat sinks, the saved weight going to an Active Probe and ECM Suite.[1] BV (2.0) = 3,025[4]

Notable Pilots[edit]

  • Yuki "Black Razor" Saysangkhi - A MechWarrior who participated in the Solaris VII games, Saysangkhi piloted a Hellstar against a Quasimodo in that 'Mech's first appearance on Solaris. He lost to the Quasimodo after defeating nine opponents.[6]

BattleMech Gallery[edit]


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