Clan Star Adder

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Clan Star Adder Logo
Clan Star Adder
Faction Profile
Time period: 2807 - Present
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: 13 (7 at 100%)[1]
Capital world: Hoard[2]; used to be Sheridan
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Star Adder Touman
Secret Service: Clan Star Adder Watch

One of the minor Crusader Clans, Clan Star Adder has become one of the largest and most powerful Home Clans through their absorption of Clan Burrock.


Founded by Absalom Truscott, a Star League Defense Force Division Commander and friend of Nicholas Kerensky, this clan was assigned to liberate Arcadia during Operation Klondike.

Clan Star Adder took part in the exploration and colonization of the Kerensky Cluster, moving their capital to Sheridan. Their growth brought Clan Mongoose down on the Star Adders and for two decades raided and assaulted the Star Adders, going so far as to massacre the Star Adder's civilian population on Marshall. The Star Adders retaliated by wiping out the Mongoose forces involved in the slaughter, down to the lowliest MechWarrior.

When the Mongooses acquired the OmniMech, they unleashed a huge campaign against the Star Adders, costing the Adders dearly. Eventually the Star Adders obtained the OmniMech as well and beat back the Mongooses and Coyotes. Just as the Star Adder assault on the Mongoose Clan was winding down, the Mongooses made the mistake of attacking the Smoke Jaguars and then demanding a censure from the Grand Council for being attacked by two clans at once. The disgusted Grand Council deemed Clan Mongoose unfit to exist and it was absorbed by the Smoke Jaguars.

The Star Adders fell into the Crusader Camp during the Great Debate. The rogue actions of Adder saKhan Carson Graves in attempting to work with Crusader Coyotes to absorb that clan resulted in Graves' death and the beginning of a feud between the Coyotes and Star Adders.

The Star Adders supported the Dragoon Compromise and studied their reports carefully. They spent less time politicking than other Crusaders and more time training for the return. When Operation Revival was being planned the Star Adders (uniquely among Crusaders) urged caution and bid in a manner that reflected their awareness of how difficult conquering the Inner Sphere would be. Their conservative bidding cost them their place in Operation Revival.

Undeterred, the Star Adders spent their time building up their strength and raiding the Diamond Sharks. Not long after the Refusal War, the Star Adders uncovered shocking evidence that showed the connection between the Dark Caste and Clan Burrock and the actions of the Burrock Khans to cover up their crime. The Star Adders brought this to the Grand Council and demanded the absorption of the Burrocks, which was granted.

The beginning of the Trial of Absorption went well for the Star Adders: They managed to cripple Burrock reinforcements in space before they reached Albion and managed to kill both Burrock Khans and a senior Galaxy Commander, all of whom had been implicated in the Dark Caste dealings. But they were interrupted by the intervention of Clan Blood Spirit, blood enemies of the Burrocks, who sought to crush the Burrocks. Outraged by their interference, the Star Adders and Burrocks fought together against the Blood Spirits. The Star Adders lost three full Galaxies and the Burrocks lost almost four, but only eight clusters of the seven Blood Spirit galaxies managed to survive. After the Blood Spirits' defeat, the Burrocks fought proxy battles, going over to the Star Adders practically without fighting. The only real losses in the entire trial were from the Blood Spirit intervention.

Their successful absorption and integration of Burrock warriors gave Clan Star Adder the touman and second largest WarShip fleet of any Clan. Their prestige was further enhanced by the fact that during the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty, the Star Adders were the only Clan (aside from the Jade Falcons) who managed to defeat their Inner Sphere opponents. The Star Adders faced the First Free Worlds Guards in a swampy area and used a couple of light 'Mechs and an Elemental point as bait. The Star Adders blasted and rolled up the right flank of the Guards, destroying over half the unit and winning the battle handily.

The Star Adders are now one of the most powerful Clans and since the Ghost Bears relocated to the Inner Sphere and the Jade Falcons and Wolves have to divide their energy and military between their holdings in Clan Space and their Inner Sphere Occupation Zones, the Star Adders are left as the most powerful military force in Clan Space.


The Star Adders are noted for several traits: Among them is their pragmatism. They trained extensively for both Operation Klondike and Revival instead of merely pontificating about the righteousness of their cause. They do not see the Kerenskys as demigods as most of the other Clans do, but merely as superb military leaders. They are strategists rather than tacticians and fight accordingly. They also have a dedicated intelligence service, which is rare among the Clans.

Their most recognizable trait is their belief in unity: Their easy fraternal attitude in their Clan is similar to the "family" atmosphere in the Ghost Bears. While good-natured sparring and competition are frequent, deep resentments between units and individuals are practically unheard of. No Adder will do anything to jeopardize the well being of their Clan. This attitude permeates all facets of Clan Star Adder: No service ('Mechs, Fighters, or Elementals) dominate the Touman, all warriors, even solahma, abtakha, bondsmen, and freeborns, are accepted and suffer no special antipathy, and the other castes are treated fairly and justly. This attitude even extends beyond just the Star Adders as they believe that the Clans must pull together in the spirit of unity. The Star Adders even have positions, called Adjutants, who represent lower-ranking and unblooded warriors and the lower castes to the Khans.



Founding Bloodnames:[3]
Ajete Amoyan Andersen Ashby Banacek
Cannon Cathis Connery da Silva Daniels
DeMarque Earle Gaiba Gena Graves
Guidice Hatton Irons Jamal Kingston
Lahiri LeFabre Meytani Mikhaylov Mikino
N’Buta Nguyi Nix Ockenden Paik
Pershaw Phoushath Reller Starskiy Talasko
Topi Truscott Turgidson Valério Yabune
Exclusive Bloodnames Post-Operation REVIVAL:
General MechWarriors Elementals Aerospace Pilots ProtoMech Pilots
Banacek LeFabre Cannon Gena
Guidice N’Buta Holliday# Lahiri
Talasko Truscott McMillan# Paik
Turgidson Lamongue# Columbo#
Gastopiv# Linn# Moreau#
Hutchinson# Van Houten# Nga#
Exclusive Bloodnames Post-Wars of Reaving:[4]
General MechWarriors Elementals Aerospace Pilots ProtoMech Pilots
Banacek Andrews*& Cannon Columbo# Columbo*#
Breen*& LeFabre Holliday# Gena Nga*#
Guidice Linn*# Opriq*& Lahiri*
Hutchinson# Truscott Paik
Shared Bloodnames Post-Wars of Reaving:[4]
(Column titles signify the other Clans with which the Bloodnames are shared)
Escorpión Imperio Clan Cloud Cobra Clan Coyote Clan Stone Lion
Grimani Daniels* Grimani Koga
Hoskins* Masters Koga Masters
N’Buta Mikino*
Wick Moreau
Winson* Winson*

* This signifies a Bloodname with a Bloodcount of five or less active Bloodrights
# This signifies an Absorbed Clan Burrock Bloodname
& This signifies an Absorbed Clan Steel Viper Bloodname

Inter-Clan Relations[edit]

The Star Adders have few foes. The Blood Spirits have transferred their feud with the Burrocks to the Star Adders, which the Adders return for the Blood Spirit intervention in the Burrock Absorption. The Fire Mandrills, allies of the Blood Spirits and also enemies of the Burrocks, have done much the same. The Fire Mandrills' fractious nature compared to the Star Adder belief in unity makes the Mandrills one of the few Clans the Star Adders disdain. The Coyotes still hold a grudge with the Adders for the actions of Carson Graves. The Star Adders had poor relations with Clan Smoke Jaguar stemming from the Adders' assaults on Clan Mongoose, reclaiming Star Adder territory just before the Mongoose Absorption.

The Star Adders are allies with Clan Cloud Cobra, which was strengthened by the Star Adders willingness to observe Clan Burrock's pledge to help garrison Cloud Cobra's Tanite world holdings. The Diamond Sharks are friendly rivals with the Adders and are respected. The Star Adders had excellent relations with the Snow Ravens, but their newly enhanced warship fleet has made the Ravens nervous and soured that relationship, though it is believed that it will improve in the future.

During the various Trials of Possession that raged after the removal of the Nova Cats, Ghost Bears, and Smoke Jaguars, the Star Adders managed to expand their enclave on Hoard, battling the Ice Hellions, Wolves, and Hell's Horses. The Adders also expanded their enclave on Brim.

The Star Adders control ten worlds in Clan space, two of them exclusively. Their capital is Sheridan. The Burrock capital was Albion.





Era Specific Data[edit]

Star Adder Demographics
Affiliation: Crusader

Clan Space Worlds:
Albion (100 percent)
Arcadia (38 percent)
Brim (27 percent)
Dagda (22 percent)
Hoard (39 percent)
Huntress (16 percent)
Marshall (13 percent)
Priori (48 percent)
Sheridan (100 percent)
Tathis (20 percent)
Capital: Sheridan

Population (Clan Space): 108,695,000 (3060)
Population growth rate: 2.4 percent (62/38)
Self-Sufficiency Index: 94 percent

Khan: Cassius N'Buta
saKhan: Tabitha Paik
Loremaster: Dagmar Lahiri
Scientist-General: Bas (Meitner)
Merchant Factor: Sylvian
Master Technician: Armand
Senior Laborer: Francis

Clusters: 52
WarShips: 28


Clan Space Worlds:
Arcadia (100 percent)
Dagda (100 percent)
Gatekeeper (100 percent)
Hoard (100 percent)
Huntress (30 percent)
Londerholm (10 percent)
Sheridan (100 percent)
Strato Domingo (60 percent)
Tamaron (25 percent)
Tathis (20 percent)
Tiber (75 percent)
Capital: Hoard

Leaders: [32]
Khan: Hannibal Banacek
saKhan: Wyatt Talasko
Loremaster: Sepha Paik

WarShips: 13


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