Clan Widowmaker

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Clan Widowmaker Logo
Clan Widowmaker
Faction Profile
Time period: 28072834
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: None
Capital world: Roche
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Widowmaker Touman
Secret Service: Involved in the initial creation of The Watch

Clan Widowmaker was one of the original twenty Clans. Their homeworld was Roche, settled in 2812.[1] Known as an extremely aggressive Clan, they had a relatively short history before their Absorption by Clan Wolf.

Operation Klondike[edit]

Clan Widowmaker was assigned to liberate Dagda during Operation Klondike, alongside Clan Burrock, Clan Fire Mandrill, and Clan Goliath Scorpion. Though their attack was initially delayed by JumpShip problems, Clan Widowmaker landed on Dagda alongside Clan Burrock on 17 August 2821, in the port city of Folke. Their main opponents were Ryan's Roughnecks and the Oriente Dominion. Although outnumbered, the Clans' cohesion and leadership led to relatively easy victories, though the Widowmaker saKhan, Mariel Sanders, was killed by an assassin on 26 October. This led to increasingly harsh treatment of the remaining opposition.[2]

Clan Widowmaker earned a reputation for "undue aggression" during the campaign, and ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky eventually benched them, replacing them with Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon for the completion of the Dagda campaign. This began a feud with Clan Wolf that would eventually have devastating consequences for Clan Widowmaker.[3]

Wolverine Annihilation[edit]

When Clan Wolverine was ordered Annihilated by the Grand Council, Clans Widowmaker and Wolf carried it out. However, Clan Widowmaker had an adversarial relationship with Clan Wolf, expressed during the run-up to the Trial of Annihilation against Clan Wolverine, when the Widowmakers forced the Wolves to bid below the accepted cutdown.


In the summer of 2834, the Widowmakers massacred their own merchants during a caste dispute. Though the Widowmakers blamed the Wolves of stirring up the merchants, the Grand Council agreed with Khan Jerome Winson of Clan Wolf to question their right to rule and gave the Wolves the right to absorb them.

The Trial of Absorption, staged on Ironhold, had unforseen and tragic consequences. When members of the Widowmaker touman intervened in a duel between Khan Winson and Khan Cal Jorgensson of the Widowmakers, the referees--led by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky--intervened. Whether by design or by accident, Khan Jorgensson killed ilKhan Kerensky, sending the Wolf Clan into a frenzy of vengeance. The subsequent attacks, a virtual Trial of Annihilation, left few Widowmaker warriors alive.

The last warriors of the Widowmakers, led by saKhan Kyle Vordermark attempted to ambush Clan Wolf forces on Roche but they were foiled by Ethan Moreau of Clan Goliath Scorpion. Clan Wolf later ceded the Widowmaker enclave on Roche to Clan Goliath Scorpion.[1]





Founding Bloodnames:[7]
Barnhart Bede Conners Dubczeck Esmie
Gourdain Guenot Halkia Herling Hutten
Isaac Jorgensson Juergens Karrige Kipchoge
Kryla Leroux Meredith Mutola Nevski
Ota Pine Pletz Poujade Rhyde
Ruby Said Sanders Sender Soon-Young
Susanu Tomas Tyumenbaev Urzica Vajda
Vickers Vordermark Wells Werth Yun


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