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This category includes all alien species that were made up for the BattleTech universe, animals and plants alike.

Intelligent alien lifeforms are essentially absent in BattleTech, despite its nature as a science fiction universe. In 1988, game designer Jordan K. Weisman, who created the original BattleTech game and setting, noted in the introduction to the Shrapnel anthology:

"What I wanted was a universe that had a taste of the alien, but did not contain aliens."

Throughout the many novels, sourcebooks and other BattleTech publications there are numerous references to alien flora and fauna on various worlds, including various types of alien cattle, pets, fruits, produce or even diseases; however, they typically only provide background flair and do not play any significant role. BattleTech remains dominated by humans. Even the Clans, introduced as mysterious invaders, soon turned out to be humans whose culture had evolved differently over the past centuries. There are only two known instances where sentient alien lifeforms are mentioned: