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The Warden Clans were a political alliance of Clans who believed that Aleksandr Kerensky's Hidden Hope Doctrine espoused the belief that the descendants of the Star League in Exile should protect the Inner Sphere from any external threats while remaining isolated and developing the Clans' superior culture.

Though challenged to do so, the Wardens never fully articulated what they meant by 'external threats'. Some suggested alien lifeforms from beyond known space, others raised the possibility of a despotic domain in the Inner Sphere so vile that the Clans would be honor-bound to intervene.

Home and Invader[edit]

Continuing with the Warden belief of protecting the Inner Sphere, many Wardens in the Clan Homeworlds who espoused this viewpoint rose up to challenge the Crusaders. This group would become known as the Home Wardens, as their goal is to either weaken the Invading Clans to their non-invasion status or to oppose the Home Crusaders who aim to replace their Invasion counterparts who aim to return to the Inner Sphere.[1]. As for the Invaders, the Clans who took part in the Operation Revival did have a change of heart and vowed to protect the Inner Sphere. So they would come together and call themselves the Invading Wardens, who's goal it was to keep the Invading Crusaders from harming the Inner Sphere. Clan Wolf pre-Refusal War and their exiled counterparts and Clan Ghost Bear-post Great Refusal are the main practitioners of the Invading Warden philosophy.


Though members have changed over the years, Clan Wolf led the bloc along with the traditionally Warden Clan Coyote. Following the Refusal War, Clan Wolf was split into a Crusader-dominated Clan and the Abjured Clan Wolf in Exile, who continued to support the Warden cause. Clan Goliath Scorpion traditionally supported the Warden cause as well, while the majority of Clan Cloud Cobra's cloisters were also inclined towards the Warden philosophy.

While nominally Warden, Clans Snow Raven and Steel Viper were known as fence-sitters. The Ravens would support Crusader motions if they suited their goals, while the Vipers agreed with the Crusader aim of returning to the Inner Sphere and restoring the Star League.

Clans Diamond Shark and Nova Cat, while pro-Crusader for much of their history, moved into the Warden camp after the Battle of Tukayyid. While the Ghost Bears officially remained Crusaders during the 3050s, they had long shifted to the Warden philosophy before announcing as much during the Great Refusal.

While considered a Crusader Clan, some of Clan Fire Mandrill's Kindraa were supporters of the Warden philosophy. During the 3050s and early 3060s, the rank and file of Clan Hell's Horses were pro-Warden despite their Clan's staunch Crusader leadership. After 3063, the Horses would effectively shift to the Warden camp.

List of Warden Clans in the 3050s[edit]

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