Galahad Stables

Galahad Stables
Colors/Badge Purple/Gold
witha jewel-encrustd golden chalice against a black eagle silhouette.
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran
Rating B (3067)
Faction Affiliation Free Worlds League
Units Used
BattleMechs 23 (3067)


A Free Worlds League affiliated 'Mech Stable.


Founded in 3059, it was founded on the belief of chivalry, not unlike the FWL's Knights of the Inner Sphere. It was heavily criticized for its usage of chivalry and were considered nothing but overgrown kid scouts. Despite this view of the stable's "foolish" motives, the criticism of it received for its chivalry resulted its fan-base to grow considerably by 3067.

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

  • Jergen Gaalf, the Stable Master and founder of Galahad formed the stable due to the increased brutality seen in game matches. He founded his stable in hope to reduce the brutality of the games, and to bring pride and chivalry back to the sport. Tabloids have said he was a former member of the Knights of the Inner Sphere. However, he claims he was not.[1]

Notable Personnel[edit]


Tactics and Style[edit]

Galahad MechWarriors are trained to follow chivalric code of conduct while in battle. While in combat, Galahad warriors do not use dishonorable methods of combat, such shooting in back of a opponent, and will try to minimize lethality of combat.[2]


In 3067, the stable fielded 23 BattleMechs and 30 MechWarriors. Their contracts are rated at 20 percent with 1,600 C-Bill paycheck per month.

Game Rules[edit]

Veteran Galahad 'MechWarriors always try to avoid shooting in their opponent's rear arc. When a 'Mech is knocked down to the prone position, Galahad warriors deliberately aim for legs and arms of the opponent than head or torso. When they do so, they receive a +2 for their to-hit rolls when aiming for these sections. Should a Galahad warrior hit the head or torso, they are allowed to re-roll the results for second try.[3]


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