Black Reaper

Black Reaper
Creature information
Type Panther
Homeworld Yance I
Environment Forests and Jungles
Average mass  ?
Average length  ?
Average height  ?
Creature stats
System A Time of War

The Black Reaper acts and look like a Terran Puma except for the prehensile tail covered in spikes, thick hide, and being 50% larger. [1]


The Black Reaper was a rarely known species on Yance I for the first century that the colony existed; when the mining industry expanded into their habitat and displaced their food supply is when the average human on the world realized their existence due to the reapers treating humans as their prey. Being excellent hunters at night, the death toll they exacted on the citizens was blamed anywhere between a serial killer to a cannibalistic cult until the humans had to admit that the local wildlife was behind the deaths. Though the population near the mining settlements is all but zero, the black reapers still flourish in the environment away from humans.[2]


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