ECM Suite

An Electronic Countermeasure (or ECM) Suite covers the area around the unit on which it is employed, disrupting sensors and communications. ECM Suites exist for BattleMechs, Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles, and AeroSpace Fighters.

'Mec ECM Suite System
Infltrator Mk. II ECM

Inner Sphere Systems[edit]

Guardian ECM & Angel ECM[edit]

In the Inner Sphere, the most widely-deployed ECM Suite is the Guardian, but the experimental Angel ECM Suite can also be seen.

Electronic Warfare Equipment[edit]

Before the Helm Memory Core was decoded, the Capellan Confederation tried to re-create the Star League era ECM suites. The resulting electronics package was known only as ECM Equipment when it appeared on the Raven in 3025.[1] Given the technology level of the Succession Wars era, it isn't surprising that this equipment was heavier and bulkier than the systems that inspired it. Interestingly, it could operate in either an offensive or defensive capability: It could seek targets like a Beagle Active Probe, or hide the unit mounting it like a Guardian. As it weighed as much as a standard PPC, took up as much room as an Autocannon/5, and had only half the range of the Guardian, production halted when the Confederation began production of their own Guardian systems in 3045.[2]

Infltrator Mk. II ECM[edit]

The Infiltrator Mk. II battle armor, introduced by the AFFS in 3060, features a smaller ECM Suite.

Clan Systems[edit]

In the Clans, the Guardian ECM suite was used as the basis for an improved ECM Suite. This system can be found in every Clan's touman. They weigh a single ton, and can be mounted on nearly anything.

Game Rules[edit]

  • In Tournament-level gameplay, the use of an ECM suite is to nullify the effects of other electronics, such as missile beacons, active probes, and fire control systems. It can also cut a unit off from a C3 Network.
  • In Tactical Operations, additional uses for an ECM suite are shown as optional rules, including defeating other ECM and generating ghost targets.

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