Winterhawk APC
Production information
Manufacturer ScolTek Associates[1]
Production Year 3059[2][1]
Mission Infantry Transport[1]
Type Hover[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 20 tons[1]
Armor ArcShield V[1]
Engine ScolTek 115 Fuel Cell[1]
Speed 162[1] km/h
Communications System Cyclops I[1]
Targeting Tracking System Tar Tec Mini-Find[1]
Heat Sinks 1[1]

1 x SRM 2[1]
2 x Machine Gun[1]

BV (2.0) 204[1][3]


The Winterhawk APC was originally introduced to the market in 3059 by ScolTek Associates of Inarcs to a frosty reception from the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. The use of a fuel cell engine in the Winterhawk was an unusual one for the era, and as such the LAAF command mistrusted the Winterhawk; that left ScolTek selling the Winterhawk to a mix of corporate security forces, mercenaries and backwater militias and orders for the Winterhawk picked up after the Jihad.[1]

By 3119 the use of fuel cell engines in military vehicles had become more common, and the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces was in need of a new infantry transport; as a result, the LCAF had production of the Winterhawk restarted, and the low logistical burden of the same fuel cell that had been unwelcome sixty years previously became a popular feature with thirty-second century procurement officers.[1]

The level of demand from the LCAF completely distorted the supply of Winterhawks to the security, militia and mercenary markets that had supported the Winterhawk for the decades prior to 3119, but made the Winterhawk a common sight in LCAF infantry regiments. As the Inner Sphere was plunged into chaos following Gray Monday the LCAF increased their orders yet again, purchasing as many Winterhawks as ScolTek could manufacture.[1]

Although the Winterhawk only mounted two and a half tons of Standard Armor, the ScolTek 115 engine made the Winterhawk capable of speeds of over one hundred and sixty kph, making the Winterhawk fast and agile. Ironically, one of the most popular features of the Winterhawk wasn't the APC's speed, but rather the ergonomically designed infantry compartment, which proved very appealing to transported infantry - particularly the fold-in cooler installed as standard.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Winterhawk mounted two weapon systems and a four-ton Infantry Compartment. Mounted in the Winterhawk's turret was a Coventry Light Autogun, while mounted on the front of the Winterhawk was a single SureShot II SRM 2 Launcher. Stored inside the body of the Winterhawk was a ton of ammunition for the SureShot and half a ton of ammunition for the Light Autogun.[1]


There were no variants of the Winterhawk in service by 3145.[1]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Winterhawk APC was not subject to any Design Quirks:[1]


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