Lesallian Mailsloth

Lesallian Mailsloth
(Bradipodidae Lesallia)
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld Lesalles
Environment Jungles
Average mass 525 kg
Average length 300 cm
Average height 160 centimeters
Creature stats
System  ???

The Lesallian Mailsloth[1] is a large mammal from the world of Lesalles.


The huge mailsloth lives among the famed forests of Lesalles where the trees can reach an average height of 150 meters. It has four legs and is covered in red scales with a black tail and paws with a yellow blot around the eyes. Their preferred food is the native flame ants who make their nests in the trees.

The meat of the mailsloth is considered a delicacy across the Inner Sphere. However, as the number of mailsloths is low and they reproduce slowly, the planetary government restricts the number of mailsloths taken in hunts. While the mailsloth is slow and un-aggressive, their scaly hide is resistant to damage from modern weapons. Also, when threatened the beast receives an adrenaline boost that allows them to flee far faster than most individuals would believe possible. This makes the animal no easy kill for would be hunters.


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